30 Cute Nutella Gifts for Nutella Lovers Who Loves Eating It All Day Long

Nutella Merchandise gift ideas

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Who doesn’t love Nutella?! This sweet yummy goodness spread on morning toast or just scooped right out of the bottle with your favourite spoon just brings so much joy to your day! If you have a Nutella lover in your life then you might want to consider giving them some Nutella items or Nutella gift sets for their birthdays, anniversaries, or even Christmas! There are lots of Nutella gift ideas to choose from so take a look at our list below to find that perfect gift for them!

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Nutella Merchandise

Looking for some Nutella merchandise for your loved ones? These edible and non-edible gifts will melt their heart!

1. Nutella Hoodie

Do you know someone who eats and breathes Nutella? Then they will absolutely love this realistic Nutella hoodie! They can express their love for this chocolatey spread by wearing it. They literally transformed themselves into a jar of Nutella so it’s a fun piece of clothing that they can wear on a daily basis or even consider it as a costume for Halloween! Any Nutella lover with find this hoodie awesome!

2. Mini Nutella Jars

For those who like to eat Nutella on the go, these mini Nutella jars is a great idea! They can pack one in their lunch box or even in their purse so they can enjoy their favorite snack whenever and wherever. This comes in a pack of 16 of .88 oz jars, perfect when you need a little bit of sugar to push through the day!  

3. Nutella Socks

These adorable Nutella print socks will make any fan scream with joy! These cozy and comfy socks comes only in one size and has anti-slip rubber on the sole…perfect to be worn at home or when you go out with your friends. Nutella lovers will find these so cute they’ll love you for giving them such a practical and unique gift!

4. Nutella & Go Snacks

Know someone who loves to snack and is a big fan of Nutella? These Nutella & Go! snacks are just what they need. They can easily fit in a purse of backpack and is a great convenient snack to bring along with your lunch. This pack of 24 will last them awhile and will surely make any Nutella lover smile with delight!


5. Nutella Throw

Who doesn’t want to wrapped up in a warm cozy blanket with Nutella prints on it? This adorable throw is lightweight and comes in a few different sizes, perfect for watching TV or even using it for sleeping. It’ll definitely be one of their favorite Nutella things to have around the house!

6. Single Serve Nutella

A possible stocking stuffer or an idea for a gift box for a Nutella fanatic might be these single serve Nutella. These individual portions are ideal for one time use so you can pack them for a camping trip, for a picnic in the park, or even keep some in the drawers in your office for an afternoon treat! This packaging is so convenient that any Nutella lover will bring this with them everywhere they go!

7. Nutella B-Ready

If you’re looking for some creative Nutella snacks to give your Nutella lover as a gift, these Nutella B-ready wafers might be the thing! It comes in a pack of 15, these delicious snacks can be eaten any time during the day. Anyone who loves Nutella will find these yummy!

8. Nutella Spreader

A unique Nutella gift for people who love eating it on a daily basis is this stainless steel spreader. Designed to perfectly spread your Nutella on your bread, this makes the perfect useful gift to give your loved ones on their birthdays so it can make their breakfast even more enjoyable! 

9. Nutella Biscuits

If you’re looking for an uncommon gift for a Nutella lover, these Nutella biscuits is possibly a great gift idea! Crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, these cookies is the perfect snack for anyone who has a sweet tooth. This comes in packs of 3…trust me, these biscuits will be finished in no time!

10. Nutella Apron

Does your Nutella loving friend like to cook up a storm at home? Then you should definitely consider getting them this cool apron! It’s a one size fits all and with this awesome kitchen accessory, I’m sure they’ll be able to come up with more Nutella themed desserts to add to their repertoire. Male and females alike would appreciate this practical gift!

11. Nutella Pillow

A cute decorative piece to add to any living room or bedroom, this pillow in the shape of a Nutella jar will surely be loved by any Nutella fans out there! Made completely out of cotton, kids and adults alike will adore this pillow and it makes it the perfect gift for any celebration!

12. Cute Nutella T-Shirt

T-shirts are always a practical gift but this cute Nutella one makes it extra special! This men’s tee comes in several sizes and comes in white, grey, and light blue. This will surely become a piece of clothing they’ll end up wearing a lot!

13. Nutella Earrings

These cute Nutella earrings is a chic fashion statement any ladies who love Nutella will want a pair! A great way to express their love for this sweet goodness, they can wear this to school or to hangout with their friends. Don’t worry, this is a cool gift she’ll absolutely love!

14. Nutella & Starbucks Phone Case

Everyone has a smart phone these days so giving them a phone case as a present is a great idea…especially if it’s Nutella themed! Anyone would be so happy to receive this super cute Nutella & Starbucks cell phone case for their birthday or Christmas…they’ll put it on right away and will not want to take it off!


15. i heart Nutella T-shirt

A cute and simple tee for the ladies, this Nutella inspired design will surely win the hearts of the recipient of this gift! A bold statement t-shirt that simply shouts out their love for Nutella, I’m sure they will wear this t-shirt wherever they go! And look at that cute cartoon Nutella jar… what is there not to love about it?!

16. Nutella Lover Gnome

This unique decorative wooden gnome holding a jar of Nutella is a fun gift your Nutella lover will find cute! It is hand painted by the seller making it extra special. A nice decor to put on their kitchen counter next to their bottle of Nutella, it’ll definitely bring a smile to their face when they see this cute gnome figurine!

17. Oven Mitt

If you’re buying a gift for someone who loves Nutella and loves to bake, you can’t go wrong with this cute oven mitt with Nutella print! It only comes with one so if you want to buy a pair, you’ll have to order 2. This will make baking even more fun and if you want to make it extra special, consider getting the apron I’ve mentioned above! 

18. Nutella & Spoon Earrings

A great gift for your girlfriend, sister, or best friend who just can’t get enough of Nutella, then you should definitely get them this cute pair of earrings! It features a jar of Nutella and a tiny spoon, a match made in heaven! A chic accessory they’ll want to wear when they go out and I’m sure it’ll get a lot of compliments from their friends!

19. Nutella Jar, Toast, and Knife Necklace

If you’re looking for special jewelry to give your significant other who loves Nutella, then this cute mini Nutella jar with toast and a knife will surely warm her heart! It’s handmade with polymer clay so each necklace is unique in it’s own ways. 

20. Nutella Lock

This gag gift will sure make any Nutella lover laugh but at the same time, they’ll appreciate it since it prevents others from eating their jar of Nutella! It comes with a little lock to protect their Nutella from unwanted people from getting to it making sure it’s only enjoyed by themselves only!

21. Wall Art Print

This gorgeous wall art depicting a simple jar of Nutella is an elegant present for a Nutella lover to add to their living room or kitchen! You can pick from several sizes and if you want to bring it up a notch, you can even buy them a picture frame so they can put it up right away!

22. Tumbler

You can’t go wrong with gifting a tumbler since it’s a practical gift especially if it’s designed to look like a jar of Nutella! This 20 oz stainless steel tumbler is perfect for hot or cold drinks at home or even on the go! Great way to celebrate your family member’s special day with this unique gift!

23. Kitchen Utensils Set

A set of bamboo cooking utensils with cute Nutella designs, simply a perfect gift for the special someone in your life who loves to cook and loves Nutella! This set comes with 5 different tools…definitely a fun and practical gift your mom or even dad would love! 

24. Bow Tie or Hair Bow

Looking for a gift for a male Nutella lover? This bow tie is a great idea for them to show their love for the delicious treat on special occasions! The cool thing is, this tie can also be used as a hair bow for girls too depending on which clip you choose so both ladies and gents can appreciate this cute pattern bow!

Nutella Gift Basket

Sometimes gift baskets are a better than to give an individual gift. Hope these Nutella gift basket ideas is what you’re looking for!

25. Mini Nutella Jar Gift Set

If you want to send a special message to your loved ones, this gift set of 5 mini Nutella jars is just what you’re searching for! You can select the occasion for the gift (ie. Father’s Day, birthday, graduation…) and the mini Nutella jar labels will spell out your personalized message for you! A fun and edible gift to celebrate your loved ones special day…they’ll absolutely love it!

26. Nutella & Kinder Gift Box

Want to give your loved ones a Nutella & Kinder gift box for a special occasion? This gift set is what you need! It comes with lots of chocolates from Kinder and self serve packs of Nutella. You can also write a personalized message from you making it extra special. Any recipient of this gift box would be so thrilled to have so much hazelnut-themed goodies!

Personalized Nutella Gifts

Want to make your gift extra heart-warming? These personalized Nutella gift ideas might be the key!

27. Custom Nutella Jars

The most personal gift you can give a Nutella lover is this custom Nutella Jar with their name written on the Nutella label! Trust me, your loved one will be ecstatic to receive a personal jar with their name on it whether it’s for their birthday or Christmas! It also works great as wedding favors or party favors too.

28. Nutella & Toast Keychain with Initials

Looking a cute gift for your BFF? This set of adorable Nutella and toast is the perfect representation of your amazing friendship! You can customize it by putting both your initials on the keychain making it extra unique. Your best friend will absolutely love it and is the perfect way to solidify your besties status forever!

29. Personalized Nutella Spoon

Anybody who can’t live without Nutella needs their own personalized Nutella spoon! They would be so thrilled to receive this unique gift with their name on it and it’s sole purpose is to eat Nutella from out of the jar! You can select from several designs and fonts and even select the color of spoon like silver, rose gold, and even rainbow! You also have the option to choose a regular, latte, or table spoon and you can pick if you want to have it gift wrapped!


30. AirPod Case Skin

Does your Nutella lover always have their AirPods on and is constantly listening to music? Then this AirPod Case Skin is just what they need to personalize their gadget. You can choose to have their name or initials added to the Nutella pattern to add in that extra personal touch! The gift is basically a set of decals they will then need to peel off and place on their own AirPod case so they can then showcase their love for this delicious spread!

Hope we were able to help you find some awesome gift ideas for your favorite Nutella lover out there! Nutella is just so yummy so I can totally understand why some people are obsessed with them. Hopefully you’ll be able to pamper your Nutella-loving friend or family members with these useful and fun gifts to celebrate their special day!