35 Cool & Creative Gifts for Sketch Artists & People Who Like to Draw

Best gift ideas for sketch artists and people who like to draw

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Are you looking for gifts for sketch artists? There are many options to choose from! Whether you’re looking for personalized or luxury gifts for artists, buying them a useful gift is not easy so I can understand why it might be difficult to decide what is the perfect gift they need! If you’re looking for something cool and unique to give the sketch artists and drawers in your life, you’ve landed on the right page! 

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1. Artist Paint Brush Earrings

Your artist friend deserves something fancy on her special day just like this artist paintbrush earrings made of zinc alloy and plated with rhodium. These cute earrings are nickel and lead safe, making them safe and healthy for daily use. They come in a chic velvet pouch so you never have to worry about wrapping them or putting them in a box. She’ll be excited to put them on right away!

2. Castle Art Supplies 120 Colored Pencils Set

The more, the merrier! Your artist friend is sure to love this 120-colored pencils set that comes in its own stylish tin box. Soft yet durable, these colored pencils are guaranteed to last a long time. Anybody who loves to color and draw will immediately fall in love with all these vibrant colors that are easy to blend on canvas, wood, and even egg shells!

3. Light Weight Art Portfolio Bag

This lightweight art portfolio bag makes a practical gift for any artist! It’s lightweight, waterproof, and durable. It will keep your artist friend’s work of art safe, especially on rainy days. The bag can be made even more rigid by adding foam board or cardboard. Its large size and side widening feature serve multiple purposes. It has an extra pocket for his or her other trinkets, too.


4. 29 Pieces Professional Sketching & Drawing Art Tool Kit

Professional or not, your artist friend will find this sketch gift set an absolute must-have in his or her collection. The kit includes 18 graphite pencils, three charcoal pencils, and three paper erasable pen which makes them perfect for practicing those sketches. It also has two erasers, craft knife, and a pencil lengthening device. Trust us, this kit is one of the best gifts you can ever find in the art world!

5. The Earth Without Art is just eh Mug

This colorful ceramic mug is the perfect gift to an artist who also enjoys having coffee while drawing or painting. It also serves other purposes, too, such as a holder for colored pens, markers, and paint brushes. You may also put some paper clips, erasers, sharpeners, and other art supplies or even candies inside this mug when giving it as a present. Any artist would appreciate this thoughtful gift!

6. Bachmore Sketchpad 

This sketchpad is the most practical gift you can ever give an artist or drawer. It’s special because it’s made specifically to cater both left-handed and right-handed individuals. The pages are made of smooth acid-free paper perfect for colored pencils, sketching sticks, charcoal, and more. The top spiral and punctures allow pages to be easily torn while the hard cover serves as protection.

7. Genuine Leather Stationery Pencil Roll Case

People who like art will never turn down a gift like this genuine leather stationery pencil roll case. It’s soft, smooth, and has that vintage look and feel to it. It’s made from brown fair trade goatskin and comes with a tie-strap for safe and secure closure and handling. This leather case is perfect for organizing colored pens and pencils, markers, and more. It’s the perfect travel buddy for any artist!


8. Black Micro-Pen Fineliner Ink Pens

Being an artist is no easy task because every detail counts. Help your friend achieve the perfect drawing with this set of fineliner pens with high quality archival ink. These unique drawing pens are ideal for vellum, tracing papers, and more. They glide smoothly with consistent ink that flows freely to allow artists to create the cleanest outlines and the most intricate details in every drawing.

9. Multicolored Pens

Are you looking for the best gifts for sketchers and drawers? Add more color into their lives with these coloring marker pens! The set comes with 18 fine-tipped pen markers which can be used in making bold lines and personalizing coloring sheets. They’re also equipped with point guard technology and water-based ink for the perfect outputs. Plus, they’re not just for creative art works. These markers can add color to your notes, journals, planners, and more.

10. 162-Piece Wood Box Art Painting and Drawing Set

Do you want to gift someone with a premium quality art set that will allow him or her to create the most beautiful masterpieces? This set of art materials is the answer! They’re easy to use and safe, too, because they’re made of water-based and non-toxic materials. The best part is it comes in a wooden case that one can carry around. This is the perfect gift for artists who are always on the go!

11. Pencil Sharpener

It’s time to tell your artist friend to kiss manual sharpeners goodbye by gifting him or her this incredible long point sharpener. This sharpener is easy to operate and can sharpen pencils in seconds. It’s equipped with a helical blade that can sharpen 3000 times and an adjustable pencil nib, too. A needle sharp point can also be easily achieved with the help of the black sandpaper embedded in its large shavings box.

12. Cordless Electric Hand Massager

This cordless hand massager beats other luxury gifts for artists out there. Show how much you care by giving this special gift to your artist friend! They often suffer from sore fingers and this massager is just what they need to relieve the pain. It features six levels of massage with adjustable intensity, compression, vibration, and heat. They’ll be saying goodbye to joint pain, carpal tunnel pain, finger numbness, and other discomforts.

13. Miniature Paint Brushes Detail Set

Micro brushes are a must for every artist out there. This cool set of miniature brushes are helpful in detail painting. They have ergonomic triangular handles that protect the artist’s hand from fatigue and they’re light enough to be easily controlled, especially in intricate and precise painting. They have anti-shedding properties and come in a practical brush organizer that keeps the brushes protected and in excellent condition. It definitely deserves a place in the gift basket of your artist friend!

14. Professional Artist Paint Brush Set

An artist can never have enough brushes that’s why you should always consider getting people who like art a set of painting brushes. This set has different types of brushes including liner, angle, fan, round, filbert, and flat brushes. These brushes are made from natural Chungking hog hairbrushes known for their amazing water absorbency and durability. Whether for painting miniatures, portraits, detailed art pieces, or others, these brushes can help an artist achieve the best results!


15. Graphics Drawing Tablet

An artist doesn’t always have to draw on a canvas, especially when practicing. This drawing tablet is a practical gift to give anyone who’s into art. It has a large drawing space with papery texture that resembles real paper. It’s just what an artist needs to practice and create digital art with precise lines or for retouching photos with its one of a kind brush effect!

16. 3 Drawer Wooden Artist Storage Supply Box

You know how artists can be disorganized at times… that’s why gifting this wooden storage for them will help them keep their art supplies in one place! The drawers have compartments for just about anything from the smallest accessories to the bulkiest brushes and markers. Made from Beechwood, this organizer can keep all their art supplies secure for a very long time. It’s also the right size to put on top of a desk or in a big drawer.

Drawing Gifts for Adults

Whoever said drawing is only for kids obviously hasn’t experienced the joys of being in the art world. Check out these awesome drawing gifts for adults you can give to an artist friend or even to yourself!

17. Artist Quality French Easel 

There are many luxury gifts for artists out there but if you’re interested in something affordable yet classy, this handcrafter and hand varnished easel serves as an awesome gift. It can be used as a table or easel and it even has enough space to store those art materials. It’s also adjustable with a full height of 71″ which makes it ideal for big canvasses. Your artist friend will fall in love with it in an instant!

18. 3D Printing Pen with Display

Looking for the best drawing gifts for adults in the art world? This 3D printing pen with display will make a practical and creative gift to your friends who are crazy over art. It’s packed with amazing features including LED light indicators, ergonomic buttons, and removable nozzle. It only needs two to three minutes to warm up and you’re good to go. The user gets total control over the temperature and plastic flow for the best results.

19. Paint Brush Cleaner Rinse Cup

Unique and practical, this multi-purpose paintbrush cleaner is essential in an artist’s life. Your artist friend will immediately thank you for coming up with such a useful gift! It comes with a flexible silicone lid with resting areas inside and outside the cup to hold your brushes while rinsing and drying them. Meanwhile, the silicone bristle cleaner effectively cleans brushes without damaging their bristles. On top of it, this cleaner is dishwasher safe and easy to clean too!

20. The Original Buddha Board Art Set

Many people turn to art for relaxation. If you’re looking for drawing gifts for adults, this original Buddha Board is guaranteed to keep one’s creative juices flowing while at the same time, relieving him or her of stress. This long-lasting Buddha Board Kit comes with a “canvas”, waterproof stand with water reservoir and grooves for the brush and board. It also includes a bamboo paintbrush with thick and soft bristles. It’s the ultimate meditation aid for any artist!

21. Adjustable Professional Bib Apron

People who like art tend to be messy, especially with their creative juices flowing constantly! Show you care by giving this practical apron as a gift to your artistic buddies. Made of canvas and cotton, it’s very comfortable to wear over clothes when handling oils, acrylics, and others. It comes in a size that’s ideal for both men and women. This apron is also durable and can be easily washed and dried.

22. Picture Frames

The art world is buzzing with all kinds of presents you can give an artist friend but if you’re looking for something practical and cool, a sturdy picture frame is the best there is. Your artist friend needs to showcase his or her artworks and there’s no better way to do that than having them framed and hanged. This traditional wooden frame is equipped with wall hooks and polished glass to give everybody a clear view of his or her masterpiece.

23. Caliart Acrylic Paint Set

Professional artists and newbies will love this acrylic paint set that’s packed with 24 classic colors ideal for canvas painting. Each acrylic paint is water-based, non-toxic, and has rich pigments that glide smoothly on canvas. The colors blend easily and the fast-dry formula allows them to dry in no time at all. Give this cool set as a gift to anyone who’s into acrylic painting and you’ll be rewarded with a stunning art work in return!

24. Calligraphy Pen Set

This calligraphy pen set is a creative gift idea for anyone who loves to draw. It includes four stainless steel pen nibs that are ideal for classic and contemporary lettering styles and three black pens that feature chrome-plated pocket clips. The set also comes with 20 ink cartridges. Newbies and professional artists will find this set easy to assemble, especially with its easy-to-follow instruction booklet. This will undoubtedly bring out the calligrapher in anybody!

25. The Big Book of Realistic Drawing Secrets

Tired of always giving personalized gifts? It’s time to give something more useful and educational for your artist friend. This paperback makes an awesome gift for anyone who wants to know more about making realistic drawings. The book has detailed techniques on how to achieve depth and add a hint of their personality into their drawings. It also includes more than 40 demonstrations using different subjects like people and nature.


26. Ultra-thin Portable LED Light Box Tracer

Every now and then, your artist friend needs a little inspiration from other people’s work. This is why gifting him or her this portable and slim tracing light pad is one of the sweetest gestures ever. It’s a USB-powered device with adjustable brightness and flicker-free feature. It’s perfect for stenciling, calligraphy, sketching, drawing, 2D animation, and many more. 

Funny Gifts for Artists

Many say that artists have a world of their own. Well, it’s time you bring out their carefree side while keeping their creative juices flowing with these funny gifts for artists!

27. Drawing Without Dignity

Looking for a cool gift you can give to people who like art? This drawing game is the perfect gift! Say goodbye to boring parties and let all your creative juices flowing in this fun and hilarious adult game where everybody gets the chance to draw in 60 seconds. This game allows players to make guesses, steal points, and leave their dignity behind. This gift is undoubtedly a winner!

28. The Scream Bandages

Artists aren’t immune to cuts and bruises that’s why this pack of “The Scream” bandages can come in handy. Any artist will find this band-aid with this famous painting hilarious! Sterile, breathable, and flexible, these bandages can effectively protect injuries. These eye-catching bandages are guaranteed to make anybody smile. They also come in cute and convenient tin can which your artist can carry around with him or her.

29. I Arted Shirt

Personalized gifts and luxury gifts for artist can be pricey. If you’re looking for something cute and funny to gift someone who loves art, this I Arted t-shirt is a real scene stealer. All eyes will be glued on this shirt because of its funny and bright graphic design that’s sure to attract attention. It’s also lightweight and has a classic fit. This shirt is a practical gift to give any art lover!

30. Funny Adult Notepad

Budding and professional artists always think out of the box and when they suddenly have an idea in mind, they just need to write it down before they forget about it. This is why you should get this funny and quirky notepad as a gift to your artist pal. Each pad has 50 sheets measuring 4.25 x 5.5 inches and comes with hilariously offensive texts that will make anybody laugh! You can give this as it is or add this into a gift basket together with other art supplies.

Best Gifts for Young Artists

A budding artist needs all the encouragements in the world. Show your love and support with these best gifts for young artists!

31. Kids Deluxe Artist Drawing & Painting Set

Young artists love to explore their creative side and giving them this deluxe drawing and painting set is guaranteed to make their creative juices flowing. Packed with 36 markers, 24 colored pencils, 24 crayons, 24 oil pastels, 12 watercolor cakes, 19 paper clips, paint brush, sketch pencil, palette, stapler, sharpener, eraser, scissors, ruler, and glue, this is the ultimate go-to set you can give a budding artist. 

32. Food Erasers

Young artists tend to make a lot of mistakes when drawing. These colorful and yummy-looking food erasers make a practical gift for a budding artist! They’re latex-free so they’re safe to use even by kids. But these are more than just erasers. They can also be disassembled and reconstructed or played like puzzles. They also make a great addition to anybody’s eraser collection.

33. Crayola Unicorn Coloring Book

This super cute unicorn coloring book is the best gift you can give an artist girl! It has 40 pages of unlimited fun which any girl would love to get her hands and crayons on. Each page features unicorns that young artists can personalize using their favorite colors. This fun-filled coloring book works well with colored pencils, crayons, and markers. Young and old unicorn fanatics will appreciate this awesome coloring book.

34. Magnetic Mini Tile Art

This is one of the best gifts for young artists you could ever give a budding artist. This art kit can turn ordinary tiles into works of art. The best part is they are magnets so they can stick on any metal surface like lockers and fridge doors. In fact, these tiles make an ideal fridge art. It’s a great way to challenge the creativity of young artists and encourage them to keep their creative juices flowing!

35. 30-Minute Drawing for Beginners

Interested in buying a young artist the perfect gift for any occasion? This paperback is packed with practical lessons for beginners on learning how to draw and developing the basic fundamentals. Each lesson contains easy-to-follow instructions and essential techniques in drawing everything from landscapes to portraits. It has exercises, too, so the budding artist can immediately practice what he or she has learned. Before you know it, he or she will be drawing like a pro!

There are hundreds of gift ideas out there for people who like art. Meanwhile, these gifts for sketch artists and drawers are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of a budding artist or professional artists. Just remember to do a little research before deciding on the perfect gift to give your artist friend!