27 Special Niece Gifts from Aunt She’ll Cherish Forever

Gifts for Nieces from Aunt

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Just like nephews with a favorite uncle, the bond between a niece and her aunt is undeniably a very special one, whether it’s by blood or just by choice. Having a niece is like having a daughter, only more fun because you get to spoil her to your heart’s content – without having to worry if you’re spoiling her too much – that’s the parent’s job! 

Nieces come in all shapes and ages, so whether you’re shopping for a special gift for a baby or newborn niece, a little girl, teen or adult, we’ve got you covered with our niece gift ideas that they will definitely love!

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Special Niece Gifts

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect gift to a favorite niece from her cool aunt, here’s a selection of great finds for you!

1. Ceramic Trinket Dish

A jewelry trinket dish designed with a thoughtful, motivational message to your niece from a cool and formidable aunt, this trinket dish is a chic accessory that brings a stylish vibe to her dresser or nightstand, and is ideal for placing her favorite and most used trinkets in display.

2. Fleece Blanket

For a special niece, keep her enveloped in warmth and coziness with this plush throw blanket that serves a comforting hug for weary times. This fleece blanket details a special message design that a doting aunt would want their favorite niece to know.

3. Newborn Clothing Set

Spoil your niece from the get-go! This chic clothing set is perfect for baby and newborn nieces and comes in a set of 3 pieces – a cotton bodysuit, an adorable tulle tutu skirt and a fashionable floral headband!

4. Pocket Hug Token

For your favorite niece who is too far away to visit often, this meaning rose gold heart pocket hug token is a thoughtful gift that she will surely love, no matter her age! Ideal for placing in her pocket, nightstand or in her bag – so she can take your hug wherever she goes!

5. Little Girl Jewelry Rings Set

Let your favorite little niece express herself through fashion – just like her favorite cool and trendy aunt! This jewelry ring box contains an array of adorable adjustable rings with different enchanting and whimsical designs for her to choose from!

6. Courage Angel Figurine

Ideal for little girls, teens and grown-up nieces, the Courage Angel Figurine serves as a memento to comfort and encourage them at all times. This charming figurine details a standing angel with both arms raised and comes with a card written with, “Bringing a triumphant spirit, inspiration and courage” sentiment.

Birthday Gift for Niece

From funny gifts to a few chic gift sets, these gifts for nieces will make their birthdays extra special!

7. Music Box

Express your love and affection for your favorite niece with this wonderful wooden music box that plays the song, “You Are My Sunshine”. This hand-cranked music box details a meaningful message to your niece when the cover is opened.

8. Motivational Plaque

A unique decorative gift that’s ideal for adult nieces, this motivational plaque serves as a reminder for them that they are brave, strong, smart and loved by you – perfect for placing at their office desks or study tables.

9. Insulated Tumbler

A thoughtful and funny gift that will surely crack them up, this insulated tumbler details a funny but encouraging message to your niece. Perfect for coffee, juice or wine, this cute tumbler helps keep their beverage at the ideal hot or cold temperature.

10. Dear Girl Hardcover Book

A meaningful gift for your favorite little niece, the Dear Girl Hardcover Book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and her daughter, Paris Rosenthal, is all about celebrating girls and encouraging them to love themselves and that they hold a special place in this world.

11. Scented Candle Gift Set

Perfect for your teenage or adult niece, this exquisite and luxurious scented candle set gives them a relaxing and calming moment that they can truly enjoy whenever they need it. This set of 4 candles come in a chic box and features 4 calming scents.

12. Birthday Gift Box

For an awesome niece, celebrate her special day with a little bit of everything! This chic birthday gift box comes with a pair of cute fuzzy socks, a cosmetic bag, an insulated tumbler, a scented candle, an adorable cuff bangle and a set of bath bombs – the perfect relaxation gift that she truly deserves!

Personalized Gifts for Niece

If you’re searching for unique gifts that offer a more personalized touch, here are some great gift ideas perfect for your teen, adult or little niece!

13. Journaling Kit

Perfect for your creative and crafty niece, this journaling kit lets her personalize her very own journal, diary or planner. It comes with a notebook, a pen, stickers and everything needed for journaling! Whether she’s a budding teen or a young adult, she’s bound to enjoy this thoughtful gift!

14. Inspirational Poster Kit

Let your niece craft her very own inspirational wall art decor with this poster kit! Perfect for kids and teens, this kit includes inspirational cards, boxes and crafty accessories to let her design her very own motivational poster.

15. Compact Mirror

A unique and personalized gift that your teen or grown-up niece will definitely love and appreciate, this chic compact mirror is a makeup bag essential that she’ll find very useful. Detailing a sleek silver finish, it features a loving engraved message on the outside.

Gifts for Teenage Niece

Perfect for your teenage niece, these niece from aunt gifts are extra special items that they will adore!

16. Necklace

An ultra-chic accessory that your niece will definitely love, this gold necklace features a compass pendant and a dainty chain that’s sure to bring chic style to whatever she wears. It comes with a thoughtful message on the gift card, a definite keepsake gift for your niece!

17. Digital Clock Mirror

A luxuriously chic decor piece that your teenage niece will surely love to have in her room, this digital LED clock doubles as a cosmetic mirror – the perfect bedside table accessory for teens that’s stylish and cool.

18. Bangle Charm Bracelet

A fabulous fashion accessory that any teen will adore, this unique rose gold bangle bracelet features enchanting charms detailing the special bond of aunts and nieces. This chic bracelet will definitely be loved by your niece as it brings a chic style to any of her outfits.

19. Skincare Gift Set

Get your favorite teenage niece started on her skincare journey with this fabulous 25-piece luxury skincare set! This gift box contains everything she needs for her skincare routine – from masks, scrubs, gels and moisturizers! This is one delightful gift pack that any teen girl will be over the moon to receive from her cool aunt!

20. Mini Backpack Purse

A chic and sophisticated fashion accessory that your favorite teen niece will absolutely love, this mini backpack completes any stylish outfit she wears. This versatile bag can be worn as a backpack, a handbag, a crossbody bag and as a shoulder bag – she will definitely be thrilled!

Christmas Gifts for Niece

Celebrate the holidays with extra cheer for your niece with these cool gifts from auntie that they will absolutely love!

21. Moon LED Lamp

A pretty and functional decor piece that your budding teenage niece will adore, this 3D moon lamp illuminates her room in a soft, warm glow that naturally enhances her room’s vibe. Give her the gift of moonlight to remind her always that you love her – to the moon and back!

22. Vera Wang Princess Perfume

Make your niece feel like a princess with the Vera Wang Princess perfume! Perfect for teens or adults, this perfume has a fruity floral scent with notes of vanilla for a well-rounded scent that has just the right amount of sweetness in it!

23. Blessings Box

Shower your favorite niece with love and affection with this wonderful box of blessings. Ideal for your grown-up niece, this box contains 50 double-sided note cards detailing positive and inspirational sayings on the front with Scripture verses at the back, a meaningful and inexpensive gift that your niece will truly appreciate.

24. UGG Slippers

A nice pair of comfy slippers is always a great Christmas gift idea for your niece! You can’t go wrong with getting her UGG slippers which are made of sheep skin and will keep her feet nice and toasty. She’ll love wearing it all the time and it’ll remind her it was her special aunt who had given it to her!

25. Fossil Watch

If you want to splurge a little bit on your teenage or adult niece then this elegant watch from Fossil is the perfect gift! It’s a gorgeous accessory to wear every day or even to match with their work outfit, you’ll immediately become her favorite aunt when she opens this gift for Christmas!

26. Kate Spade Handbag

You can’t go wrong with buying your niece a handbag especially if the brand is Kate Spade! She will be head over heel in love with this gorgeous purse and it can be one of those special gifts that change her from a girl to womanhood! She’ll absolutely fall in love with this gorgeous purse, there’s no doubt about it!

27. Ring Light and Tripod

If you have a niece in her teens who are constantly on their phones taking pictures then this ring light is the best Christmas gift you can give them! It comes with a tripod so you will be able to get the best lighting for their Instagram selfies, Tiktok videos, or Zoom calls! She’ll definitely thank you for such an amazing gift!

All the gifts included in our list are thoughtfully hand-picked and curated by a doting aunt, so you can be sure that nieces of any age bracket will love and enjoy using their gifts! These personalized, meaningful and very cute gifts will be treasured by your nieces, as sure as she treasures the special bond that the two of you have and enjoy!