22 Best Gifts for Walkers That You Might Not Have Considered

Gift Ideas for Walkers

Looking for a gift for woman who walks or walking accessories for dad? You’re on the right page! These gifts can also be good for hikers who just love being in nature and runners who might be training for a marathon. I’ve compiled the following list below to give you some inspiration on some unique gift ideas that you might not have thought of that your walking enthusiasts friend or family member would absolutely love! 

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1. Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack (18L)

Having a light backpack is essential for a long walk! It allows you to carry everything you’ll need like your wallet, water bottle, a jacket…so that’s why it’s important to find one that’s not heavy. The cool thing about this bag is that you can pack it into its own storage pocket and is also water resistant!

2. Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles (Set of 2)

Don’t think hiking poles are only for old people, they are actually very useful! I’ve been using them on hikes especially during downhill and they’re super handy! These are lightweight and durable and can be adjusted to the desired height. It also comes with different tips so you can switch them to whatever the environment might be!

3. Fitbit

Walking enthusiasts absolutely love to track the number of steps they’ve taken and what better way to do that than to use a Fitbit! It also tracks your heart rate, skin temperature, calories burnt, and even helps manage your daily stress level. It is a bit on the expensive side but I’m sure any avid walkers would love to receive this cool gadget! 

4. Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle

Staying hydrating is essential for any sort of exercise including walking! This water bottle has double wall insulation allowing you to keep your water cold for 24 hours or hot of 12 hours…perfect for any season! Not only can they bring this on their walks, they can use it throughout the day…and the best part, it’s environmentally friendly!!

5. Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager

After a long day of walk, the best feeling is to sit back on the couch and relax with a foot massager! This machine has multiple settings which includes the massage intensity and heat. Not only is this the perfect gift for walkers, it’s also great for runners and people who had a long day at work…kick back and relax…this will be a great addition to any home!

6. Beats Fit Pro Wireless Earbuds

Some times you just want to go out for a walk while listening to your audiobook or go running while listening to upbeat music, these wireless headphones is perfect for walkers who just want some alone time! They are sweat and water resistant so no matter how long the walk is or how hot the day is, these will work just fine! 

7. Walking themed T-shirt

T-shirts are never out of style and it’s probably one of the most practical gift you can give someone! This cute shirt from Etsy is great to wear on walks, hikes, or just to go out. Simple and comfortable, I’m sure this tee will become the go-to clothing for any walking enthusiasts out there!   

8. Columbia Outdry Jacket

A rain jacket is a must have for any walkers who takes a stroll 365 days a year! I highly recommend the Columbia Outdry brand as both my husband and I have each bought one. They are fully waterproof but are also breathable so it’s the perfect combo to keep you dry and warm. I absolutely love mine and would recommend this to anyone (not just for walkers)!

9. Reflective Bands

Some people prefer walking at night and it could get dangerous when visibility is poor so these reflective bands can definitely come in handy! They are meant for wrists and ankles but you can definitely attach it to your clothing and bag pack. This simple gift can avoid accidents so I’m sure whoever receives this gift will appreciate the gesture!

10. Walking Fanny Pack

Some people aren’t fond of wearing backpacks so this fanny pack could be a good alternative! It has a pouch to put your water bottle and has pockets to store your wallet and phone. Walkers might not like to carry a lot with them so this small bag can do the trick to keep all their belongings in one place!

11. Compression Socks

Compression socks are worn to enhance blood flow in your legs which can help you walk longer and can also make you less tired during and after the walk so I’m sure any walker would love to get a pair of these socks as a gift! They come in a variety of colours and the fabric is infused with copper which makes it breathable, keeps you warm, and even eliminates odour!

12. Walkers Journal

This elegant journal is a lovely gift for any walking enthusiasts! It’s a simple notebook with a small hiking boot in the front cover. They can use this to sketch, use it as a journal, track their activities…the sky is the limit!

13. My Daily Walking Logbook

If you’re looking for a small gift for avid walkers, this daily walking log book could be just the thing they need! It’s a planner that tracks all the walks they have done where they can specify the total distance walked, the weather conditions, description of the walk…so they can remember all the walks they’ve done!

14. Yaktrax Walk Traction Cleats

For those walkers who love to go out for a stroll year round, even when there’s snow and ice, these traction cleats is a must! They can be slipped on to any pair of shoes and can easily be removed so definitely worth buying it for someone who loves going out to walk independent of the weather!

15. Bear Spray

If you live in bear country, having a bear spray can come in very handy during your walks and hikes! The spray can travel up to 30 feet which is more than other deterrents on the market. I bought one for our hikes, luckily we still didn’t need it yet but this could be a good gift and they would appreciate the thoughfulness!

16. Foam Roller

Foam rollers are one of the best recovery tools to help with muscle pain, increase blood flow, and to massage. It can also be used as part of a warm up or cool down before and after your workout. Walkers would love this gift especially after a long walk to help penetrate their tired muscles. This is one of those gifts that the whole family can enjoy!

17. Running Money Belt

For those walkers who don’t like to carry too much with them, this running belt is what they need! It’s small but it can fit a lot! Your phone, money, keys, all the essentials are secured in this belt and fits comfortably so you don’t even notice that you’re wearing it! It’s perfect for a short walk or run!

18. LED Head Lamp (Pack of 2)

Depending on how dark it gets outside at night, it might be convenient for walkers to have a LED head lamp with them so they can see their path. This one is water resistant so you can wear it for any weather condition. It’s definitely a gift to consider for those who love to walk at night!

19. Walking Gift Box

This gift box for walking lovers contains a bunch of goodies themed around walking. It comes with a mug, a pair of socks, a fridge magnet, and a decorative frame print. Any passionate walkers will love these cute additions to their home!

20. Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt

Soaking your body with epsom salt can help treat aches and pains, soothe tired muscles, and even reduce swelling. Sounds to me like an epsom salt bath is a great way to end your day after a long walk! I’m sure any walker who’s gifted with this will use it that same night! 

21. Magnetic Bear Bell

If any walkers like to take paths that might encounter animals then getting them a bear bell is definitely recommended! They can attach this small bell to their clothing or backpack so it makes a noise when they walk which scares off animals. The built-in magnet is a great addition to prevent it from ringing when it’s not in use. 

22. Explore Europe on Foot Guide

Isn’t walking and exploring new places during your travel the best way to spend your vacation?! This guide provides detail walks and hikes all over Europe so any avid walkers can enjoy and admire the amazing landscape. This book will encourage them to get out and book a vacation right away…definitely an amazing gift idea to provide walking enthusiasts something exciting to look forward to!

Hope you were able to find a some gift ideas for your loved ones who love to go for a walk! I’m sure any gifts picked on this list will be useful and will make their walking experience even better! If you come across any new ideas we could add to this list, feel free to leave us a comment below!