How to Wrap Cylindrical or Circular Gifts

Wrap round gift

For those who are not very artsy, gift wrapping is a nightmare! Especially if you encounter weird shaped objects, such as spherical or cylindrical gifts. Don’t panic, this page is dedicated to providing you with all the necessary information to figure out how to wrap cylindrical gifts and circular gifts like a basketball for instance. Hopefully with these useful tips, you’ll be able to tackle any tube shaped gifts or round gifts out there!

How to Wrap a Cylinder in Wrapping Paper

You’d be surprised at how many objects are actually cylindrical in shape. Some list of common cylinder presents include candles, tin cookie boxes, water bottles, cans, and bottles of wine. For birthdays and other celebrations, you might be able to get away with putting them in a gift bag but for Christmas, you’re expected to wrap them up with festive wrapping paper so here are methods you can considering trying!

Method #1: If you’re looking for an elegant way to wrap a cylinder Christmas present, this video from the lifestyle expert herself, Martha Stewart, gives clear instructions on how to wrap a cylindrical container in a neat and classy way. Finishing with a big bow on top, whoever receives this present will praise at your gift wrapping skills!

Method #2: For an easier way to wrap a cylinder container with wrapping paper, you can consider wrapping it like a candy with two ribbons on each side! This method is definitely more straight forward and simple and the best part is, it looks really cute!

Method #3: Another method to wrap cylindrical shaped objects is to do a combination of both methods #1 and #2. One end is folded neatly and the other end is squished together and tied together with a ribbon.

Method #4: If you love origami then I highly suggest you wrapping a cylinder present this way! Everything’s symmetrical and neat and the cool part is, you don’t even need tape to hold it in place! It’s definitely meant for people who are more artsy as it’s more complicated than the other wrapping methods but if you’re up for the challenge, then for sure go for it!

How to Wrap a Flat Round Gift

If you’re looking to learn how to wrap a flat circle gift, then hopefully these videos below can help you out! Unlike wrapping a tube present as mentioned in the section above, these gifts are also circular in shape but are not as high in terms of height.

Method #1: Although the video below is not a completely round gift but I think you can more or less get the idea if you have a flat round gift. It’s actually quite similar to Method #4 above but instead, it’s not as tall.

Method #2: A creative way to wrap a thin flat circular gift is to use two different colors of tissue paper as shown by the video below! It’s quite easy to achieve and it results in an elegantly wrapped gift so it’s definitely worth trying!

How to Wrap Something Round

How to wrap round presents you may ask? It’s definitely not the easiest shape to work with but there are several ways to make your present look nice! Some round gift ideas that comes to mind are basketball and soccer balls, so here are some tutorials that you can learn to master wrapping a round present!

Method #1: If you’re not looking to do anything too fancy and just want to get the job done, this method of wrapping a ball is really all you need! It’s quite quick and it also doesn’t give away the shape of the gift so it might be a good idea if you don’t want the recipient to know what it is!

Method #2: This is a more creative way to wrap a round gift if you have a bit more time to spend. It involves cutting the wrapping paper into strips and wrapping each strip individually around the ball. Once it covers the whole ball, you can finish it off with a nice bow!

Method #3: Another simple way to wrap something round is by using tissue paper. If you use a big enough tissue paper, you can wrap it up nicely around the round object and tie it with a ribbon. A quite straightforward method that should be very easy to follow!

I hope the collection of YouTube videos above have allowed you to master the skills to wrap a cylinder present or to wrap a round gift! Just remember, it’s the effort that counts so even though your gift wrapping may not look the best, it’s really the gift inside that matters!