37 Best Gifts for Soccer Players That Will Help Improve Their Game

Best Gifts for Soccer Fans

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Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. Can you believe that more half of the world’s population watched the World Cup?! Soccer is definitely more than just a sport and have generated so many passionate fans everywhere! So if you know a soccer lover out there, I’m sure they’ll appreciate receiving a soccer-themed gift whether it’s for their birthday or for Christmas. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered…here’s a collection of a variety of soccer-related gifts for every occasion!

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Soccer Training Gifts

Do you know some soccer team players who are aiming to improve their game? Then don’t look any further! Here are some gifts to help them reach their goals!

1. Sport Cone

Ball control is one of the skills that a soccer player should hone. Help them improve their ball control or agility in just a few hours by giving them this sports cone as a gift…you’ll see them improve in no time!

2. Shin Guards

Help avoid contact sports injury with this shin guard. This is a perfect gift for your soccer player boyfriend to protect their soft tissues and bones from external impact while playing soccer…it’s a must have for any soccer player!

3. Solo Soccer Trainer

Is your child just beginning to play soccer? Then this is the perfect gift to give. This solo soccer trainer will help boys or even girl soccer players learn how to kick hard and then settle as the ball bounces back at them. A great tool to work on their skills by themselves!


4. Soccer Bag

One of the cool soccer gifts to give is this ergonomically designed soccer bag that will let you carry your training shoes and soccer ball in a separate compartment. This bag is perfect not just for use during soccer practices but also for daily use at school.

5. Soccer Socks

Soccer sock is often seen as a cheap gift, but it is a very underrated one. Every soccer player should invest in high-quality compression socks as they will promote better blood circulation in the legs.  Moreover, it will help prevent teenage girls from having varicose veins in the later stage of their lives.

6. Soccer Goal

This is a great gift for your kids to encourage them to play soccer, which will also help them improve their coordination, teamwork, and social skills. You can set this up anywhere so your kids can literally practice wherever they want!

7. Goalkeeper Gloves

One of the most practical gifts to give to soccer players is goalkeeper gloves. This product will prevent your soccer player from having hyperextended finger injuries. In addition, these gloves are made of anti-slip and wear-resistant material that aids in strong control and grip when handling the ball.


8. Water bottle

Soccer involves a lot of running during the game and players lose a lot of fluid while playing. This water bottle is a perfect gift to help them stay hydrated throughout the practice or during the game.

9. Soccer Ball

Is your child dreaming of becoming a soccer player? Then, this soccer ball is one of the perfect birthday gifts that your child can receive to get them started to play soccer either in your backyard or at school.

10. Soccer uniform

Make the soccer lover in your life’s day by gifting him or her a soccer uniform. This is another practical yet memorable gift that anyone can receive.

Best Gifts for Soccer Fans

As the most popular sport in the world, soccer has attracted a diverse range of fans. For every type of soccer fan out there, the list below will help you find the best soccer-themed gift that suits your personality.

11. Soccer Lamp

For kids or kids at heart, this soccer lamp is a fun and functional gift that anyone can enjoy by changing its color at night using the remote control. Definitely a fun piece to add to any bedroom! 

12. Soccer Sticker

A soccer sticker is surely a soccer fans’ must-have. You can never go wrong giving this to a diehard soccer fan. They can use this set of stickers in multiple ways. It can be used to personalize their cellphones, laptops, tumbler, notebooks, and even their soccer gear!

13. Blanket

This FCBarcelona fan blanket is a perfect gift for soccer fans! It’s super soft and is made of high-quality material that feels nice for sleeping or lounging. You might even consider bringing this blanket to the actual game to cheer on your team!

14. Soccer History Book

For a true soccer fan, this gift is just perfect! This will provide additional insight and information on the English Premier League’s journey. This book will inspire a lot of soccer fans and will make them fall in love more with the sport.


15. Funko POP! Neymar Jr. Figurine

If you’re a Neymar Jr. fan, than this Funko POP! figurine is definitely a nice addition to any soccer fans collection! If he’s not your favorite player, don’t worry, there’s other players to choose from too! 

16. Soccer Card

There’s no better and easy way to get to know about your favorite soccer player than through these soccer cards. This gift can also be used to duel with your family and friends while discovering exciting facts.

17. Laundry Basket

This gift is perfect for all ages. This can be used to organize toys to avoid clutter for the young ones or as a laundry basket for teenagers. It’s definitely a great addition to any soccer lover’s room. Instead of throwing their dirty soccer uniform on the floor, they now have a cool laundry basket to throw it in!

Soccer Gifts for Men

If you are looking for a present to give to your soccer loving brother, boyfriend, father or best friend, then you’ve come to the right place! 

18. FIFA 2k22

Do you know someone who wanted to live out their dream of becoming a soccer player or a manager? Then this gift is perfect for them! This new version of FIFA videogame has new game features such as Career Mode, FIFA Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, and so much more!

19. Agility ball

Is there a male adult in your life who is just starting his career or wanted to give soccer a try? This agility ball is a great gift to help them improve their speed and coordination in no time. 

20. Soccer scarf

Either for use during the winter season or to hang it up as a home decor, this soccer scarf is as versatile as it can be. This scarf that is made of soft and vibrant-colored knitted fabric and is definitely is a thoughtful gift for your man. 

21. Track Jacket

Let the soccer lover in your life show some team spirit in style with this track jacket. It is a simple gift that expresses how much he loves the team that he supports while staying warm and in style.

22. Recovery Sandal

Another thoughtful gift to give to soccer-loving adults is a recovery sandal. Whether they are a soccer player or not, they will appreciate this gift since this will reduce the stress on their sore feet from long hours of practice.

23. Fitbit

Fitness is one of the most important aspects of every sport. Gift this to your soccer-loving man to help them track whether they are ready to go in practice or they need to prioritize their recovery. They will absolutely love this soccer gadget!

24. Foam Roller

Soccer is a physically demanding sport. Gift this to the soccer lover in your life to help them relieve sore muscles after every practice. I’m sure they’ll be using this on a daily basis!

25. David Beckham Perfume

After a day of practice in the field, your soccer player boyfriend will definitely need some clean, fresh scent to replace his sweaty odor. This David Beckham perfume is exactly what he needs especially if Beckham is someone your boyfriend aspires to be on and off the field! This is definitely something he’ll appreciate receiving as a gift…and I’m sure you won’t mind him smelling nice too!


26. Canvas Art

A soccer fan’s room will not be complete without soccer-related canvas art. This simple gift will make your man’s heart happy as this will add character to his room and will represent his love for the sport.

27. Foosball tabletops

This tabletop soccer game will add entertainment to your soccer-loving man’s home. This fun gift will make every game night more enjoyable with family and friends and definitely a great addition to his man cave!

Unique Soccer Gifts

When you feel like the soccer lover in your life got everything, try giving them one of these unique soccer gifts that we listed below…you’ll definitely find some novelty or customized soccer gift ideas here!

28. Bottle Opener

Watching soccer games at home is always perfect with an ice-cold bottle of beer. Give this unique and creative gift to your soccer-loving friend or family…a fun addition to any homes!

29. Soccer Mug

What makes this soccer mug unique is that it is hand-assembled and hand-painted. This gift is a source of fun and entertainment for both children and adults.

30. Soccer Bean Bag

This soccer bean bag is not only unique but functional as well. Kids who love to play soccer will surely adore this gift. This also doubles as storage for stuffed toys to avoid or minimize clutter in your child’s room.

31. Massage Gun

After hours of practicing for the big game, soccer players will need some form of treatment to help relieve tight muscles and stiff backs. This massage gun is just the perfect gift for them to speed up their muscle recovery and minimize the risk of injuries from practice.

Soccer Christmas Gifts

Whether you are looking for soccer novelty items or soccer training essentials, we will not run out of gift ideas to give to the soccer lover in your life even during Christmas. 

32. Soccer bracelet

Soccer-themed bracelet is one of the perfect Christmas gifts for teenage girls. This will represent how much she lives and breathes the sport. This will also add some character to her outfit of the day.

33. Soccer Shirt

Soccer shirts can be an overrated Christmas gift but who doesn’t love a new tee to flaunt your team spirit? This shirt is made of soft cotton material that is comfortable and has a cool design. Fans love to wear their team’s merchandise when watching the game so this will be a nice addition to their wardrobe!

34. Soccer Themed Piggy Bank

Do you know someone who has been dreaming of going to the World Cup? Inspire them to save money for their soccer funds by giving this piggy bank. You will not only help them save money but you will also make their dreams come true!

35. Soccer Pillow

Does your child want to have a soccer-themed bedroom? Then this will be an awesome gift to decorate their room with! Surprise them with this simple gift and they will love it!

36. Soccer Ball Bath Bombs

If you want to treat your soccer-loving girls with a relaxing bath…then these cute bath bombs in the shape of a soccer ball are the perfect gift for them! They are made of all-natural ingredients and will leave your skin moisturized. In addition, this has a therapeutic property as it contains Epsom salt to help relieve muscle aches. 

37. Soccer-Themed Bedding Set

The soccer lover in your life will surely love this soccer-themed bedding set. It is made of high-quality material making it super soft to touch and comfortable to sleep under. This cool design will look awesome in any room and will be a a great addition to any bedroom!

Soccer is indeed a beautiful sport that can be played by anyone regardless of gender or age. When shopping for a gift for soccer lovers or fans out there, always consider the following: their age, the occasion, the club that they love and cheer for, and whether they are fans or soccer players. I hope you got a thing or two from our list of recommended gifts for the soccer lovers in your life!