39 Thoughtful One Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Girlfriend

one year dating anniversary gifts for her

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Your one year year anniversary is coming up and you don’t know what to get your girlfriend? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Your first anniversary gift is very important as it sets up the stage for following ones so make sure you hand pick something romantic, meaningful and unique so she’ll remember this special occasion forever! Here is a list of one year dating anniversary gifts for her to help you brainstorm!

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Cute One Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

What to get your girlfriend for 1 year anniversary? You can’t go wrong by giving her something cute! Hope these gift ideas is what you’re looking for!

1. Couple Mugs

This adorable his and hers coffee mug is the cutest anniversary gift to get your girlfriend! There are several other designs to pick from. It’s also dishwasher and microwave-safe. A practical and super cute gift to wish her a happy anniversary!

2. Keychain

If you’re looking for a fun gift to give our gf on your 1st anniversary, then this matching keychain is indeed a good idea! You’ll each get to keep one of the puzzle piece to remind each other you’re each others missing piece! A small but thoughtful gift that she’ll carry with her wherever she goes!

3. Photo Holder

With the digital age, all the photos are taken and kept on your phone so surprise your girlfriend with some printed pictures of you two and give it to her with this very cool wooden photo holder! She’ll love the thoughtfulness and will put this up on her bedroom wall right away. A great way to remember all the things you did together in your first year as a couple!

4. Swarovski Necklace

You can’t go wrong with giving your girlfriend jewelry for your first anniversary gift, especially if it’s a necklace from Swarovski! There’s an infinity sign intertwined with a heart which symbolizes your love for her is forever. It’s an elegant accessory for her to wear casually or with her business attire. A sweet gift she’ll absolutely love!

5. Candle

Express how lucky you are to have your girlfriend in your life by gifting her this lavender scented candle on your one year anniversary! The sticker on the candle will warm her heart with the sentimental message so every time she lights it up, she’ll think of you!

6. Couples Hoodie

Let your gf know she is your missing piece by giving her this romantic gift, a matching couples hoodie! The pizza design is a subtle way of saying that with her in the picture, you are now complete. A fun hoodie to wear on our dates, it’s just the perfect anniversary gift!

7. Our Adventure Book

If you really want to make her first anniversary memorable, make a scrapbook of all the dates you’ve gone on in the past year, I’m sure it’ll move her to tears! This rustic scrapbook from the Pixar movie UP is so cute and she’ll be so touched by all the efforts you’ve put in! If you’re not the most crafty guy, you can give her this scrapbook so she can fill it up with the memories of your second year together!

8. Custom Camera Film

This super cute camera roll can be customized to print out pictures from the first year you spent together as a couple! For the couples who have actually used camera rolls in their earlier days, they’ll find this extra retro and special. A great gift to remember all the fun and laughter you had together this past year, this is such a fun gift your girlfriend will absolutely love!

9. Precious Moments Figurine

This classy figurine from Precious Moments features a couple with words in the sand that spells out “Our love is deeper than the ocean” is the cutest gift you can give your girlfriend! A special figurine to commemorate this memorable day, she’ll cherish this lovely gift for years to come!

10. Couples Apron

If you’re that couple that likes to cook at home, then this set of aprons is just what you need to buy for your girlfriend! You can be the king of the grill and she can be the queen of the kitchen, she’ll find these matching aprons a delight!

11. Kate Spade Handbag

A women can never have enough handbags so you know she’ll appreciate this cute crossbody handbag from Kate Spade! Make sure you get it in the color and pattern she likes so she can match her outfits with it. This is an elegant purse she’ll fall in love with it immediately!

12. Pandora Bracelet

Pandora bracelets are always a good gift idea especially for a first year anniversary gift because for future gift ideas, you can just buy them extra charms to fill up this bracelet! In a way, you’re hoping to fill up years of memories together through this bracelet and this is just the beginning of your journey!

13. Facial Masks

This pack of 12 animal face masks is a fun anniversary gift your girlfriend will surely appreciate! To relax after a long day at work, putting on a facial mask can do the trick so she’ll be grateful you got her these. The fun animal print makes it extra special so a cool little anniversary gift to cheer your girlfriend up!

14. Rose Bear

Roses is a symbol of romance and beauty so a teddy bear made up completely of roses is a cute gift for your girlfriend on your first anniversary! She’ll find this super adorable and it’s kind of like giving her a bouquet of flowers that will last forever! A beautiful decorative piece she’ll place by her bedside or bookshelf…every time she sees it, it’ll remind her of you!

15. Matching Pillow Case

If you guys are planning to move in together, then definitely get your girlfriend this super cute couples pillow case! If you’ve thought about it but haven’t asked her to move in yet, then this could be the perfect time to ask her to move in with you on your first year anniversary! She’ll be so thrilled and this set of pillow case will forever remind her of this special day!

Thoughtful 1 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

Sometimes it’s not how expensive the gift is but rather the thought that counts! Hopefully your gf will like these thoughtful gifts!

16. Picture Frame

This cute wooden picture frame is the perfect one year anniversary gift for your girlfriend! The frame is engraved with lots of little sentences of what the past 1 year had been filled with so I’m sure it’ll tug at her heartstrings. You can choose between 6×4 or 5×7 and whether you want a portrait or landscape picture frame. She’ll for sure put this by her bedside so she can see it every day and night!

17. Romantic Gift Set

If you’re looking for an all-in-one gift set for the most romantic anniversary ever, then this is it! This box comes with a bamboo card, a synthetic leather journal, a heart-shaped necklace, candles, and a bag of rose petals. It comes with all the necessary components to set a romantic atmosphere to celebrate this special occasion. She’ll be so surprised when she opens this gift up!

18. Scratch-Off Adventures Book for Couples

If you guys are a couple who are big on date nights then this scratch-off adventure book is the perfect anniversary gift for your girlfriend! The book has 50 date ideas and you only find out what it is after you scratch it off to reveal it. The book also has space for you to journal about the experience and to stick a photo to remember that event. Definitely a great way to keep the spontaneity going to keep the sparks flying!

19. Personalized Heart-Shaped Map Art

If you’re looking for a cool one year dating anniversary gift for your girlfriend, this heart-shaped map wall art is a fun way to remind her of the day you first met! You can customize this wall art by identifying the location you want to display on the map, your names, and the date of your first hangout. She will be so touched by this thoughtful gift, she’s gonna love it!

20. Blanket

Sometimes it’s not easy to express your love for each other so let this blanket do the talking for you! This super soft throw contains a heartwarming message to your girlfriend to say she’s the love of your life! She’ll feel so touched receiving this meaningful gift, you’ll be certain she’ll be using this blanket every night!

21. Compass Necklace

This adorable necklace with a little compass as a charm comes with the cutest packaging stating “You are my compass”! Your girlfriend will melt away when she sees this amazing gift as it works great for an anniversary or birthday gift! A beautiful and simple accessory to match any sort of attire, she’ll want to wear this everyday!

22. Connection Bracelets

Are you in a long distance relationship or maybe it’s the fact that you just can’t get enough of each other? This pair of bracelets allows you to easily feel the presence of your significant other by mimicking the vibration of their touch. It works through Bluetooth connection and every time you’re thinking about them, you just need to tap on the bracelet to send a signal to them so they feel the vibration on their side. A really cool techy gift to remind them you are always there for them!

23. Fun Local Activities

Why not make your one year anniversary extra special by booking a bunch of local activities for you and your girlfriend to spend some alone time! Viator is a great site for that where you can easily search for your city and see what activities are near you! Organize a wine tour, a helicopter ride, or a museum visit depending on your girlfriend’s interest. If plans change, you have up to 24-hours in advance to get a full refund. A fun day of activities will be the best anniversary gift ever!

24. Scratch Map

If you and your girlfriend loves to travel, then don’t hesitate to get this scratch map as her anniversary gift! This was one of the gifts my husband gave me when we were still dating and I absolutely love it because we can scratch off all the countries we’ve visited together. A great decorative piece to hang up in the living room or bedroom and it also encourages you to explore and travel the world together!

25. Microwaveable Heating Pad

Does your girlfriend always complain how cold she is all the time? Then consider getting her this adorable avocado hot pouch for her to keep warm! It’s microwaveable so it can easily heat up in a few minutes and in no time, she’ll be able to feel the warmth even when you’re not by her side!

Creative One Year Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriend

Sometimes the perfect anniversary gift is when you think outside the box. Maybe these creative gift ideas might be what you’re searching for!

26. Key in a Bottle

This creative gift is a way to express your love for your girlfriend on your first anniversary! This little bottle contains the key to your heart, and I’m sure she will find this absolutely adorable and will want to carry this with her wherever she goes! You can decide to customize the little message with something from the heart. A small gift but a truly meaningful one!

27. Cryptex Lock

If your girlfriend loves escape rooms and puzzles, then she would absolutely find it amusing to receive this as a gift! You should secretly place a special gift or note inside this cryptex lock and give her glues to solve this code for it so it can reveal her final gift! She’ll have so much fun and it’ll makes this celebration even more memorable!

28. Fill-in-the-Blank Book

This fill-in-the-blank book is a creative way to express why you love your girlfriend! She’ll find it cute you took the time to fill in all the pages with all the things you like about her. It’s a cool gift to keep and read again a few years down the line so both of you can remember why you had fallen in love in the first place!

29. Explosion Box

If you’re looking for a creative gift that’s completely outside the box, this one will make that list! When assembled, it looks like an ordinary black gift box but when the recipient opens it, it explodes into a beautiful flower shape where you can decorate each layer with pictures or letters. The center has a space to put a small gift and it even comes with fairy lights! Your girlfriend will be so surprise and in awe with this gift, she’ll remember this anniversary forever!

Good 1 Year Anniversary Gifts for Teenage Girlfriend

Here are some fun anniversary gift ideas your teenage girlfriend will absolutely love!

30. Capsules in a Bottle

If you’re looking for something cute and thoughtful for your girlfriend, this bottle of little capsules is a great anniversary gift! You can handwrite a small message in each capsule expressing your love for her and she’ll have so much fun opening each one and reading them. I’m sure she’ll cherish this bottle forever!

31. Portable Charger

If your girlfriend’s phone is always out of batteries, then this cute portable charger is a useful gift to give to her on your first anniversary! She’ll love carrying this mini charger around and she’ll know she’ll have access to her phone 24/7. Definitely a practical gift your teenage girlfriend will love!

32. Sanrio Hello Kitty Snack Box

Does your girlfriend love Hello Kitty? Then treat her with something special on your 1 year anniversary by getting her this adorable mystery snack box from Sanrio! It’s filled with Hello Kitty-themed candies and snacks she’ll absolutely can’t resist. She’ll have so much fun opening and trying them all, definitely a unique anniversary gift she’ll never forget!

33. Ring Holder

This ceramic ring holder dish is such a practical gift for your girlfriend to hold her jewelry on her bedside table! It will remind her of you every time she sees the two little rabbits snuggling…how sweet! A beautiful and elegant decorative piece your gf will surely love!

34. Teddy Bear

A little teddy bear holding a heart that says “I love you” can go a long way! It’s a simple gift to show your affection and it would surely make her smile! She’ll definitely place this on her bed so she can feel your presence when you’re not around. A cute gift to commemorate your first year together!

35. Couple Necklace

This heart-shaped couple necklace is a really cool anniversary gift! The charms are actually magnetic so when they are brought close to each other, they will stick to one another. Just like the famous saying “opposites attract”, this necklace shows just that making it a unique gift for your teenage girlfriend!

36. Ticket Stub Diary

Girls love to hold on to ticket stubs and receipts to remember the fun memories she had. If your girl is like that, then this ticket stub diary is the perfect anniversary gift! She can put in there the ticket of the first movie you watched together, the dinner receipt to celebrate your 6 months as a couple, or the first love letter you wrote her, it’ll be a time capsule of your journey together so she’ll definitely appreciate this thoughtful gift!

37. Disney Princess Wallet

A cute gift to give your girlfriend to remind her she’s the princess in your life is to give her this beautiful Disney Princess wallet! It features several of Disney’s princesses with a chic floral pattern, your girl will love this, no doubt! This practical gift comes with a coin pouch and slots for ID’s, she’ll really appreciate this thoughtful gift!

38. PJ’s

A practical and cute gift for your girlfriend is this cute set of pajamas! This adorable avocado pattern with the words “I Avo Crush On You” is the cutest thing ever! She will love this set of PJ’s and will go to sleep thinking about you!

39. Instax Instant Camera

If your girlfriend loves to snap pictures everywhere she goes, then a great anniversary gift is to get her this instant camera! It even comes with a matching case and two packs of instant film. She’ll be carrying this everywhere she goes to capture all the fun moments in her life, especially the time spent with you!

A year is not a short time so if you’ve been with your girlfriend for that long already, then it must mean you really care for her so use this opportunity to tell her how you feel with a meaningful and romantic anniversary gift! It’s the occasion to show her how you feel and that she means the world to you. I truly hope this list of curated gifts will help you express your love for your gf and most importantly pick out something she will love!