25 Best Gifts for Math Teachers to Show How Much You Appreciate Them

Best Gifts for Math Teachers and Professors

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Teachers play such an important roles in our lives so it’s nice to show them how much they mean to us! Whether it’s Christmas or graduation time, tell your teachers how much you’ve learned from them by thanking them with a DIY card and some thoughtful presents. Math teachers are definitely the ones I’ve learned the most from and I’ve always respected the time and patience they had for me. They made me enjoyed math so much that I ended up studying engineering…so a big thank you to all the math teachers out there! Hopefully you’ll find a special gift below to show your math teacher how much you appreciate them!

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Math Teacher Appreciation Day Gifts

How do you thank a math teacher? Maybe buying them a little gift to show them how much we appreciate them…especially during Teacher Appreciation Day! That will surely brighten their day!

1. Math Symbols Pen with LED light

Thank your math teacher for all their time and patience by gifting them this pen engraved with math symbols! Every time they write, they’ll remember it’s not easy being a teacher but it’s all worth it at the end when they see their students thrive. They’ll for sure carry this pen wherever they go!

2. Teacher Appreciation Gift Basket

Nothing says a big thank you to your teacher than by gifting them a Teacher Appreciation Gift Basket! This is more geared towards the female teachers and includes a tumbler, a pen holder, a bookmark, a cute pouch, and a gift box! She’ll feel really special receiving this box of goodies!

3. Pot Holders for Teachers

This set of 3 pot holders is a cute gift to show your math teacher how much they’ve played an important role in your life! I’m sure this will give them a teary eye and it’s also a very practical gift to have around in the kitchen! 


4. Cute Plant Pots 

What’s a better to thank you teacher than to give them these adorable plant pots that say “Best Teacher Ever”! She’ll be able to put these on her desk and it’ll reminder her how much her students appreciate her!

5. Ceramic Coffee Mug

This elegant ceramic coffee mug is an awesome gift to show how much you appreciate your math teacher! I’m sure the saying on the cup will bring your teacher to tears! They’ll truly feel how much impact they’ve had on you and other students…so no matter how difficult their work is, they’ll know it’s worth it!

6. Teacher Bracelet

What’s a better way to show your appreciation for your beloved math teacher than to give her this cute bracelet! Comes with 4 little charms which will make any teacher’s heart melt! This stainless steel bracelet is adjustable so it will fit perfectly no matter which teacher you give it to!

7. Amazon Gift Card

For those very last minute people who’s looking for a gift for a math teacher in their life, this might just be what you’re looking for! You can choose the gift card value and then once it’s purchased, you can print it out right away…all done under 5 minutes! I don’t think anyone would mind getting a nice gift card from Amazon…you can buy anything on there!


8. Teacher Essential Kit

Any math teacher would love receiving his useful gift set! It comes with a ceramic mug, sticky notes in the shape of an apple, notepad, apple pen, and a giant paper clip…such a practical gift to show your appreciation for them!

Gifts for Math Professor

Want to find a gift for a math professor in your life? These math theme gifts might just be what you’re looking for!

9. Math Wall Clock

Any math professor would love to hang this math clock in their office! It’s such a creative way to show the time and I’m sure it’ll get their colleagues and students intrigued for sure! They will absolutely find this funny and witty…definitely a gift they’ll love!

10. Math Equations Tie

Most male professors tend to wear ties to their lectures so this unique math equations tie will be a nice addition to any math professors’ wardrobe! Also, this tie comes in red and blue so feel free to buy all the colors so he can alternate throughout the week!

11. Math Pillow Cover

This math themed pillow will make a great addition to any math professors office or their living room! It shows a pattern of a lot of math gibberish that any math lover will find amusing!

12. “I Ate Some Pie” Mug

All professors need to start off their work day with a cup of coffee so getting this creative mug is what they need! For those who are not sure what those symbols mean, they actually say “i 8 sum pi” which translates to “I ate some pie”…smart huh? 

13. Goemetric Shapes Book Ends

This chic geometric shapes book ends will be the perfect addition to any math professors bookshelf! Math enthusiasts love geometry so this cool piece is both practical and sophisticated to look at. A great way to display all the collection of math textbooks they own!

14. I heart Math Rug

This stylish math themed rug makes any office space or bedroom feel cozy instantly! The rug features a non-slip design so no matter how many times you step on it, it’ll stay in place. I’m sure any math professors will appreciate this thoughtful gift!


15. Albert Einstein Bobblehead

This realistic mini figurine of Albert Einstein is definitely a cool decor to add to a math professors desk or bookshelf! I’m sure it’ll be a great conversation starter during office hours or maybe even between other staff members. This little bobblehead is a great addition to their collection of math themed decor!

Gifts for Math Lovers

Maybe you just want to buy a gift for someone who loves math but they’re not necessarily a teacher…well if that’s the case…then these gift ideas might be just what you’re looking for!

16. Rustic Math Art Prints

Any math lover would want to put these rustic math art prints on their wall as a home or office decor! We’ve learned about these math theories at school and it’s quite neat to have them printed like a piece of art. These prints are unframed so if you’re feeling generous, you can also get them a set of picture frames to make it the perfect gift!

17. Mathematics Infinity Scarf

For the female math lovers out there, this classy looking scarf filled with math equations is the perfect addition to add to their collection! Whether they’re an engineer, someone who loves algebra, or is a math geek, they’ll adore this chic accessory and I’m sure they’ll be wearing it everywhere they go!

18. “Come to the Math Side” T-shirt

If the person who loves math also happens to be a big Star Wars fan, then this fun t-shirt is possibly the best present you can give them! Doing a spin on the popular Star Wars opening, I’m sure after you give them this tee, it’ll quickly become their favorite!

19. Math Tapestry

This cool math and science themed tapestry can be hung up in any room as a decor! If you know someone who is moving in to university or college dorm and they happen to be majoring in math, then this might be a great decoration to add to their new place! 

20. Vintage Calculator Watch

Do you know someone who loves to do calculations on the go? Well this vintage calculator watch is the just what they need! It’s definitely gives a very retro look which any math lover with find it really cool! 

21. Infinity Stud Earrings

Looking for a gift to give a math lover to celebrate a special occasion? These Infinity Stud Earrings is just the perfect gift! Not only is the infinity symbol related to math but it also signifies eternal love so it’s definitely a meaningful gift to give to your significant other!

Christmas Gifts for Math Teachers

Can’t think of what to give to your math teacher for Christmas? Hopefully the following ideas will inspire you into getting them something special!

22. Calculator and Pencil Ornament

Decorate a math teacher’s Christmas tree with this adorable calculator and pencil ornament! Their passion for math has no boundaries so they’ll appreciate to be able to show their love of the numbers even during Christmas. I’m sure this ornament will quickly become their fave!

23. Math Themed Socks

Thinking of some gifts for a male math teacher? These math themed socks are a great stocking stuffer idea for him! This classy pattern is not too out there so they can wear it when they teach…I’m sure their students will appreciate how much they loves their work as a math teacher!

Funny Gifts for Math Teachers

If you’re close to your math teacher, then maybe consider giving them a funny math gift…that way, they’ll remember you even after you graduate!

24. Funny Math T-shirt

If your teacher likes to go off on a tangent when they teach, then you’ve found the perfect shirt for them! A simple but funny shirt, it’ll definitely catch a lot of people’s attention! I’m sure any math teacher will definitely find this amusing!

25. Book of Math Jokes

What does every math teacher need? A good joke book to make their students laugh of course! Do you know a math teacher who loves to tell jokes? Well, this joke book might be the perfect gift to expand their repertoire of math jokes! They’re fun and cheesy…just what a teacher needs to brighten their students’ day! 

We should always appreciate our teachers by being respectful and polite but on certain occasions, it might be nice to pamper them with gifts! Math teachers, just like all other teachers, will love this kind gesture and it’ll remind them that all these years of hard work was worth it!