37 Cute and Cool Japanese Gifts for Japan Lovers

Japanese Gift Ideas for Japan lovers

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Many people are obsessed with the Japanese culture…including me! Whether you have a friend who loves cute Japanese things or you’re looking for anime gifts for your boyfriend or maybe you’re getting a gift for someone moving to Japan, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I’ll try to cover all the bases like cool Japanese snacks, unique Japanese gifts, traditional gift ideas…you name it! 

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Japanese Gifts for Her

Girls love cute Japanese things so whether it’s to celebrate her birthday or Christmas, these gift ideas will work for any occasion!

1. Japanese KitKat Variety Pack (21pcs)

I love KitKats and one of the first Christmas gifts my husband had bought me was this Japanese KitKat Variety Pack! I had so much fun trying all the cool flavours in the package like strawberry cheesecake, red apple, matcha, wasabi, taro…definitely flavours I’ve never came across before! If she’s into cute Japanese snacks, these is the perfect gift for her!

2. Studio Ghibli Music Box

If your friend loves everything about the Japanese culture, then they must love all the movies from Studio Ghibli! I grew up watching these iconic movies and who can resist an adorable music box from “Kiki’s Delivery Service”! Once you wind up the music box, the figurines will start to move…this will give any Japan lover a good reminiscent of their childhood!

3. Sushi Making Kit (23 in 1 Sushi Maker)

Any Japan lover is guaranteed to love sushi…so this sushi making will be exactly what they need to have a Japanese themed dinner at home! You know what the best part is when you buy this for your Japanese-loving friend, you might just get an invitation from them to have a sushi party in the near future! Score!

4. Kotatsu Japanese Heated Table

I was only introduced to what a Kotatsu is recently and it blew my mind! It’s a heated table covered by a heavy blanket all around. A lot of Japanese households have this heated table and is used especially during the winter months. Women love staying cozy when it’s cold outside, so this is a gift she’ll love that she’ll never have ever thought of! 

5. Hello Kitty Humidifier

This Hello Kitty humidifier is just absolutely adorable! Sure, you might think it’s best suited for a little girls bedroom but trust me, there are plenty of Hello Kitty fans all over the world, young and old who would love to add this to their collection!

6. Assortment of Japanese Dagashi Snacks and Sweets

Japan has lots of cool snacks and candies that come in really fun packaging so anyone who loves Japan will absolutely adore this gift! There is 30 goodies to choose from…even I’m tempted to get one for myself!

7. Bento Box

This cute bento box is just what a girl needs to bring their lunch to school or to work! There are 2 levels to this bento box and it even comes with chopsticks and a matching carrying case. Her friends and coworkers will definitely be envious of her lunch box!

8. Hello Kitty Tamagotchi

If you were born in the 80s or 90s, you must have owned a tamagotchi! This was the coolest toy a kid could ask for back then. The bonus here? It’s a Hello Kitty one! There’s no way this wouldn’t bring any Japan lover back to their childhood…she’ll love it… guaranteed!

9. Shiroi Koibito Langue de Chat Cookies

Shiroi Koibito cookies are one of the most famous snacks and souvenirs from Japan. Two langue de chat cookies sandwiched between chocolate…just so good! My husband knew I loved these cookies so he had bought me this tin can box set which has both white chocolate and chocolate flavour…your lady friend will definitely love this…trust me!

10. Casual Kimono Cardigan

This trendy kimono cardigan is definitely a cool piece of clothing to add to her collection. Unlike the traditional kimono, this can be worn casually during any sort of outing. It’s one size fits all so no need to worry about getting her the right size!

11. Totoro Figurines (Studio Ghibli Merchandise)

If you love Japan then you must have watched “My Neighbor Totoro”! It is such a classic movie by the Studio Ghibli that young and old alike would absolutely love. Any Totoro fan would love these cute figurines to add to their collection!

12. Cute Candles

Women loves candles whether it is to create an ambiance or to just relax. These Japanese themed scented candles comes in 4 scents (sakura, orange, lavender, and persimmon) and is a great addition as a cute home decor.  

13. Origami Kit

Origami, the art of paper-folding, is such a huge part of the Japanese culture and I’m sure anyone who loves Japan will want to learn this cool skill! This kit comes with colourful papers and instructions so it’s a fun activity for all ages!

14. Sushi Bed Sheets

I think a lot of people love Japan because of sushi! If that’s the case than this adorable sushi bed sheets is just what any sushi lover will want! They’ll love waking up every morning to these cute cartoon sushi rolls and wasabi…what a great way to start the day! 

15. Origami Earrings

If she likes origami, then these adorable mini cranes earrings is exactly what she needs! They’re elegant and unique, definitely a piece of jewelry she’ll love to wear when she goes out! I’m sure any girl who loves Japanese culture would love these cute earrings! 

Japanese Gifts for Him

If you’re looking for a unique gift for your boyfriend, brother, or even husband who is really into Japan…then look no further! Here are some quirky gift ideas that he might like! 

16. Pikachu Gaming Headset 

This gold and black Pikachu headset is just what any Pokemon fan needs! This stylish gaming headset can also be used on Zoom calls and even have memory foam ear pads to ensure comfort. This is such a cool and practical gift …he’ll love it!

17. Pokemon Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro

If you’re looking for a gift to go with those Pokemon gaming headsets then this Nintendo Switch split pad is just what you’re searching for! This gadget allows for a full-size controller experience which were designed for comfort and accuracy. This gold and black Pikachu design makes it even more awesome!

18. Miniature Japanese Store Kit

If the person you’re looking for a gift is into making models and working with their hands then this miniature house of a Japanese shop is what they need! They need to assemble this house step by step using tools to cut and glue parts together. This is a fun and creative gift that maybe you guys can enjoy making together!

19. Sushi Socks

Looking for a novelty gift for your boyfriend who loves Japanese food? This pair of funny sushi socks is just a great idea for any occasion! It’s packaged just like the real thing so I’m sure he’ll find the humour in it!

20. Top 100 Anime Scratch Off Poster

Many guys are obsessed with anime so this scratch off poster of the top Japanese animation of all time is definitely something a fan would love. It’s a creative gift and nice decoration to add to their room (which I’m sure is already filled with anime stuff!). 

21. Thermos with Tea Infuser

Tea is a big part of the Japan culture so this thermos with a tea infuser and strainer is an ideal gift for a man who’s always on the go. They can bring their tea with them anywhere in this cool bamboo thermos…if you’re looking for a practical gift, this would definitely fit that definition!

22. Japanese Tapestry

A guy who’s really into Japanese culture will really appreciate this cool dragon tapestry. They can hang it on their bedroom wall or even to use it as a curtain for their bedroom door. It’s a nice piece of decor to add to anyone who’s a big fan of Japanese art!

23. Lucky Cat 3D Puzzle

If you’ve been to any Asian restaurants, who would have definitely spotted a Lucky Money Cat at the entrance. This statue is meant to bring good luck and fortune and is a big part of the Japanese tradition. This 3D puzzle of the lucky cat is a fun activity and once it’s completed, it can be a nice little decoration for their home!

24. Ichiran Instant Noodles

Ramen is a very popular Japanese dish and for the ramen lovers out there, they need to try the Ichiran brand instant noodles! Ichiran is a very famous restaurant in Japan serving tonkatsu ramen for a very long time and now you can try out their instant noodle kits! It’s not as good as the real deal but for an instant noodle, it’s quite legit!

25. How to Draw Anime Book

If you’re looking for a gift for a friend who is really into anime, then maybe they’ll be interested in this book teaching them how to drawing anime characters! After many years of diving into the world of anime, some guys might be interested in creating their own characters so this guide can be of good use for those hobbyist! 

26. Lonely Planet Guide

Any Japan lover probably has visiting Japan on their bucket list so gifting them this Lonely Planet Guide is the most useful present to encourage them to plan a trip! They’ll definitely thank you for providing the information to kickstart their adventure!

Traditional Japanese Gifts

For those who are looking for a more authentic Japanese gift, here are some great present ideas you might consider gifting to someone moving to Japan or for a Japanese friend!

27. Japanese Teapot and Tea Cups Set

If you’re gifting to someone who’s more into authentic and traditional Japanese gifts, then this teapot and tea cups set may be the way to go! Tea appreciation is very big in the Japanese culture and there’s a lot of tradition behind it. This classy and elegant set would be a great addition to any homes who appreciates tea or just simply as a decorative piece!

28. Traditional Miso Soup Bowls and Accessories

If you’re buying this for a friend who loves to make Japanese food, then this set of traditional bowls and matching lids and utensils is the perfect gift idea! It’s great to use them to serve rice or miso soup in for their guests…they’ll love it!

29. Japanese Chef’s Knife

Japanese are known for making amazing kitchen knives so if you’re looking to splurge on a friend who’s a chef or just simply likes to cook, this knife could be what you’re looking for! This knife was designed and crafted for peak performance and durability…they would be ecstatic to receive such a quality gift! 

30. Organic Matcha

Matcha plays an important role in the Japanese food culture and is now spread worldwide…we see it in ice cream, latte, and how can we forget all the delicious desserts! This pack of organic matcha from Japan is the perfect gift for someone who loves matcha, whether it’s to incorporate it in their drinks or for cooking!

31. Japanese Wall Art

Japanese art is very unique and makes it a great addition to any homes! Anyone gifted with these set of fine art prints will really appreciate it. If you want to be even more thoughtful, you can consider buying a set of pictures frames to go along with it!

32. Zen Garden

Many people enjoy meditation these days to help them relax and destress so this miniature zen garden could be a cool gift for someone who is interested in this past time. Zen gardens are a big part of the Japanese culture so this little replica is great to put at home or the office to remind oneself to be mindful!

33. Sake Set

Sake is the national beverage of Japan so any Japanese would be fond of adding this set to their collection. Some sake are served warm so this warmer will be able to bring the drink to the optimal temperature. Your Japanese friend will appreciate receiving such a traditional gift from their home country! 

34. Porcelain Lucky Cat Statue

Japan’s well known for their Lucky Cats, also known as “Maneko Neko”. They bring good luck to their owners so a lot of restaurants buy them to put in the store front for that reason. My dad has bought one a long time ago and have now passed it to me! I keep this statue in my house to keep the good luck going! This authentic Lucky Cat statue is a gift anyone can cherish!

35. Ramen Bowl Set

I think anybody who receives this vintage bowl set would absolutely love it! It’s meant for ramen or rice but to be honest, you can serve anything in this bowl. It’s such a beautiful Japanese design that no matter what is being eaten out of it, I’m sure they’ll love it just as much!

36. Japanese Wooden Clogs

When Japanese people wear kimonos and hakamas, they wear them with a pair of Geta, the traditional Japanese sandal. They have sizes for both men and women so it could be a nice gift to give a couple!

37. “Mastering the Art of Japanese Home Cooking” Recipe Book

Japan lovers have an admiration for the Japanese food culture and what’s a better way to learn to cook by following the recipe book from the well respected iron chef Masaharu Morimoto! He’ll reveal authentic recipes so I’m sure this book will be a hit for anyone who loves Japanese cooking!

I hope I’ve provided enough gift ideas for you to find a present for your friend who loves Japan! Japan is such a fascinating country that everyone should visit just to experience all the unique cultures. While gifting an airplane ticket for a trip to Japan might be the ultimate gift for any Japan lover but I’m sure any items on this page will bring a smile to their face nonetheless! Hope this was helpful!