40 Best Going Away Gifts for Coworkers to Wish Them Good Luck

Farewell Gift Ideas for Coworkers

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It’s always sad to see one of your close coworkers go, whether they’ve quit their job to work for another company, moving to another department, or maybe they got a promotion. Finding farewell gift ideas for coworkers is not an easy task so if you’re looking for some inspiration for gag gifts, last-minute going away gifts, or something more personalized, we’ve got you covered! You want to make sure you give something thoughtful for your work colleagues so they’ll always remember you even though you no longer work together. Hope this list of goodbye gifts for coworkers helps!

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Inexpensive Goodbye Gifts for Coworkers

A going away present for a colleagues doesn’t need to break the bank! Here are some inexpensive office farewell gifts that they will appreciate!

1. Farewell Poster Card

This fun and colorful going away card for your colleague is a great way to get everyone to sign and write a special personal message to the one who’s leaving the company. All the heartwarming messages will surely make them tear up and is a great souvenir to remember all the good times spent at work. A simple and inexpensive gift that will melt their heart!

2. Amazonite Beads Bracelet

If you’re looking for a parting gift for coworker who is a women, this beautiful amazonite beads bracelet is a lovely farewell gift idea! Amazonite signifies success, hope, and courage and the little lady bug charm will also bring her good luck, perfect for starting a new job or adventure! A little piece of jewelry she’ll cherish forever!

3. Sunflower Wooden Planter

A nice little gift to send off your coworker to celebrate them finding a new job is this little wood planter with sunflower seeds! It’s a great way to say thank you and show them what a ray of sunshine they’ve been as a coworker! An inexpensive gift but it’ll for sure warm their heart!

4. Pocket Mirror

It’s always practical to have a mirror handy in a women’s purse so you can’t go wrong with gifting your female colleague this beautiful pocket mirror! It’s engraved with a fun message as she embarks on her new adventure so she’ll always remember what a thoughtful friend and colleague you were!

5. Thank you Cookies

A fun way to say goodbye to your coworker is to give them this yummy box of Thank You cookies! The box comes with 4 sugar cookies that are printed with edible ink with cute patterns on each one that shows how much you appreciate them. A unique gift that will be eaten in no time!

6. Desktop Boxing

Starting a new job and leaving your current familiar one can be stressful so this mini boxing set is the perfect little gift for your coworker who’s leaving! The kit comes with a mini punching bag that has a suction cup at the base and two tiny finger boxing gloves! A fun way to relieve their stress at the new job and also a cute little decoration for them to remind of you!

Funny Going Away Gifts for Coworkers

What to get a coworker who is leaving and loves humor? These list of funny last day of work gifts will surely put a smile on their face!

7. Funny Whiskey Glass

For the male coworker who’s quitting their job to start a new one, this whiskey glass is the perfect gag gift for them! This 11 oz glass has a funny statement engraved on it so it’ll always remind him how much of an awesome bunch of coworkers you were. An elegant gift I’m sure he’ll find a great use for!

8. “I’m Outta Here” Tumbler

Searching for a great gift for a female colleague who’s leaving her job to start a new adventure or maybe even to retire? This tumbler is the perfect balance between practical and funny so you know she’ll for sure love it! A great send off gift she’ll be using in her next adventure!

9. Wine Bag

Planning to buy your colleague a nice bottle of wine as their last day of work gift? Then you must pair it with this hilarious wine bag! It’s funny but also tells them that you will miss having them around the office, a gift that will surely tug at their heartstrings!

10. Golf Pen Set

If the coworker who’s leaving loves to play golf, then this fun golf pen set is just what he needs! Each golf club is a different color pen and it also comes with a tiny putting green. They’ll can’t wait to show off this cool office decor at their new job!

11. Coffee Mug

For the male and female colleagues who likes a good laugh, this absolutely hilarious coffee mug will surely brighten their day! This 13 oz mug is perfect for morning, afternoon, or even evening coffee so definitely a practical gift that will be a constant reminder what a fun bunch of coworkers they had worked with!

12. Heineken Non-Alcohol Beer

It’s sad that your happy hour work buddy is leaving the company so to commemorate their last day at work, get him this non-alcoholic beer from Heineken! You should never drink beer at work but just for fun, you can share a last non-alcoholic drink with your buddy at the place where it all started! I’m sure your colleague will find it amusing and will remember all the good times you had after work!

13. Funny Cup

Another funny mug you can consider getting your coworker who’s leaving and loves a good laugh is this one! Doesn’t that sentence just resonate with all employees out there?! I’m sure it’ll make them smile every time they use it!

14. Desk Signs

This funny desk signs is a cool parting gift for your colleague so they can place it on their desk in their new job to remind them of you! It contains 30 different messages like “In a meeting”, “Stressed out”, “Not in a good mood”, and it even has a blank page so you can create your own message! Definitely a great conversation starter for them to get to know their new colleagues!

Sentimental Gifts for Coworker Leaving

For the departing coworkers who is leaving the company after many years of service, these sentimental gifts might be a way to say thank you!

15. Friendship Coffee Mug

There’s no better way to consolidate your work friendship than to give this beautiful coffee mug to your female coworker who is leaving! I’m certain this heartwarming mug will be used every day and will remind them of what a special bond you guys have.

16. Personalized Photo Collage Throw

A unique parting gift for your coworker is this customizable blanket where you can personalize with their name and pictures of them! It comes in different sizes and you can pick between fleece and sherpa. This decorative blanket can keep them warm or can be hung on the wall as a tapestry. An unordinary present that is ideal to celebrate a retirement!

17. “Thank you” Angel Figurine

For the female supervisor who’s been providing so much guidance, this angel figurine is the perfect gift to wish them a happy retirement or to say thank you as she leaves the company. It’s an elegant decoration she can put on her new office desk or on her bookshelf at home to remind them of you. A simple gift that will make them feel very appreciated!

18. Cosmetic Bag

This simple and practical cosmetic bag is a thoughtful gift for your female coworker who’s ready to start a new chapter in life! It’s a great way to tell her that work will suck without you and she’ll always remember all the fun times you guys had every time she uses this bag!

19. Personalize Picture Frame

There’s no better gift than to give them a group picture of everyone at work to remind the one who is leaving the good memories they had at their old job! The neat thing about this picture frame is you can customize it with any text you like such as “Happy Retirement!”, “Can’t find better coworkers than us!”, or any funny or sentimental things you want to say.

20. Retirement Trinket Dish

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell your coworker how much you appreciate them so maybe gifting them this jewelry dish is the easier way to express your appreciation! It’s a great way to wish them a happy retirement and to tell them what a difference they’ve made to your life!

Employee Going Away Gifts​

For the employee who is leaving work to start a new job, here are some gift ideas for them!

21. Amazon Gift Card

Some coworkers are hard to buy for so you can’t go wrong with gifting an Amazon Gift Card as a going away present! You can gift as little as $20 or up to $2000 so depending on how many coworkers are chipping in, you can choose the appropriate amount! They can literally buy anything they want on Amazon so you’ll know this gift will be used for sure!

22. “New Job” Candle

A cool gift for colleagues who have found a new job is this scented candle! This 13.75 oz candle is a great congratulatory present that can burn up to 80 hours! It has a leather, cinnamon smell with a hint of cedarwood so it’s perfect for both male and female coworkers. A unique gift with a really cool packaging, your coworker will like this farewell gift no doubt!

23. Multitool & Tumbler Gift Set

It’s great to thank an employee for their service at the company before they leave for their new job. This gift set which includes a tumbler, a multitool, and a keychain is a good way to say what an awesome job they’ve done for the company without explicitly saying it to them. They’ll definitely feel appreciated and will no doubt miss having coworkers like you!

24. Godiva Chocolates

Gifting a box of chocolates is appropriate for any occasions, especially if it’s from Godiva! You can choose the size of the box and they are all packaged elegantly in gold. It’s just a little gesture to thank them for their work and to wish them luck in their future endeavors!

25. 3D Paper Flower Bouquet

Looking for a unique office farewell gift for your female colleague? This 3D bouquet of flowers made completely out of paper is a fun way to send them off. Unlike real flowers that last only a few days, this beautiful 3D card can last a lifetime! Quite an original gift your coworker will cherish forever!

26. Engraved Space Pen

For the geeky coworker who’s changing jobs, this cool space pen might be a neat farewell gift! You can write with this pen at extreme temperatures and at any angle you like. It even works in zero gravity like in outer space! The pen can be personalized to engrave your coworker’s name in it so quite a unique gift to send them off in style!

27. Custom Bobblehead Figurine

If you’re looking for a out-of-the-box gift for your special coworker then this custom bobblehead figurine might be what you’re searching for! All you need is to send them a picture of your coworker and select the different options to customize it. Surely a unique gift that they’ll keep forever!

28. Decision Maker & Paper Weight

If the coworker who’s leaving is known for being indecisive, then this decision maker paper weight is funny gift to send them off on their last day at work! A small office desk decor they can bring with them to their new job, I’m sure it will remind them of what fun colleagues they had!

29. Success and Inspiration Jar

A nice gift to wish your departing coworker a success in their upcoming journey is this motivational jar full of inspiration quotes! Starting a new job or a new adventure is not easy so having these little notes to boost their positivity will motivate them to follow their goals! A unique gift they’ll surely appreciate!

30. Desk Organizer

If the coworker who’s leaving is a neat freak and loves to organize their desk, then a nice farewell gift may be to get them this elegant wood desk organizer! A beautiful piece to add to their new office desk, they’ll for sure find it practical!

Going Away Presents for Boss

To thank your boss who’s leaving job to start a new adventure, the following list of presents might be good gift ideas for them!

31. Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

Looking for a classy going away gifts for your boss? This 5-piece whiskey decanter set comes with a decanter and 4 glasses is the ideal gift to send your boss away in style. You can personalize it with 9 different designs and add their name on the engraving. You can even customize by adding a gift box and whiskey stones. A unique gift that will surely be used!

32. Wooden Decor for Boss Lady

Tell your boss lady how much you’ll miss her by gifting her this wooden decoration to hang up her coffee mugs and wine glasses! As she starts off her new adventure, she’ll appreciate this funny gift and will for sure go on her kitchen wall at home so she can be reminded of all the good times at her old work. The glasses are not included so maybe consider getting her some mugs & wine glasses to make it a complete set!

33. Boss Coffee Mug

Instead of telling your boss how amazing they are, why not gift him this elegant coffee mug on his last day of work? A great way to show how much they’ve mentored you and how much you’ve appreciated all their guidance all these years. They’ll be off on a new adventure but they’ll always remember the bond you’ve had working together in the old job!

34. Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee & Espresso Maker

A top notch gift to send off your boss who’s changing jobs is this Nespresso coffee and espresso maker! With a new job, they’re probably will be facing more responsibilities and more late nights at work so having a espresso maker in the office is a must have!

35. Personalized Name Plate

For the amazing boss who’s being promoted to a higher position in the same company but no longer working in your department, present them with this classy looking name plate and customize it with their new title! You can choose the type of wood and it even has a slot to hold business cards. An elegant gift that they can’t wait to put on their desk in their new office!

36. Funny Tumbler

If you like to joke with your boss who’s leaving their job, then a funny farewell present to give them is this tumbler! They’ll be reminded of all the stressful times trying to meet deadlines but also all the fun jokes you told each other. A practical gift that will make them smile each time they use it!

37. Turntable

For the boss who likes to play some music to help relax at the end of their busy work day, this turntable is a great goodbye gift for them to congratulate on their new job! A cool gadget to put in their new office, your boss will love this going away gift!

38. Boss Lady Scented Candle

With your boss lady starting a new job, I’m sure it’ll be a hectic transition so help her wind down and relax by gifting her this scented candle as her parting gift. She’ll love the gesture and will appreciate the thoughtfulness of your gift! It’ll remind them of you every time they light this candle and the good times you had working together!

Coworker Leaving Gift Baskets​

A thoughtful coworker leaving gift may be to present them with a gift basket full of goodies! It’s a great way to show them how much you appreciate their hard work! 

39. Female Coworker Tumbler Gift Set

For the close female colleague who is leaving your work, this gift basket will surely show them how much they will be missed! A wine tumbler that solidifies your friendship, a beautiful coaster, funny wine socks, and a little wooden decorative sign, a fun and meaningful gift set your coworker will appreciate!

40. Fruit Basket with Cheese & Nuts

You can’t go wrong with getting a food gift basket for a parting gift for a coworker! This gift basket comes with several varieties of fruits, nuts, and cheese…all foods that are appreciated by everyone so you know it won’t go to waste! This thank you gift is a great way to send off a colleague on their last day of work!

You probably see your coworkers more than you see your family so it’s not easy to see them leave. That’s why it’s important to come up with some great parting gifts for coworkers so they can feel appreciated and most importantly, they won’t forget you! Hopefully you were able to find at least one goodbye gift to share with your colleagues from the list above so they’ll be able to cherish the times you spent working together!