31 Cute Panda Gift Ideas That They Would Absolutely Love

Gifts for Panda Lovers

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What’s not to like about pandas?! They are absolutely adorable animals that enjoy laying around eating bamboos…their white and black fur makes them so unique and no matter if it’s a baby or adult panda bear, they are just as cute! I assume you’ve landed on this page because you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves panda as much as I do! Well I hope the following list will help you find the perfect gift for your panda-loving friend!

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Panda Gifts for Girls

If you’re looking for the best panda gift, I’m assuming it’s most likely for a girl…so hopefully these cute panda items is exactly what you’re looking for! 

1. Panda Bean Bag Cover

This panda bean bag cover is what any girl needs in their bedroom! It can be used as a storage for toys, clothes, bedding…and once it’s filled up, it becomes a panda bean bag chair! Cute and practical, this is definitely a nice little decor to add to any girl’s room especially if she’s a panda lover!

2. Crocs

Crocs are never out of style and any girl will absolutely love these adorable pink Crocs with pandas on them! They are lightweight and waterproof, great for any kid who is playing outside in the rain or shine. They are also handy shoes to have on vacation too. She’ll love them so much she’s not going to want to take them off!

3. Panda Piggy Bank

One of the gifts that every child gets is a piggy bank! It’s a great way to teach them about the importance of money at a young age. This piggy bank is in the shape of a cardboard box but when you put your coins on top of it, a little panda pops up and grabs the coins to keep it safe for you! A fun and educational gift…she would be excited to start saving money!


4. Panda Backpack

If you’re looking for a practical gift for a panda-loving girl, then this backpack makes the list! This cute bag can carry crayons, notebooks, games, snacks…she’ll be prepped when she goes out! This can be also used as a school bag…I’m sure all the kids will be jealous of how adorable this daypack is!

5. Panda Headphones

With so many kids doing online learning these days, any girl would love to wear this cute headset! The headband is adjustable and it comes with soft cushions to make sure it meets her comfort level. It even has a furry design with panda ears to make it extra special! Who knows…this headset might encourage her to learn more because she’s eager to put them on!

6. Panda School Bag with Lunch Box and Pencil Case

If her birthday ends up being close to the beginning of the school year, then this 3-piece back-to-school set will be any panda lovers dream! It comes with a school bag, a lunch box, and a matching pencil case…she would be so excited to start off the school year so she can show off her cool gear to her friends! 

7. Panda Digital Camera and Video Recorder

If you’ve gotten your little girl a lot of panda stuff already, then this unique gift might be something you want to give her that’s a bit out of the ordinary! A cute pink camera of her own to take pictures and videos… she’ll be taking selfies in no time! It also comes with a 32 GB SD card so she’ll have hours of fun using this cool gadget! 


8. Soft Panda Stuffed Animal 

Girls love stuffed animals and this amazingly soft plush panda will for sure become her favourite! She’ll be carrying it around with her and it’ll become her new bedside pal. I’m sure with all the hugging and playing with it will make it dirty but don’t you worry, it is made out of machine washable material so it’ll be clean again in no time!

9. Panda Trampoline for Kids

If you’re looking for a big wow factor with your panda themed gift, then this trampoline will undoubtedly do that! Kids love trampoline and it’s also in the shape of a panda’s head…what’s not to love about it! Trust me, this incredible gift will make any kid love you even more!

10. Pandacorn String Art

Are you looking for a fun and creative crafting gift for a panda-loving girl? You should definitely consider this cute Pandacorn (Panda + Unicorn) string art kit! It’s definitely a fun activity to do during an afternoon and at the end, she’ll have a cool piece of art to hang in her room…she’ll have a blast making this!

11. Panda Necklace

Girls start liking jewelry at a young age so this cute necklace with a panda inside a heart is a classy gift to give your daughter for a special occasion like graduation or birthday! It’ll remind her that you will love her forever so I’m sure once she puts it on, she won’t want to take it off!

12. Personalized Panda Water Bottle

A useful gift that never goes out of style is a stainless steel water bottle! It’s such a versatile gift since they can use it anywhere and anytime. This one is special because it’s panda themed and you can personalized it with their name! A water bottle this cute will definitely encourage them to drink more water!

13. Panda T-shirt for Girls

What’s a better way to say it to the world that you love pandas?! By wearing this adorable t-shirt of course! She can wear this when she goes out to play and when she meets up with her friends. A cute tee for a cute girl…that makes the perfect combo!

14. Panda Inflatable Pool Float

This giant panda inflatable float would be any kid’s dream! Imagine having a pool party in the summer and having this awesome float…she’ll have a blast! This can fit up to 3 people and it’s made with durable vinyl. I’m sure she can’t wait to invite her friends over for a pool party!


15. Panda Hooded Towel

Every girl would love this hooded panda towel! It’s such a practical gift where they can be used after a shower, at the swimming pool or even at the beach. This keeps her dry and cute at the same time!

16. Panda Bowl Set

Having their own set of bowls will make any kid want to eat more at dinner time! This adorable set of panda bowls might just be what they need to get their veggie intake. It comes with a pair of chopsticks too and the bowl is perfect for soups and noodles. I’m sure they’ll be excited for dinner just so they can eat out of this bowl!

Panda Gifts for Adults

Grown ups love pandas just as much as kids so if you have a friend or family member who can’t get enough of pandas, these gifts might be just what they need!

17. Panda Plush Blanket

If you’re looking for a practical gift and the person you’re buying it for loves pandas then this blanket might just be the thing you’re looking for! It is very soft and absolutely adorable! The pattern might look a bit childish but panda lovers will find this cute and will definitely use it to get cozy in front of the TV! They’ll love it!

18. Mug with Panda Inside

After a long day at work, finding this cute little panda at the bottom of your mug will definitely bring a smile to anyone’s face, no matter how tough of a day it might have been! Perfect to give this to anyone who loves panda things… they’ll cherish this cool gift and will no doubt show it off to their co-workers!

19. Tote Bag

If you have a girlfriend who is a panda lover, there’s no doubt she’ll love this tote bag! It’s a fashion accessory for her to bring to work or just to go out, allowing her to keep everything in one place! It also comes with an extra shoulder strap so it can be converted to a crossbody bag!

20. Panda Sherpa Hoodie

This panda sherpa hoodie is just what they need to bum around the house! It’s comfy and warm, meeting the two requirements when buying a hoodie…and the best part, it’s a panda! Whoever receives this gift will put it on right away and will never want to take it off! Also, it’s just one size and it’s meant to be baggy so you don’t have to worry about getting them the wrong size…nice!

21. Panda Face Masks 

After a long day of work, anyone deserves to sit back and relax by putting on a nourishing face mask to end the day! This creative panda face mask from Korea not only is fun but also helps nourish and moisturize your skin to help keep it youthful. Any lady would appreciate such a fun and considerate gift!

22. Colorful Panda Watercolor Painting Print

This beautiful piece of art is a great addition to any homes, especially if the owner loves pandas! It’s a great wall art for the living room, office, bedrooms, and even in the nursery! The colors are so vibrant and alive that having it on the wall will surely brighten anyone’s day!

23. Panda T-shirt

A panda eating a bowl of ramen?! How cute is that! Your panda-loving friend will fall in love this this graphic tee immediately. They have sizes for men, women, and even youths so you can get one for the whole family! 

24. Tiny Panda Earrings

These adorable panda earrings is a must to add to her collection of jewelry! They’re definitely a casual accessory she’ll love wearing when she goes out for errands or to hang out with her friends! They are made out of sterling silver and if you are feeling even more generous, there’s a matching panda pendant that you can check out… she will absolutely adore this!

Unique Panda Gifts

If you’re looking for a panda gift that is a bit out of the ordinary, then hopefully the ideas below will make the cut!

25. Panda Echo Dot

If you’re familiar with the Echo Dot from Amazon, then you’ll know how useful it is to have it around the house. This version is actually designed for kids (so that’s why it’s a panda!) so they can ask Alexa questions, get help with homework, and even read them a story! It has parental settings so you can still monitor your kids but this allows them the flexibility to be more tech savvy and independent…your kids with love this!


26. Panda Chopsticks and Holders

Did you know that panda is the national animal of China? Most Chinese people adore this beloved animal so it’s a cute idea to get them this set of panda themed chopsticks and holders! It’s such a useful gift and I’m sure they’ll love using it for any home cooked meals!

27. Novelty Panda Band-aids

Do you know somebody who always injure themselves from paper cuts or cutting themselves with a knife while cooking? This super cute panda band-aid might just be the unique and quirky gift you are looking for! Bandages are useful to have around the house so I’m sure they don’t mind having this box of band-aids around!

Panda Christmas Gifts

Looking specifically for Christmas panda gift ideas? These few gifts might be what you need during this festive time! 

28. Personalized Panda Christmas Ornament

Christmas themed panda merchandise might not be the easiest to find but this cute ornament might make that list! You can personalize it and add the names of whomever you’re gifting it to so adding a personal touch to it! Christmas time is all about family so this will be such a heartwarming gift to receive. Definitely a nice little gift for a stocking stuffer! 

29. Panda Winter Gloves

It usually gets quite chilly around Christmas time so a practical stocking stuffer idea is this cute pair of winter gloves! It’s really soft and cozy and you can even use it on touchscreens so even if you’re outside in the freezing cold, they can still use their phone!

30. Panda Christmas Sweater

Celebrate Christmas in style with this ugly Christmas sweater! Any panda lovers will want one of these to wear it to their Christmas parties and potlucks. Such a festive attire and they can also show their love for pandas…I’m sure it’ll be a great conversation starter!

31. Panda 3-in-1 Winter Attire

If you’re looking for a gift to keep them warm, this 3-in-1 hat, scarf, and mittens is just the accessory you’re looking for! Instead of handling 4 individual pieces of clothing, this cute one piece takes care of them all…and the best part is, there’s less chance of you loosing a glove since it’s all attached! Keeping them warm and comfy, I can’t think of a better gift for Christmas!

I really hope the variety of panda gift ideas above inspired you to find the perfect gift for your panda loving family member or friend! Pandas are just so adorable and I can see why people would fall in love with them. I have to be honest, I’m tempted to get some of these gifts for myself because they are just so cute…so I can imagine your loved ones appreciating them just as much!