How to Gift Wrap a Book to Make it look Amazing!

Different ways to gift wrap books

Books are a great gift idea for all ages! They can be given for any occasions and holidays, making it one of the most versatile present for all. Now that you’ve narrowed down your gift idea, what are some book wrapping ideas to make the gift extra special? Here are some creative ways to wrap a book that you might not have thought of!

How to Wrap a Book with Wrapping Paper

I think the easiest and most straightforward way to wrap a book is using tissue paper and wrapping paper which is clearly explained with step-by-step instructions and videos on this WikiHow’s page! You can make it extra pretty by finishing it off with a bow or ribbon! Check out the video below on how to do it!

If the book you bought is quite thin, here’s another page from WikiHow that shows how to wrap thin books! I would say it’s pretty similar to the instructions on how to wrap books in paper shown above with a few minor adjustments.

Wrapping thin books

Source: WikiHow.

Creative Ways to Wrap a Book

Sometimes you need to think outside the box for gift wrapping so here are some ideas for you on how to wrap books for gift! These might not be the best way to wrap a book but I’m sure your friends and family will find it unique and will be excited to receive this cool wrapped gift!

Method #1: Wrapping with furoshiki fabric wrap. shows us an unexpected way to wrap a book with a fabric wrap. It provides a step-by-step guide with images to show how this beautifully wrapped gift is assembled!


Source: Wrappr.

Method #2: Wrap the book like a shirt. Trick your loved ones in thinking you got them a shirt instead of a book! This video from Shiho Masuda shows you in detail how to achieve this cute look and it even has a tie! It’s definitely meant for expert crafters but the result of the wrapping is worth the challenge!

Method #3: Using recycled book pages. What’s a better way than to use pages from an old book to wrap a gift! DIY Inspired shows you this cool technique and even explains how to make these cute paper flowers to decorate your present ! It’s pretty neat to wrap a book using old pages from a recycled book…definitely a cool way to re-use old items at home!

Recycled book wrapping

Source: DIY Inspired.

Method #4: Wrapping a book while showing the cover. Some times you want to reveal the title of the book right away to whomever you’re gifting to so this elegant way showing you how to wrap books from Shiho Masuda is just what you need! Also, this cute wrapping allows you to remove the book from the wrapping paper without having to rip it apart!

Method #5: Wrapping paper forming a paper fan. This video shows a classy way of wrapping a book that’s a bit outside the box! You end up folding a nice paper fan in front as a decorative piece to make the wrapping a bit more elegant! I do think this type of wrapping is meant for older people as I feel they would appreciate it more. It doesn’t look too complicated so I think it’s worth a shot to give this a try!

How to Wrap Books for Christmas

If you’re looking for some ideas for Christmas gift wrapping specifically for books, definitely check out Bookbub’s page for some inspiration! Some cool suggestions they have include doing a book themed advent calendar spanning 24 days, adding some snowflakes and pine cones decorations to finalize the wrapping, or even decorating it with a winter scene photograph to bring out the Christmas spirit! I think the important part here is to choose the proper wrapping paper so you can highlight the lovely red, green, gold, and silver colors which represent Christmas!

How to Gift Wrap Multiple Books

If you’re planning to gift a bundle of books as a Christmas or birthday present, here’s an elegant way to gift wrap them from WHSmith’s page! Basically, each book should be wrapped with a different wrapping paper and then tied together using a beautiful ribbon. Make sure to stack them with the biggest gift on the bottom and layer them based on the size until you reach the smallest book on top (so it kinda looks like a pyramid)! Definitely a classy way to display the gifts!

How to Wrap a Book without Tape

For those people who believe in zero waste, then they must learn these cool methods to wrap a book without using any tape! It definitely takes some time to get used to but I think with much practice, you’ll master this practical skill!

Method #1: Wrapping a book without tape. If you happen to run out of tape, this wrapping method will surely come in handy! It’s quite simple and straightforward but I think you definitely need some practice to get it right!

Method #2: Wrapping a book that doesn’t need to be unwrapped. Another cool way to wrap a book from Shiho Masuda, this time, she teaches you how to wrap just the cover so the gift recipient can easily open and see the pages inside by simply removing the ribbon! It even has a pocket in front for you to put a thoughtful handwritten card! Such a creative and unique way to wrap a book!

If the person you’re buying for is a book worm then getting them books for any holidays is the perfect gift idea! I hope the different methods of wrapping books shown above will really get your creative brain juices flowing to come up with unique ways to present your thoughtfully handpicked gifts!