44 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Women over 50

Gifts for 50 year old women

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Buying gifts for women can be a challenge, more so if you’re thinking of what to get for a 50 year old woman! Women in their 50s are generally set in their ways, have established preferences and tastes, so it can be quite difficult to get them a present if you have no idea of what they like and dislike.

To help speed up your gift selection process for the ladies in their 50s, here are some fantastic and thoughtful gifts that are ideal for their milestone birthday, special occasions or for the holidays!

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Gifts for 50 Year Old Woman Who Has Everything

For the “hard to buy for” women because they seemingly have everything, here are 10 thoughtful and great gifts you can give her!

1. Wine & Bath Gift Set

For women in their 50s who already have everything, this Wine & Bath Gift Set is an ideal present that will be very much appreciated! It comes in a pretty gift box and includes chic, practical items curated for spending a relaxing evening at home after a long day!

2. Terrarium Decorative Stand

For a fifty something woman who has a green thumb, this Terrarium Decorative Planter Stand is a great gift that they will love. This decorative home accent includes 3 glass bulb containers for plants and cuttings, while the holder stand is made from wood – adding a rustic charm to any living space.

3. Glass Dome Flower

Sure she has almost everything, but we’re betting that this is one gift she doesn’t yet have that will absolutely delight her! This Glass Dome Flower is an eye-catching decorative piece that’s perfect as a romantic gift to your older wife. Representing undying love, this is the ideal present for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary!


4. Charcuterie Board Set

For the ladies in their 50s who always throws a great party, this Charcuterie Board Set will definitely be a wonderful addition to their party collection! This bamboo set includes a cheese board, a meat tray, 2 ceramic serving bowls for sauces and dips, knives and sampler forks, and a round fruit tray.

5. Velvet Flax Seed Pillow with Lavender

A smart and thoughtful gift for someone who’s turning 50, this Velvet Flax Seed Pillow will surely win their hearts. This velvet pillow is lined with old style flax seeds mixed with lavender for a calming and relaxing aroma. When heated, it brings relief for common body aches and pains – a relaxing treatment they will love.

6. Plush Fleece Robe

Older women who already have everything know that luxuries in life come in comfortable packages such as this warm fleece robe! This plush bathrobe offers a luxurious warmth to its wearer and comes in a beautiful pale mauve shade – the ultimate in comfort and style that they will definitely love.

7. Loose Leaf Tea Chest

For women in their 50s who love drinking tea, this Loose Leaf Tea Chest will definitely seem like a treasure! This beautiful tea chest contains 24 USDA certified organic artisan tea blends, with each flavor contained in a gorgeous tin can – truly a beautiful gift option for tea enthusiasts.


8. Himalayan Salt Lamp

A special present for your special 50 year old mom, this Himalayan salt lamp has natural health benefits that your mother will definitely love and appreciate! A negative ion and natural air purifier, this lamp is most helpful for those suffering from allergies. Besides that, it is also known to reduce anxiety and looks beautiful as a decorative accent!

9. Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

For middle aged women who love cooking and infusing their meals with fresh herbs and spices, they will definitely love this Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit! This organic home garden includes 5 organic seed sets and everything they’ll need to grow their own culinary herb garden, complete with instructions!

10. Hypoallergenic Sleep Mask

For the special female in your life who suffer from chronic migraines, this Hypoallergenic Sleep Mask is a heaven-sent gift! Made from silky satin that’s cool to the touch, this mask blocks out 100% of light and is 100% hypoallergenic – so they can rest, sleep and recover in comfort.

Cool Gifts for 50 Year Old Woman

Choose from these cool gadgets and amazing gift sets you can buy for your mom’s 50th birthday!

11. Kindle Paperwhite Signature Essentials Bundle

If your mom is an avid reader, this Kindle Paperwhite bundle is the perfect gadget of choice for her. The Kindle Paperwhite reads like real paper – a feature that she will definitely love, as all book readers have discovered! This bundle comes with a cover and a wireless charging dock.

12. Audible Membership

If your mom likes to read books but is tired of putting her reading glasses, then maybe consider getting her an Audible membership! With so many audiobooks to choose from, she’ll be able to find any books she likes whether it’s a romantic novel or a biography. She’ll enjoy being able to multitask and to listen at the same time! You can choose between 1, 3, 6 months or even up to a year subscription. 

13. Movie Night Popcorn Kernels Variety Pack

Let your 50 year old mom enjoy movies and popcorn from the comfort of her living room with this Movie Night Popcorn Kernels Variety Pack, a delicious treat she’ll surely enjoy making and eating! This pack comes with 3 different types of organic kernels and 5 unique gourmet popcorn seasoning blends.

14. Rechargeable Eye Massage Mask

A cool device that your 50 year old mom will definitely love to use, this Eye Massager is both a beauty and wellness tool that will help bring relief and relaxation to her eyes after a long day of work. It helps reduce puffiness, relieves eye strain and helps dry eyes.


15. Rose Quartz Facial Roller & Gua Sha Set

A natural skincare beauty tool that can help women in their 50s fight visible signs of aging, this Rose Quartz Facial Roller and Gua Sha will do wonders! Made from natural rose quartz, the roller helps reduce puffiness around facial areas while the Gua Sha helps shape jawlines and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

16. Yoga Essentials Set

For an older female who loves sporting an active and healthy lifestyle, getting her started in yoga is a beneficial exercise that’s both enjoyable and rewarding. This Yoga Essentials Set has everything she’ll need for yoga exercises – 7 basic yoga equipment pieces in a pretty and chic purple hue!

17. Robot Vacuum and Mop

Have an amazing fifty year old mom who keeps a well-maintained, clean home? This smart cleaning device will definitely delight her to no end! The Robot Vacuum and Mop will do the sweeping and mopping of floors for her – all while she’s sitting down and enjoying a nice cup of tea!

18. Temperature Control Smart Mug

For the busy woman who loves her coffee and tea piping hot, this cool Temperature Control Smart Mug is the perfect present for her 50th birthday! This sleek and stylish looking mug lets her set her desired temperature for keeping her coffee hot for up to 1.5 hours and can be controlled through a smartphone.

19. Lavender Spa Booties

Nothing is as relaxing as getting your tired feet up after a long day’s work. Get your 55 year old sister or aunt this relaxing, lavender spa booties and they will surely thank you for it! This microwavable heated booties soothe sore, tired feet with healing warmth and added lavender aromatherapy benefits.

20. Wearable Wrist & Ankle Weights Set

Let your active 50 year old mom keep up with her fitness while performing house chores with the gorgeous looking Bala Bangles – a pair of adjustable weighted bangles for wrists or ankles. This gives her a comfortable yet constant hands-free resistance, which she can also add to her other fitness exercise routines.

21. Rechargeable Hand Massager

For the older women who are starting to suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or other hand problems, they will definitely enjoy using this Rechargeable Hand Massager! This compression hand massager comes with heat therapy, 3 massage nodes and 3 different intensities to help alleviate pain and discomfort in their hands.

Luxury Gift for 50 Year Old Woman

Give the gift of indulgence to your special fifty year old family member or friend and watch how delighted they will be with these luxurious presents!

22. Anne Klein Watch & Bracelet Set

A woman can never have enough jewelry and accessories. Give your fifty year old the luxurious and chic Anne Klein Bangle Watch and Bracelet Set to complement her fashion style. This set features a sleek crystal accented watch, a crystal studded bangle and a two tone bangle – the perfect wrist accents to pull off a sophisticated chic vibe.

23. Estee Lauder Beauty Skin Care Gift Set

For the beautiful older women who don’t look a day over 50, this luxurious Estee Lauder Skincare Gift Set will most assuredly be appreciated and loved! This luxurious set contains essential anti-aging skincare and beauty products …all packed into a makeup bag with a gorgeous print!

24. Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The ultimate in comfort and relaxation, getting your special 50 year old this Zero Gravity Massage Chair will definitely make her feel loved and cherished! This sleek machine’s zero gravity feature will help reduce and relieve her body aches and pains for complete relaxation!

25. Moscow Mule Copper Mug Set

For the women in their 50s who love their cocktails and alcoholic drinks, the highly popular Moscow Mule Copper Mug Set is a must-have gift she will definitely take delight in! Made from 100% copper in a chic hammered design, these mugs really enhance and boost the individual flavors of their favorite drink.


26. Vintage Belgian Siphon Coffee Maker

A gorgeous and unique coffee maker ideal for your 55 year old coffee connoisseur, this is one gift that she will absolutely adore! Let her enjoy brewed aromatic coffee without a hint of bitterness from this ultra stylish Vintage Belgian Siphon Coffee Maker that also looks fabulous as a decorative kitchen accent.

27. Apple Watch Series 7

For your 50 year old mom who knows her way around cool gadgets and techy devices, you can’t go wrong with gifting her with this luxurious Apple Watch. Aside from being a stylish wrist accent that tells time, this watch does double duty as a fitness, wellness and health device – an essential item that your mom definitely needs.

28. Swarovski Infinity Heart Necklace

For a very special 50 something woman, make her feel loved and truly special with this stunning Swarovski Infinity Heart necklace! Perfect for anniversaries and special occasions, this beautiful necklace details an infinity symbol wrapped around a crystal studded heart, in a rose gold and rhodium finish that gives off an elegant vibe.

29. Candle Warmer Lamp

Let her experience the utter bliss and relaxation of lighting candles – without the potential fire hazard! This candle warmer lamp is a stylish, decorative room accent that does an excellent job of warming up scented jar candles such as those from Yankee Candles and similar wick candles without having to light them up – a safe and efficient way to enjoy these fragrant candles.

30. Healing Stones Chakra Tree of Life Decoration

For 50 something women who are lovers of positive energy and healing, this gorgeous decorative Chakra Tree of Life will absolutely delight them. A stunning decorative accent for any room, this Tree of Life is made with 7 chakra gemstone crystal chips that balances and brings positive energy, healing, harmony and prosperity to any space.

31. Digital Wall Art Gallery for TV

A truly luxurious present for your special 55 year old who loves and appreciates the arts, this Digital Wall Art Gallery lets her display 500 of the world’s most popular and beautiful paintings – all from her TV screen! This transforms any room into an art gallery – a luxurious and decorative focal point piece she will definitely fall in love with.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Wife over 50

Perfect for your older wife or your sister who is turning 50, these 4 gift ideas will definitely make them feel loved and treasured!

32. Dried Fruit & Nuts Gift Tower

For your foodie older wife who also enjoys a healthy lifestyle, this Dried Fruit & Nuts Gift Tower is the perfect additional present that she will definitely rave about! This gift pack is comprised of 12 assortments of delicious dried fruits and nuts packed with numerous health benefits – the perfect snack pack she will truly enjoy!

33. Hair Dryer Brush Set

For your older wife who loves to style their hair, she will definitely love to use this Hair Dryer Brush Set! This multi-functional 4-in-1 negative ion blowout brush serves as a dryer, curler, volumizer and straightener – giving her lots of ways to achieve gorgeous hairstyles with just one tool!

34. Washable Ergonomic Bathtub Pillow

Women love to relax and soak on the tub, but sitting in bathtubs can become quite uncomfortable after a time. Let your wife enjoy her bath with the help of this ergonomic bathtub pillow! A gift that she will definitely love and appreciate, this pillow gives her the proper neck and back support for an enjoyable bath time.

35. Satin Pillowcase Sleep Set

For your older wife who either has trouble sleeping or on the other hand who loves to sleep, this sleep set will do wonders for her! This set includes 2 silk satin pillowcase, hair bonnet and eye mask for a luxurious and relaxing sleep with added benefits! The silk satin texture helps reduce facial sleep lines and protects hair from frizzes and tangles.

Birthday Gifts for Women Over 50

Make the older female in your life feel special with these gift ideas that will surely bring pleasure to their daily routines!

36. Dolce & Gabbana Mini Perfume Gift Set

Celebrate a special female turning 50 with a Dolce and Gabbana Mini Perfume Gift Set that she will truly enjoy. This set comes with 5 mini perfume bottles of the brand’s best-selling and popular scents, and comes wrapped up in a special, sleek gift box.

37. Turkish Throw Blanket

A gorgeous decorative accent that serves a functional purpose, this Turkish Throw Blanket is an ideal holiday gift that any 50 something woman will surely love. Made from plush 100% Turkish cotton in an attractive shade and pattern, this versatile throw blanket can be draped across the sofa, bed or a chair as a stylish home decor.

38. Bathtub Tray Caddy

Let your special 50 year old woman enjoy a relaxing bath time with this bath time must-have! The bamboo bathtub tray caddy is the perfect bath time relaxation tool to hold her essentials like a tablet for watching her favorite TV shows, wine glass and scented candle for a truly relaxing bath experience.

39. Luxury Spa Gift Basket

If you have no idea what to get a 50 year old woman, you can’t go wrong with gifting her this Luxury Spa Gift Basket! Presented in a chic tote bag, the set includes luxurious bath essentials set infused with vanilla and floral aromas that nourishes, refreshes and moisturizes their skin.

Unique Gifts for 50 Year Old Woman

If you’re on the lookout for something quirky or distinctive for your special fifty year old, you can’t go wrong with these unique finds!

40. Bonsai Starting Kit

For an older woman who loves gardening, give her this unique gift that’s sure to excite and challenge her green thumb! This Bonsai Starter Kit contains 4 types of seeds, cute burlap growing pots, plant markers and more – everything she needs to get her started on this wonderful and relaxing hobby!

41. Glass Tea Cup

A stunning glassware gift that she will surely fall in love with, this Glass Tea Cup is absolutely gorgeous – giving her a luxurious and elegant experience while drinking her favorite coffee or tea! Masterfully crafted by talented artisans, this glass cup features floral and butterfly detailing and comes with a matching teaspoon for a truly beautiful set.

42. Cozy Poncho Wrap

Thinking of a special gift for an older woman who’s hard to buy for? This eye-catching and cozy poncho wrap is something that she’ll surely love and appreciate! It comes in a reversible, gorgeous khaki pattern that complements basic outfits – perfect for casual days or for stylish, cold nights.

43. Password Organizer Notebook

A humorous and unique gift that will surely make her laugh – yet find very useful – this “Shit I Can’t Remember” Password Organizer Notebook is perfect for the older woman who always seems to forget important details such as her passwords! This convenient notebook allows her to keep all her sensitive information in one handy place.

44. Sculpted Keepsake Box

For your best friend who’s turning 50, celebrate her special day with a memorable gift that she will truly love. This keepsake box is made from sculpted, hand-painted resin with a design that celebrates the friendship between two women – a lovely storage box for keeping sentimental items and memorabilia that’s also a decorative piece.

Each of the products above are age-targeted and thoughtfully sourced to be ideal for the 50 something woman. Be it a practical item, a luxurious treat or a cool gadget, these gifts will surely be warmly received and enjoyed by the special middle aged women in your life. 

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