32 Best Gifts for Tomboys That is Totally Her Style

Best Gift Ideas for Tomboys

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Not all girls are into pretty pink things and girly stuff. Some are more tomboyish and often prefer activities that are usually connected with boys such as physical and outdoor sports, gaming or doing fun scientific experiments. But that doesn’t mean they don’t like having beautiful things!

If you’re shopping for a tomboy, whether it’s your little daughter, pre-teen, tomboy teenage girls or your tomboyish girlfriend, finding the best gifts can be a breeze if you know what they like and what to look for. Here are some ideas of presents you can gift for your tomboy girls for special occasions!

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Toys for Tomboys

Perfect for girls who like being active and being “one of the boys”, here are some fun toys they’ll surely love and play with together with their friends! 

1. Archery Toy Set

Maybe she loves Merida, the red-haired archer heroine in the Disney movie “Brave”, or she adores the Avengers’ hero Hawkeye – this archery toy set will definitely make her have endless fun with her friends. Aside from all the fun, this helps develop her hand-eye coordination as well as her shooting skills!  

2. Standing Punching Bag

Bring tons of fun to your tomboy girl’s play time with this punching bag set! Aside from enjoyment, boxing also gives her a healthy outlet by keeping her fit through exercise – it helps develop her strength and coordination. This punching bag set comes with an adjustable stand and gloves – all she’ll need is to get started!

3. Flying Rocket Launcher

Let your little tomboy have an enjoyable and fun afternoon with her friends with the Flying Rocket Launcher play set. Deploy noodle rocket launchers into the air just by stomping on the launch pad and let the rockets fly high up in the air – this a delightful multi-player set that’ll guarantee your tomboys’ joy.


4. Mini Compact Binocular

Fun times await your tomboy girls when you get them this Mini Compact Binoculars! Perfect for girls who love camping, watching birds and other outdoor fun, this compact binocular will have them studying and exploring their surroundings in no time! The binoculars also feature soft, rubber surrounded eyepieces for the ultimate in safety.

5. Foam Ball Shooting Range Set

If your tomboy loves playing with the boys, it’s safe to assume that they love shooting games as well! This shooting range set features 2 air blasters with foam balls and a standing target range – guaranteeing an afternoon of fun and laughter with her friends.

6. LED Light Hover Soccer Ball

Tomboy girls more often than not love activities that keep them moving around, so this LED Light Soccer Hover Ball is the perfect gift to give them! This ingenious hover ball details soft bumper foams to keep safe from injuries, and comes with a luminous light for playing in the dark – the perfect indoor activity for your active tomboy.

7. Rechargeable RC Robot

Keep your little tomboys entertained with this cute and witty companion RC Robot! Perfect for girls who love electronics, this rechargeable robot can dance, sing songs and follow your tomboy wherever she goes in the house though a remote controller. Definitely a fun gadget your tomboy will spend lots of time with!


8. Toss and Catch Ball Game

A fun game your tomboy will definitely enjoy, the toss and catch ball game set lets your little girls have an awesome playtime with running around tossing and catching these balls! It has 4 paddles and 4 balls – enough for everyone! I’m sure they’ll enjoy playing in the backyard or in the pool for an endless afternoon of fun!

Gifts for Teenage Tomboys

For your tomboy teenage girls and young adults who don’t like the girly girl stuff, here’s a list of cool presents that they will surely love!

9. 3D Galaxy Moon Lamp

The ideal gift for your teenage tomboy who’s fascinated by the cosmos might be this 3D Galaxy Moon Lamp! A decorative room accent that can be used as a night light, it features 16 color lights so she can choose her preferred color according to her mood…it will definitely amaze her!

10. Gamer Socks & Beanie Set

For your gamer tomboy who loves playing console or computer games, this Gamer Socks & Beanie Set is a funny yet stylish gift that’s apt for her! This set features the words “I’m gaming, do not disturb” which perfectly describes what all gamers feel and think whenever they’re playing a game!

11. Teen Trailblazers Book

Having role models to look up to during adolescence is an essential part of growing up, especially for tomboy teenage girls. Gift her with this Teen Trailblazers book that tells the true stories of 30 fearless young girls who helped in changing the world for the better. Let her be inspired and motivated as she transitions into young adulthood.

12. Be Different Graphic T-Shirt

Who ever said tomboy girls don’t like being fashionable doesn’t know what fashion is all about! Bring a smile to your tomboy girl’s face with this cool statement tee that details a “Be Different” slogan. This cuffed t-shirt is the perfect fashion clothing item to help her express her tomboyish personality in style!

13. Morse Code Bracelet

For your budding tomboy teen who loves girly items blended with boyish flair, this Morse Code Bracelet is the perfect present! This adjustable, silk beaded wrap bracelet features a “Beautiful Badass” statement in Morse Code, a unique design that she will surely love and wear all the time!

14. Rechargeable Laser Tag Game Set

For girls who can’t get enough of shooting fun, this Rechargeable Laser Tag Game Set is sure to bring her hours of enjoyment with her friends! This innovative set comes with charging stations, 4 laser guns and 4 laser tags – perfect for battles with friends or family!


15. Cotton Boxer Shorts Set

Most tomboy girls hate wearing dresses and frilly items, they’d prefer wearing clothes that are comfortable to play and lounge in. For your tomboy girl who loves physical activities such as biking or playing ball, they will definitely love this set of anti-chafing Cotton Boxer Shorts in neutral colors!

16. Dog Tag Statement Necklace

Because tomboy girls are still young impressionable teens, they often need love and assurance from the adults. Show your teen some love and affection with this pendant necklace that comes with a positive affirmation quote that shows she is well loved. The quote is inscribed in a dog tag style necklace that’s a popular jewelry style for both girls and boys!

Christmas Gifts for Tomboys

Make your tomboy girls or teens feel how special the holidays truly are with these fun Christmas presents lurking underneath the Christmas tree!

17. Not Parent Approved Card Game

Give your teen the gift of laughter and fun with this award-winning card game she can play with friends or with the family! The Not Parent Approved card game brings hilarity and fun to any party, and to quote the Weasley twins in Harry Potter, “Mischief Managed” is what she’ll be saying once the game ends!

18. Life Skills for Teens Book

For your curious teen who loves reading and discovering new things, this Life Skills for Teens book is a great gift option that your tomboy will surely love. Providing a wealth of knowledge in the “how to adult” niche, this book will surely help prepare your teen for life as a young adult.

19. Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

Kill two birds with one stone by getting your teenage tomboy a present that’s both multi-functional and aesthetic! This Night Light Bluetooth Speaker features a multi-changing dimmable light that’s perfect as a chic bedside lamp, a music speaker, mp3 player, a digital alarm clock plus a hands-free call speaker – the perfect bedroom piece for any teen!

20. Crystal Growing Experiment Kit

Jewelry and fashion are no fun to a tomboy who loves science and performing experiments. Crystals and rocks are more interesting, and a crystal growing experiment gift will surely delight her to no end! This science kit contains all that’s needed to grow fascinating crystals, and it comes with a display case for their soon-to-be crystal collection.

21. Adjustable Inline Skates 

The epitome of childhood fun, tomboy girls will definitely love this pair of Adjustable Inline Skates! Designed to be durable and with safety brakes to avoid falling backwards, these inline skates with light up wheels are the perfect Christmas gifts for your active tomboy.

Birthday Gifts for Tomboys

Celebrating your tomboy girl’s birthday? This selection of best tomboy gifts is sure to earn you lots of love and adoration from them!

22. Nintendo Switch Lite

A special gift for a special tomboy girl for her birthday, especially if she loves playing video games! The Nintendo Switch Lite is truly a gift your child will love. It is a portable and lightweight version of the Nintendo Switch Console, which she can easily bring wherever she goes!

23. Skateboard

For the active tomboy who loves sports and physical activities, a penny board or skateboard is a birthday gift that she will definitely love to have! It’s a compact sturdy board that’s designed with safety in mind, and it comes in a galaxy purple hue that’s just right for a tomboy – not too girly!

24. NERF Blaster Gun

Don’t mistake a toy gun for a small child’s enjoyment. This NERF Gun Blaster will keep your teen tomboy as happy as a toddler with the fun she and her friends will have running around in combat! Even adults are known to play around with NERF guns – it’s THAT fun!

25. LED Strip Lights

Tomboy girls enjoy decorating and room aesthetics too, especially once they reach their teens! But instead of the cute girly fairy lights, gift them with these super cool LED strip lights and it’s guaranteed that they’ll love it! This strip lights come with a remote control and syncs with music to change light colors in time with the tune!

26. Apple AirPods Pro

The ultimate birthday gift for your tomboy who loves music and their phone, the Apple AirPods will surely surprise and delight them! Completely wireless for better access to movement, these AirPods are perfect for your active tomboy as she can wear them while out running, working out or biking!

Gift Ideas for Tomboy Girlfriend

Make your tomboyish girlfriend feel ultra-special and loved with these thoughtful gifts that fit their personality!

27. Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

For your tomboy girlfriend who loves computers and being productive, this Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is the ideal gift that will absolutely enchant them. Compatible with both Mac and Windows computer systems, the mechanical keyboard details a full RGB backlit keys that’s fully hot-swappable and programmable, making this a very popular gift!

28. Dr. Martens Service Boots

A footwear choice that’s an absolute must-have for tomboy girls’ fashion, your tomboy will definitely squeal in happiness when you give her a pair of Dr. Martens leather boots. The popular unisex service boots look great with almost any kind of outfit and fashion style, and will absolutely look great on your tomboy girlfriend!

29. Survival Tactical Pen

Ensure your tomboy girlfriend’s safety with a self-defense tactical pen that she can easily take with her wherever she goes. A lightweight multi-tool pocket pen that she can add to her survival gear or just pop into her bag for convenience, this is one thoughtful gift that she will surely love and be grateful for.

30. Levi’s Motorcycle Jacket

Improve your tomboy girlfriend’s fashion styling game with an androgynous style piece that’s ultra-chic. The Levi’s faux leather motorcycle jacket is just the right mix of masculine style infused with feminine chic that your girlfriend will undoubtedly love! A wardrobe staple with a biker babe vibe – perfect for your tomboy girlfriend’s style!

Cheap Tomboy Gifts

If you’re on a budget, these affordable but thoughtful gift ideas will definitely delight any tomboy in your life!

31. Drawstring Backpack

Do away with purses or handbags that your favorite tomboy rarely uses – gift her with a drawstring backpack and watch a smile light up her face! With ample storage room to fit her daily essentials, this bag type also frees up her hands for movement – the perfect bag choice for biking or hiking.

32. Velvet Chokers Set

For tomboyish girls who love to sport edgy fashion or goth glam styles, this set of velvet choker necklaces will definitely make her a happy camper! It comes with 10 different necklace styles, each completely adjustable for a perfect fit, plus it comes with a velvet pouch for storage.

Now that you’ve gone through our list of best gifts you can give to any tomboy, we’re sure you’ve got plenty of fun ideas to last you for several special occasions that warrant a gift! Do keep in mind to still shop according to their tastes and likes as much as possible, to maximize the pleasure they’ll get from receiving your splendid gift!