35 Best Gifts that Start with R That is Good For Any Gift Exchange

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Looking for the perfect gift can be quite a challenge. But it can get trickier if you’re searching for a gift that starts with the letter R!  Popular gift exchange games such as Yankee Swap, White Elephant Gift Exchange or the Alphabet Grab Gift Exchange are some games where you may be required to follow gifting rules such as gifts that begin with R, and they’re really popular for the holidays.

There’s no need to worry because we’ve got you covered! Here are 35 gifts starting with R that you can get for your family member, friend or co-worker!

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Gifts That Start With R For Adults

If you’re playing Secret Santa gift exchange, here’s a list of some cheap gifts – plus some expensive ones – you can give to your boss and co-workers!

1. Roulette Hot Sauce

A collection of the hottest hot sauces in the world, this gag gift makes for the best letter R gift when it comes to office parties! This set contains a roulette board and 12 sauces – perfect for drinking games or for meals!

2. Retro Sunglasses

A cool looking gift that’s perfect for stylish ladies, these retro style sunglasses will definitely add a vintage glam vibe to their ensemble. This pack contains 2 pairs of retro sunglasses with UV400 protection and non-polarized lens.

3. R Initial Necklace

A chic and stylish gift idea for the ladies, this R initial gold necklace details an initial R studded pendant enclosed within a studded heart pendant. Perfect for ladies whose names start with an R, this necklace adds a dainty chic vibe to their outfits.


4. Resistance Bands Fitness Set

Perfect for people who lead an active lifestyle and like regular fitness exercises, this 18-piece set of resistance bands will definitely be appreciated! These bands do an awesome job of replicating weights, a nifty alternative for exercising at home instead of the gym!

5. Rice Cooker

An ideal letter R gift for adults, this multi-function rice cooker lets them cook and enjoy rice at the comfort of their home without having to go to an Asian restaurant! This can also be used as a steamer – perfect for those who love steamed fish and veggies!

6. Rhino Knife Sharpener

A cute and cool R gift for those who love to cook, this rhino knife sharpener is a kitchen must-have they will definitely love to use! This sharpener easily brings their knife’s sharpness back to life, and it’s also a cute kitchen accessory they can display on their countertop.

7. Room Blackout Curtains

A home essential adults will surely love; a room blackout curtain gives effective shade against glaring sunlight from the windows. Perfect for bedrooms, these darkening curtains also keep the heat away with their insulated panels – a curtain that’s designed for both aesthetics and function.


8. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A life-changing home essential that’s perfect for those who don’t like household chores – especially when it comes to sweeping and vacuuming the floor! The smart robot vacuum will do the cleaning for them and will put itself away when it’s done.

9. Reese’s AirPod Case

Nothing is cuter and eye-catching than this Reese’s silicone AirPod case cover! Perfect for chocolate lovers who have AirPods 1 or 2, this detailed re-creation of one of the world’s most popular chocolate brands will surely delight them.

10. Razor Shaving Set

A practical gift that you can give for practical men, this razor shaving set is definitely a good option that they will surely like! This shaving kit comes in a pretty vintage style box and contains a safety razor, badger brush and the essentials they’ll need for getting a nice, clean shave.

Funny Gifts Beginning With R

Perfect for office parties, here are 8 amusing gag gifts you can gift that will tickle them with delight!

11. Rabbit Ears Hat

A cool gift that’s both funny and cute – this rabbit ears hat will amuse your recipient to no end. Extremely likeable for kids and adults alike, the rabbit ears jump up and down whenever the paws are pressed – an awesome funny gift for your gift exchange game!

12. Rubber Squawking Chicken

The ultimate gag gift for people who love to play pranks, this rubber chicken will definitely not disappoint! This pack comes with 3 squawking rubber chickens, perfect for carrying out their mischievous practical jokes at the office or at home with their dogs.

13. Rooster Garden Decor

Nothing’s funnier than giving a rooster garden statue to someone who doesn’t have a garden! Watch them awkwardly place this rooster on their living room, entrance foyer or even on their office! This hand-painted rooster statue is gorgeously detailed though, so it still makes for a beautiful decorative piece.

14. Rainbow Poop Emoji Stress Ball

A cute and funny gag gift perfect for the workplace environment, this rainbow-colored poop emoji stress ball will definitely help your co-workers deal with all the stress that work invariably brings on a day-to-day basis.


15. Rubber Chicken Purse

A funny handbag for the ladies, this rubber chicken purse will definitely draw amusing looks! Fear not though, women with avant-garde and eclectic fashion tastes can still pull off a fashionable “Outfit of the Day” look using this handbag with stylish flair!

16. Ring of Power from Lord of the Rings

This replica of the Ring of Power from the well-liked Lord of the Rings movies will definitely make any recipient delighted. It details the popular phrase, “One Ring to Rule Them All” in Elven Script, perfect as a gag gift for the boss or head of the family who rules over everyone!

17. Rock

The funniest R gift ever that is guaranteed to elicit loads of laughter from your target recipient, this Pet Rock comes with an owner’s manual for the rock’s care and training, a shredded paper “nest” and it’s very own training crate for portable travel!

18. Rug in the Shape of an Egg

An ideal funny gift for almost anybody, this plush egg rug will surely amuse and delight your recipient! Guaranteed to make them smile whenever they see it, this rug is ultra-soft and absorbent with an anti-slip backing – perfect for bathrooms, the kitchen or bedrooms.

Unisex Gifts That Start With R

Perfect for him or for her, these great gift ideas will suit everyone in your social circle!

19. Rustic Storage Bin

This rustic storage bin is a useful and very stylish gift idea that both men and women will surely appreciate. It details rustic rope handles, a galvanized metal surface with an R monogram at the center – an ideal storage option for organizing their personal stuff.

20. RGB LED Light Bulb

A useful gift item that any recipient will love to have, this RGB color-changing LED light bulb will help them set the mood in their personal spaces to suit their own preference. This pack comes with 4 light bulbs and 2 remote controls.

21. RFID Wallet

The perfect R gift that’s extremely useful and functional, anyone would be happy to receive a Herschel RFID bi-fold wallet. It comes in a sleek and subtle grey textured fabric that suits both men and women while the RFID feature does a great job of protecting sensitive credit card details.

22. Ring Light

Give the gift of portable illumination with the ring light, a must-have accessory for people who love taking pictures, making TikTok or YouTube videos, or having Zoom meetings. This selfie ring light comes with adjustable light modes and brightness levels to meet different needs.

23. Red Wine Glass Set

A practical gift for those who love relaxing and chilling out after a day’s work, a couple of red wine glasses will definitely be very useful. This set of two wine glasses are specially designed to offer an elegant and enhanced drinking experience for red wines like Merlot or Pinot Noir.

24. Righteous Felon Beef Jerky

A gourmet food treat that anyone will surely love, the Righteous Felon Beef Jerky Variety Pack is the perfect all-natural healthy snack that’s low on calories, low on sugar and high on protein. This package contains 8 of their best-selling beef jerky flavors that’s sure to suit anyone’s taste.

25. Robe

White, soft and fluffy – this robe is perfect for both men and women and is a useful clothing item that anyone will surely love to receive! This bath robe is made from 100% terry cotton and offers the wearer a plush, cozy and luxurious spa experience whenever they use it.


26. Roller Blades

An exhilarating R gift that would definitely be enjoyed by kids and adults alike, roller blades offer a fun experience for the sporty types. These in line skates come with illuminating wheels for added fun and is an ideal exercise option for fitness buffs.

Toys That Start With R

Here’s a cool list of gifts that’s perfect for infants, toddlers and kids – and they all start with the letter R!

27. Rubik’s Cube

For kids who love solving problems, a Rubik’s cube is a fun toy that also brings a host of benefits to children. It helps keep their mind active by enhancing their problem-solving skills and improving their memory while refining their speed and reflexes.

28. Robot

A toy that’s sure to be a hit among kids, this interactive toy is a smart companion that’s sure to keep the kiddos entertained! It can walk, sing, dance and even speak! It also has a sensor that can detect hand signals – definitely a cool gift for any kid!

29. Rattle Set for Babies

If you’re looking for baby gifts that start with an R, a rattle set is an ideal option that’s both cute and useful. This 4-piece plush rattle set helps enhance babies’ sensory development and it comes with an adorable plush house storage!

30. Remote Control Car

An exciting toy gift for kids, this remote-control car will definitely let them enjoy hours of fun driving their little stunt car around the house or out in the backyard! This rechargeable remote controlled stunt car also rotates and flips – an amazing cool toy kids will love.

31. Rocket Launcher

Kids – and those young at heart – are guaranteed to have oodles of fun with these cool stomp rocket launchers! This pack comes with 8 multi color foam rockets and a durable tripod stand for launching the rockets – definitely a fun toy for the whole family.

32. Race Track & Car Set

Looking for an awesome toy everyone can enjoy? This race track and car set has one amazing feature that’ll delight everyone – the tracks glow in the dark! This toy set comes with 10 feet of bendable magic tracks and an LED light car for a cool nighttime play experience.

Christmas Gifts That Start With R

If you’re on the lookout for something special, here are our best gifts that start with R!

33. Red Bean Mochi

If you’re not sure with what R gift to buy for your office exchange gift, you can’t go wrong with food! This delicious pack of Red Bean Mochi is a Japanese gourmet treat that’s sure to delight anyone’s taste buds.

34. Roku Streaming Stick

The perfect Christmas gift for a couch potato, the Roku Streaming Stick lets them watch their favorite streaming channels such as Netflix, Apple TV or Hulu – among others – straight from the TV. It makes the streaming experience seamless and lets them switch to different streaming channels effortlessly with one remote.

35. Ring Doorbell Pro

Having a hard time choosing the perfect Christmas gift that starts with R? Give the gift of peace and security with the Ring Doorbell Pro. A safety device that’s essential for homes, this lets your recipient feel safe and secure – even when they’re not home.

Finding the perfect gift for your gift exchange game isn’t that hard at all if you know where to look. Be it some cheap gifts or funny gag gifts, what’s great is that all gifts in this list are thoughtfully hand-picked to give the best impact when it comes to unwrapping them! Each gift boasts of great quality, has lots of reviews from actual users and more importantly – does not break the bank!