Creative Ways to Wrap Gift Cards

Creative ways to wrap a gift card

Can’t think of what to give as a present? You can’t go wrong with getting someone a gift card! Yes… it can be a bit impersonal and may seem like it’s not the most thoughtful gift but in a way, you’re letting the person pick something they would actually want instead of buying a gift that’s not useful!

Now that you’ve picked a gift card, the next step is to figure out how to present a gift card in a fun and creative way so the recipient of the gift will feel like you’ve put in some effort into their present! Without further ado, here are some useful and fun ways to give gift cards!

Four Simple Gift Card Presentation Ideas

If you’re not a creative person and want to find the easiest methods to wrap your gift cards, you should definitely check out WikiHow’s page. They show 4 very straightforward ways to wrap your gift cards that anyone can do!

Method #1: Use wrapping paper to wrap your gift card. Probably the cheapest and most simple way out there, all you need is a small piece of wrapping paper and some tape. If you want to elevate your game, adding a store bought bow or ribbon will make the wrapping more elegant!

Wrapping gift card with gift wrap paper

Source: WikiHow.

Method #2: Using a gift box. One of the easiest gift card packaging ideas is to use gift boxes. On the Wikihow page, they line the box with a small tissue paper and then tying the box up with a nice ribbon. Alternatively, if you don’t have tissue paper, you can tape the gift card on the lid, that way, it makes the recipient think you gifted them an empty box…I’m sure both of you will have a good laugh about that!

Wrapping gift card in a gift box

Source: WikiHow.

Method #3: Using a gift bag. If you can find some small paper gift bags at Dollar store or your local arts and crafts store, then this also makes a simple gift wrapping idea! They also have a video to show you how to fold a tissue paper to make it more elegant!

Wrapping gift card in a gift bag

Source: WikiHow.

Method #4: Using a small envelope. Some times the gift card itself comes with an envelope so simply putting it in there is all you need to gift wrap it. Feel free to be creative to decorate this envelope with doodles, stickers, ribbons, glitter…anything will do!

Wrapping gift card in an envelope

Source: WikiHow.

Cute and Funny Ways to Wrap a Gift Card

It’s always great to figure out some fun ways to give gift cards! If you’re not a crafty individual, you can consider buying a cute gift card holder box for the special occasion. But if you’re up for the challenge, there are many websites that show you creative ways to give gift cards in a cute card holder. Hopefully these unique ways to give gift cards below will give you some inspiration!

Method #1: Buying a fun gift card holder box. It’s sometimes worth spending a little money on a cute gift box to put your gift cards in. Here are some gift boxes you can buy that will surely bring a smile to your recipient’s face!

Gift box in the shape of a sofa

Source: Etsy.

a) Mini sofa gift box from Etsy: Perfect for housewarming gift or a furniture store gift card!

Mini Christmas stockings gift card holders

Source: Walmart.

b) Mini stockings from Walmart: One of the great gift card wrapping ideas for Christmas!

Suitcase gift card holder

Source: Etsy.

c) Mini suitcase from Etsy: Great for weddings or for people who are planning a trip!

Method #2: DIY your own gift card holder. Many websites teaches you how to create your own gift card box and some may even provide you with patterns to cut to make it easier for you. Here are some cool gift card holder ideas you can make at home!

Coffee shaped gift card holder

Source: Giftcards.

a) “Thanks a Latte”: An easy and simple paper card holder you can use to thank anyone. They have templates for you to download to help you make this cute card holder in no time!

Crotchet gift card holder

Source: MooglyBlog.

a) Crotchet hanging gift card holder: If you love to crotchet, this creative gift card holder allows you to hang it on a Christmas tree or anywhere you’d like!

Wood card holder

Source: Ugly Duckling House.

a) Wood card holder: For the crafty people out there, this elegant DIY wood gift card holder will surely make the gift card even more special!

Creative Ways to Give Multiple Gift Cards

Looking for some cool multiple gift cards arrangement ideas? Some times one gift card is not enough for that special someone so here are some creative ways to package all the gift cards in one amazing bundle!

Method #1: DIY purse with multiple gift cards sleeves. The video below from the Frugal Crafter shows how to make a paper purse where you can fit several gift cards inside! It’s definitely meant for more expert crafters out there but if you’re up for the challenge, it really creates an amazing result and I’m sure the recipient would really appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Method #2: DIY Gift Card Wreath. This super easy and fun way is a great gift card wrapping idea for Christmas, especially if you have multiple gift cards! All you really need is a wreath, string lights, a bow, and some mini clothespins and you can easily recreate this!

Although gift cards may not be perceived as the most thoughtful gifts but you can come up with some creative gift card wrapping ideas to compensate for it! Hopefully the suggestions above were useful and will inspire you to find some unique, cute, and create ways to wrap gift cards!