32 Best Gymnastics Gifts Any Gymnasts Will Surely Love

Best gift ideas for gymnasts

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If you’re on the hunt for a great gift to surprise your toddlers, 5 year old, 10 year old, or even young adults who love gymnastics, you’ve come to the right place! Gymnastics stuff are easy to find, but as with all gift ideas, you’ll want the gifts you’ll be buying to be well-recommended by people who have already purchased them, so that you can be sure of the quality of the gift you’ll be giving!

So, without further ado, here’s our list of 32 curated gifts that are perfect choices for your gymnastics enthusiast!

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1. Folding Gymnastics Training Mat

Perfect for gymnastics lovers, this exercise training floor mat is essential for practicing and improving their gymnastics skills at home without the fear of getting injuries from practicing on bare floors. It has a foldable 4-panel design that’s perfect for storing easily when not in use.

2. Gymnastics Braided Cuff Bracelet

For your favorite aspiring gymnasts or their gymnastics coach, a token of your love and appreciate in the form of this beautiful cuff bracelet will surely be cherished. This stylish bracelet is adjustable to fit most wrists and features a cute gymnast charm.

3. Gymnast Print Drawstring Backpack

This drawstring gymnast print backpack is lightweight, comfortable to carry, and will fit most your gymnast’s practice clothes, accessories and water bottle. It’s a bag option that your teen gymnast will definitely love using, whether for practice or for casual outings!

4. Adjustable Balance Beam

A gymnastics equipment that your aspiring gymnast will definitely love to have is this adjustable balance beam! This will help her with her training and beam drills at the comfort of her home gym. The beam is 8 feet long and features adjustable low and high heights for advanced practice.

5. Portable Leg Stretcher

Help your gymnast improve and enhance their flexibility, range of motion, balance and overall body movements with this easy-to-use door leg stretcher. An accessory that’s uncomplicated and fun to use, your young gymnast will surely enjoy using this for training at home!

6. Decorative Throw Pillow Cover

Your young gymnast deserves a relaxing down time after long hours of practice. Spruce up her bedroom with a comfortable yet highly aesthetic throw pillow for her bed, printed with a motivational quote that she will surely love and take comfort from on bad days!

7. Simone Biles Courage to Soar Autobiography

For gymnasts in training or aspiring gymnasts, the best present you can give is the gift of inspiration! Let 4-time Olympic gold medalist and record setter Simone Biles’ story teach, inspire and motivate them to be the best versions of themselves.


8. Sterling Silver Gymnast Stud Earrings

Celebrate a milestone in your gymnast’s life with this pair of earrings that she’s guaranteed to love and treasure! Made from hypoallergenic stainless steel, the earrings detail a rose gold heart exquisitely framing a gymnast figure at the center.

9. Girls Jacket & Trackpants Set

Let your gymnast step out in style and comfort with a track jacket and matching pants to wear to her training sessions. In chic style and coordinated colors any girl will adore, you can be sure it’ll be one of her favorite training outfits to wear!

10. Abstract Gymnastics Silhouette Wall Poster

Gymnasts live and breathe the sport and they often show their love with all their gymnastics-related things! Add to their collection with this set of cute aesthetic wall art print posters that they’ll definitely love to display on their wall!

11. Medal Wall Holder

Your young gymnast needs to see the fruit of all their hard-work and dedication to the sport and what better way than to get them this custom medal wall hanger! A place for her to hang and see all her medallions and accomplishments – it will surely inspire and motivate her all the more!

12. Foam Roller Deep Tissue Massager

One of the best fitness tools your gymnast will surely love and need, this deep tissue massage roller is ideal for using before and after workouts or trainings. It helps improve their flexibility while soothing away tired and aching muscles.

13. Nike Girls Kawa Slides

For every day casual wear, the Nike Girls Kawa Slides is a stylish and comfortable addition to your favorite gymnast’s outfits. It features a solarsoft foam footbed for plush, comfortable wearing and is the perfect footwear choice to pair with their tracksuits on their way to and from their trainings!

Gifts for Young Gymnasts

These great gifts below are perfect for young gymnast that are designed to level up their gymnastics skills!

14. Training Floor Balance Beam

For young beginners in the sport, gymnastics equipment such as this training floor balance beam is crucial so they can get started early on with their gymnastics skills. Lightweight and portable, they will surely enjoy this while learning the essentials and basics!


15. Fitness Exercise Hoops

Help your little gymnast develop their motor skills, hand eye coordination, balance and movement in an enjoyable way! This colorful fitness exercise hoop is a delightful piece that will give your gymnast lots of fun practice in rhythmic gymnastics.

16. Rhythmic Gymnastics Ribbon Wands

Let your young gymnast be as graceful as a swan on the exercise floor with her mastery of ribbon handling! Help her practice with this 16pc rhythmic gymnastics ribbon wands in different colors, each with non-slip handles for easy twirling and maneuvering while on the floor mat.

17. Gymnastics Training Bars

Get your youngster an early start in building up their gymnastics skills with this awesome gymnastics training bars set! It features an adjustable height to suit your child’s needs and is easily foldable for storing away when not in use – the perfect training ground for your youngster right at home.

Gymnastics Gifts for Girls

For your girls who already have serious gymnast skills, here are 4 chic and fashionable gift options to enhance and level up their fashion game! 

18. Rainbow Gymnastics Leotards

Let your little gymnast shine as cutely as they can while performing their routine with this charming rainbow gymnastics leotards! A gorgeous spandex outfit coupled with her awesome gymnastics skills will definitely give her a well-deserved win at any competition.

19. Unicorn Gymnastics Gym Bag

A must-have accessory for any young gymnast, this unicorn themed gymnastics bag will definitely delight your youngster with its overwhelming cuteness! This waterproof duffel bag features multiple storage compartments, a water bottle pocket and a pocket for storing their shoes – perfect for their training sessions!

20. Gymnastics Short

An apparel must-have for gymnasts, this Gymnastics Short is made from a premium blend of spandex and polyester for comfortable wearing. It also comes in a sparkly black color that your gymnast will love – the perfect complementary color for mixing and matching with colorful tops!

21. Gymnast Statement T-Shirt

A fun top that your aspiring gymnast will definitely love, this Gymnast Statement T-Shirt is a cute shirt she can wear for an everyday casual look. It lets her show her love for gymnastics to those around her – and it might even become her most favorite shirt!

Gymnastic Toys

For your toddlers who already show love for the sport, here are 5 adorable gymnastics birthday presents they will definitely enjoy playing with!

22. Barbie Gymnastics Playset

For little girls who are starting to love gymnastics, this Barbie Gymnastics Playset gift is a terrific gift that she will instantly fall in love with as soon as she opens it! Featuring the ever-popular Barbie doll, it comes with gymnastics stuff that your young one will definitely enjoy playing with.

23. LOL Surprise Sports Vault Queen Fashion Doll

Combine your little girl’s love for dolls and gymnastics with this LOL Surprise Sports Vault Queen Fashion Doll, a gift that she will truly treasure! It features an LOL doll with a fashionable rhythmic gymnastics outfit complete with ribbon wands, a delightful present she will surely enjoy! 

24. Go Girls Go Gymnastics Puzzle

A stimulating toy that’s apt for your little gymnast, this 100-piece gymnastics puzzle is great for a relaxing afternoon. Not only does it help develop their fine motor skills and picture recognition abilities, it will also help nurture their love for gymnastics – a truly memorable gift they’ll love.

25. Hasbro Gymnastics Game

If you’re looking for a gift that’s guaranteed to bring entertainment and fun to your gymnast lover, this Hasbro Gymnastics Game is definitely one they’ll love. This is great for playing alone or competing with friends or family for an afternoon of fun and laughter!


26. LEGO Gymnastics Building Kit

For your budding gymnast who also loves building blocks, this LEGO Gymnastics Building Kit will absolutely leave them thrilled and very happy! It features 2 mini dolls and 241 pieces that builds up various gymnastics equipments – more than enough for endless hours of imaginative playtime!

Gymnastic Accessories Gifts

These accessories and cute things for gymnasts are great Christmas stocking stuffers for the Holidays!

27. Gymnastics Hand Grips

Help improve your gymnast’s strength training with accessories designed to enhance her gymnastics skills. This pair of gymnastics hand grips help with lessening hand injuries such as rips and tears while minimizing the formation of painful blisters and calluses – a gift they’ll will definitely thank you for!

28. Gymnastics Hair Ties Set

A must-have accessory for gymnasts, hair ties have the important job of keeping hair away and securely tied in place while they’re performing their routines. This set of 7 gymnastics hair ties come in beautiful colors and sporty prints that your gymnast will definitely love to use!

Personalized Gymnastics Gifts

Level up your gift giving skills with these unique, personalized gifts tailored for the special gymnast in your life! 

29. 52pcs Gymnastics Vinyl Stickers

If you’re looking for unique ideas for a present to give your aspiring gymnast, this 52-piece sticker pack will do the trick! This pack features gorgeous gymnastics-themed vinyl stickers and decals your teen will love, letting them customize their own stuff into one-of-a-kind items with their own brand of personality.

30. Personalized Sports Water Bottle

Keep your gymnast healthy and hydrated at all times with this personalized sports water bottle with a striking design that they will love! This white aluminum-finish bottle features a gymnast figure in hot pink, with your gymnast’s name printed in a matching color for a personalized look.

Gymnastics Christmas Gifts

Celebrate the holidays by spreading happiness and joy to your favorite gymnast with these charming gifts!

31. Sterling Silver Gymnast Necklace

Celebrate Christmas time with a special gift for your special gymnast! Hanging from a dainty hypoallergenic chain is an enchanting rhinestone-studded heart, with a rose gold-plated gymnast figure nestled within – an apt design for someone who absolutely loves gymnastics.

32. Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker

While hard work, practice and trainings make a gymnast, it’s vital to also take care of their well-being. Gift your gymnast with a fashionable yet essential item that they will definitely appreciate with the Fitbit Inspire 2 Health and Fitness Tracker – a health and wellness monitoring tool that’s very useful for athletes.

Searching for the perfect gift is easy when you know what the recipient loves and loves to do. Each of these gifts above are creatively and thoughtfully sourced with gymnasts in mind. Be it for your toddlers, little girls or teens who love gymnastics, they will surely enjoy these gymnastics equipment, gymnastics stuff and accessories that will help them develop the skills they need to succeed is this sport!