31 Lovely Moon Gifts for Moon Lovers

Best Moon Gifts Ideas for moon lovers

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If you’re looking for a special gift for a ‘selenophile’ or someone who’s obsessed with the moon, you’ve found the perfect place to get gift ideas from! Yes, moon themed gifts can be found almost everywhere, but that alone can make it overwhelming for you when it comes to choosing which gift is perfect for the person you have in mind!

So here we are with our thoughtfully curated list of the best moon gifts for men and women who are moon lovers. Read on to select which gift idea is ideal for your loved one!

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Moon Gifts for Her

For your friend, sister, wife or daughter who’s a moon enthusiast, here’s 18 moon and stars gift ideas, moon phase gifts and full moon gifts that they’re bound to fall in love with!

1. Star & Moon Dream Catcher

The perfect moon gift for someone who loves to display creative art pieces, this Star & Moon Dream Catcher decorative piece will surely delight her! An ornamental piece she can display near her bedroom window or living room, this dream catcher is made with wooden beads, cotton lace, natural feathers and a vintage star.

2. Moonlight Shadows Ambient Light Display

A display piece that will surely draw attention for its uniqueness, this Moonlight Shadows Ambient Light Display casts a warm, romantic glow to any space. It features 3 dimmable levels with its touch sensor, and comes with number stickers and decals pack for customization – the perfect personalized moon gift for your wife!

3. Phases of the Moon Tapestry

For someone who loves receiving moon phases gifts, this Phases of the Moon Wall Tapestry is a wonderful addition to her collection that she will surely love! This pack comes with 2 fringed tapestries in black and white, each detailing the moon phases including prints of constellations and heavenly bodies.


4. Just a Phase Moon T-Shirt

For moon lover girls who love sporting a casual look, this Just a Phase Moon T-shirt is the perfect shirt that she will love to wear! Made with 100% cotton, this t-shirt features a phases of the moon print and cuffed sleeves – a casual shirt that’s soft and comfortable to wear.

5. Solar Garden Lights

For the special woman in your life who loves maintaining her beautiful garden, this moon solar garden lamp will add a beautiful and whimsical touch to her garden that she will enjoy looking at! It features a crackle glass LED bulb and a crescent moon base, creating a stunning pattern when lit up at night!

6. Ceramic Trinket Dish

A moon related gift idea that your fashionable family member or friend will surely be delighted with, this Ceramic Trinket Dish is a chic display item they’ll find useful. Detailing gold edging and the words, “Love you to the moon and back”, this trinket dish will hold her jewelry and keys in style.

7. Moon Phases Mirror Set

A female selenophile can never have too many moon decorations and this Moon Phases Mirror Set will surely delight and surprise her! This set features 5 self-adhesive acrylic mirrors shaped after the different phases of the moon – the perfect decorative wall accent for her bedroom, hallway, foyer or her living room.


8. Moon River Vintage Music Box

For the moon lover who loves music, this vintage style music box will surely make her tear up with happiness! This hand carved wooden box is masterfully crafted and plays the sentimental classic song, Moon River, when it’s cranked up. This vintage wooden musical box is definitely a gift that she will love and treasure always.

9. Decorative Moon Crystal Ball

For the special females in your life, be it a kid or an adult, this Moon Crystal Ball will delight and amaze them to no end! An ideal coffee table display or for a child’s bedroom, this crystal ball showcases the wondrous moon’s landscape at night, with different color lights and modes they can choose from.

10. Wooden Crescent Moon Decorative Shelf

A stylish decorative shelf for little knick-knacks, figurines and keepsakes, this Wooden Crescent Moon Shelf is a unique moon gift your girlfriend, wife or friend will definitely love! This easy to hang shelf can be used as a statement decor piece especially for moon lovers who also love collecting pretty crystals or succulents.

11. Lunar Eclipse Phases Throw Blanket

For your selenophile who loves to cuddle up while reading a book or watching their favorite TV series, this Lunar Eclipse Moon Phases throw blanket is the perfect lounge accessory for her! Made from hypoallergenic flannel fleece on the printed side and plush sherpa fabric on the other, this throw blanket will definitely keep her cozy and comfortable.

12. Moon & Sun Mandala Throw Pillow Covers

Keep her living space updated with a chic boho vibe with this set of Moon & Sun Mandala Print Throw Pillow Covers that she will fall in love with! Perfect for moon lovers, this set contains 4 pieces of linen pillow covers with gorgeous prints of her favorite heavenly bodies.

13. Moon Lamp

A stunning, over the moon gift that stands out and makes a chic design statement, this full moon lamp will absolutely delight the special lady in your life! This lamp features a hyper realistic moon surface based from NASA’s data, sitting prettily on top of a wooden geometric base – a gorgeous gift you definitely can’t go wrong with!

14. Hammered Moon Pendant Necklace

For your wife, girlfriend, teenage daughter or sister who’s obsessed with the moon, this pretty moon necklace lets her showcase her lunar passion in a chic and fashionable way. Detailing a dainty gold minimalist chain, it comes with a gold crescent hammered moon pendant – a dainty necklace perfect for everyday wearing!


15. Moon Phase Boho Wall Garland

For moon lovers who love decorating their spaces with all things lunar, this moon phases wall garland will definitely be a welcome addition to their home’s boho chic decor style. A versatile decorative piece that looks great anywhere, she will surely love the distinct stylish flair the garland will bring to their living space.

16. Celestial Star & Moon Huggie Earrings

Looking for the perfect moon related present for a special woman? Make her feel cherished with this stylish pair of moon and star huggie earrings that will complement any ensemble she wears! This asymmetrical earrings pair features stunning cubic zirconia stones nestled within the moon and star shapes in a classic earring style that she’ll love.

17. Heat Changing Moon Mug

Ideal for moon lovers who love drinking coffee or tea, this ceramic heat changing moon mug is a magical gift that will bring wonder and joy to her face. This mug features a gorgeous moon portrait that reveals all Apollo missions, landing sites and the astronauts who manned the missions when it’s hot – plus there’s a footprint at the bottom of the mug!

18. Ceramic Crescent Moon Plant Pot

Combine her love for the moon and plants and watch her face light up with joy when you give her this beautiful ceramic planter with wooden stand! The plant pot details a line of crescent moons embossed on the surface – a modern minimalist design style that she’s sure to love.

Moon Gifts for Him

For the men in your life, both young and old who are moon and space lovers, here’s a list of 13 unique moon gift ideas as well as space themed gifts they will surely enjoy!

19. Sky Light Projector

A cool gift for boys or men in your family who are space lovers, watch this LED sky light projector bring a look of wonder on their faces! This portable mini projector showcases and projects an awesome galaxy, nebula, stars and heavenly bodies onto the wall or ceiling, creating a marvelous backdrop that they will surely love and enjoy.

20. NASA Bomber Jacket

A special, space themed gift that your boyfriend, husband, father or friend will definitely love, this NASA Patches Bomber Jacket brings a cool and fun vibe to their fashion style. This cool bomber jacket details the NASA logo and Apollo patches in a slim fit, windbreaker style that’s never out of fashion.

21. LEGO Lunar Lander Building Kit

For your son – or husband – who loves galaxies and the cosmos, this LEGO Lunar Landing Kit will definitely make them happy and excited! This kit features 1,087 Lego pieces that builds up to a highly detailed replica of the Apollo 11 Eagle Lunar Lander complete with 2 astronauts – a collectible item that looks great on display!

22. Backyard Astronomer’s Guide Hardcover Book

For your boys who love looking up at the night sky, the Backyard Astronomer’s Guide is a wonderful book to get them started on the study of the stars and the galaxy. It contains gorgeous images of space, facts and information, and a whole lot more – perfect for moon lovers who want to broaden their knowledge of the stars.

23. Telescope for Kids and Adults

The moon, the stars, the galaxy and the planets – this telescope is the perfect gift for your teenage son, boyfriend or husband who loves stargazing and is curious about what’s out there. He will definitely love using this complete telescope set that’s easy to use and suited for beginners – one that he will surely enjoy using!

24. Sun & Moon Couple Bracelet

For your moon lover boyfriend or husband who loves to sport fashionable pieces, this magnetic Sun & Moon couple bracelet is a cool piece that they will definitely love to wear every day! This set features 2 rope cord bracelets detailed with magnetic sun and moon charms that come together when close by – perfect for wearing together as a couple!

25. Glow in the Dark Moon Blanket

A unique and cool gift that any guy will be thrilled to get, this fuzzy moon blanket glows up when it’s dark – a feature that your son, boyfriend or husband will definitely find awesome! Made to keep them cozy and warm, this blanket features a luminous moon and stars themed pattern – a design your moon lovers will love!


26. Space and Astronaut Print Mens Socks

Keep your space and moon lover husband feel young at heart with this fun pair of mens socks that he’ll be sure to love! Featuring bright colors and a cool astronaut and moon landing print, these socks bring a fun vibe to his outfit that he’ll surely enjoy showing off!

27. Antique Moon Wall Art Print

A decorative wall piece that looks great hanging up on his study or man cave, this vintage style moon wall art print makes a great unique gift for someone who loves the moon. This poster print details a telescopic view of the moon with a list of its known lunar seas and mountains in a classy, vintage aesthetic.

28. Astronaut Book Ends

For your boys – both kids and adults – who are voracious readers and space lovers, this whimsical gift will surely delight them! This set of 2 space themed book ends feature astronauts holding together stacks of books – fun and cute decorative pieces that can also be used as individual decor accents.

29. Earth and Space: Photographs from the Archives of NASA

A book that will amaze and delight your moon lover boyfriend, family member or friend, this hardcover book contains stunning photos and breathtaking images from NASA’s archive. Each photo and image is accompanied with captions and explanatory texts – a treasure trove of wondrous information. This is also a great coffee table book to accent his living room decor!

30. 1000 Piece Moon Puzzle

For the creative guys in your life who are moon enthusiasts, you can’t go wrong with gifting them this spectacular 1000 Piece Moon Puzzle that they will love and treasure! A popular choice for full moon gifts, this puzzle set will definitely bring hours of fun and entertainment to him.

31. Moon Themed Bedding Set

For men who love the moon and who’ve mastered the art of sleeping and relaxation, this moon themed bedding set is a great addition to their bedding collections that they will surely enjoy using! This set features a gorgeous moon and stars bedding print for a duvet and pillows, in a soothing gradient blue shade that they will definitely love.

The gift guide above is thoughtfully curated and selected for selenophiles or moon lovers in mind. These moon related gifts are perfect for birthdays, holidays and special occasions for the people in your life who has a special affinity for the moon and cosmos and as such, each gift item is guaranteed to make them happy and over the moon to receive such a special gift from you!