34 Cool Gifts for Science Lovers That are Geeky and Nerdy

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Science is cool! No wonder there’s a lot of people who are really interested in this field so if you’re looking for the best science-themed gifts for someone special, there are plenty waiting for you to discover! If you know someone who’s a science student or just a huge science fan, getting these nerdy science gifts will definitely make the person happy. Let’s help you find the most appropriate science geek gifts you can give for birthdays or Christmas, especially to your boyfriend, husband, science student, teenager, and any science fanatic out there!

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Best Gifts for Science Lovers

Here are some awesome gifts for science lovers that is guaranteed to make them love you more!

1. Coffee Tumbler

Looking to buy a gift for a science student who loves to drink coffee? The tumbler offers double-wall vacuum insulation. It can keep the drink’s heat for 3 hours and its coldness for 9 hours. The tumbler’s exterior is made of stainless steel designed with a chemistry and caffeine pun. Let your friends bring 20 oz of their favorite beverage by giving them this awesome chemistry-themed tumbler.


2. Funny Nerd Socks

Looking for some fun science gifts for your husband or boyfriend? Then consider these funny socks! They can fit sizes 6-13 US men and 7 and up for US women. The quality offers long-lasting durability and high comfort for the user. The design written “NEVER TRUST AN ATOM – THEY MAKE UP EVERYTHING” is perfect for science lovers! Help them express their inner geek through these socks.

3. Women in Science Postcards

These postcards are among the greatest science themed gifts. They symbolize women’s empowerment, and they can inspire female teenagers to study science as they feature women figures who contributed to science. The box contains two packs of 50 illustrations from Rachel Ignotofsky’s book, Women of Science. There’s a total of 100 cards that can be sent as greetings or used as wall art. Science nerds would totally love these gift!


4. Asteroid Kinetic Decoration

This asteroid kinetic decoration is an awesome gift for science geeks. It is incredibly versatile! It can be given to anyone from children, teenagers to adults. It can be displayed anywhere from schools, offices, and homes. More than a decorative piece, it can teach children about magnetism. It requires a 9V battery to operate (batteries are not included).  The colors of the ball come in random and they are all awesome.

5. Periodic Table Fleece Blanket

This soft, cozy, and comfortable fleece blanket is one of the best science presents to give anybody who loves science. Any science geek will go crazy over its design that resembles the periodic table of elements. This three-season fleece blanket is soft, lightweight, and warm. It’s also big enough to cover any bed. A science student would love to have this in her or his dorm. It can also be used to keep a person warm while watching TV or reading a book.


6.Earth Jigsaw Puzzle

Still looking for more science geek gifts? This jigsaw puzzle might be your best bet. Challenge your nerdy friends by giving them this 1000-piece puzzle of a high-resolution image of the earth. This set offers a unique experience because it is a rounded puzzle. This challenging jigsaw set can be shared by the whole family or group of friends. Send your friends the gift of fun by giving them this awesome jigsaw puzzle.

7. Engraved Pen with Light & Stylus Tip

This item is awesome for men and women working in the science fields. This black pen is engraved with the symbols of molecules, astronomy, DNA, chemistry, & atomic symbol. This awesome pen can function for writing while it includes LED light and stylus features for operating screen devices. It comes with a keepsake presentation case, making it an awesome gift. 


8. Funny T-Shirt

Funny shirts can also be an awesome gift for your nerdy friends. This awesome shirt is designed with a chemistry pun that science-loving people will enjoy. The solid-colored shirts are made of cotton and polyester blend and can be machine washed. This can be an awesome gift for chemistry lovers from students to professionals working in different fields.

9. Glow in the Dark Constellation Blanket

Everybody loves an awesome blanket. It is perfect for children, teenagers, men, and women. This microfiber blanket has glow-in-the-dark features and a unique constellation design! It is made of polyester and is incredibly soft and fluffy! It can be cleaned easily through machine washing and it will not shed at all. Grab this blanket as your next awesome gift!

10. Bracelet

If what you need is long-lasting science presents for females, this bracelet made of stainless steel is what you’re searching for! The design includes an inspirational quote, a microscope, and a DNA symbol. This would be lovely for teenagers and women working in the fields of biochemistry. It is made with high-quality stainless through a sophisticated plating method. Durability is guaranteed. This can be given for any occasion.

Cool Science Gifts for Adults

Science is cool and these gifts for science nerds are even cooler!

11. Beaker Shot Glasses

Get ready to take a shot of tequila or your favorite liquor with your science friends using these cool beaker shot glasses! They are made with thick-walled borosilicate glass and kiln-fired enamel graduations. You can bond with your friends over  these cool shot glasses while discussing new ideas about science and discoveries. A great gift to give your science geek friends who loves to get a drink after a long week at work!

12. Solar System Crystal Ball

If you’re looking for a gift for your science students, look no more, for this Solar System Crystal Ball is the perfect science gift. Made of high-quality Crystal and the 3D images are optically enhanced to make the solar system an out-of-this-world image. This LED colorful crystal is non-toxic and durable that can last a long time.  This can be a perfect gift, decor, or project for your science class.

13. Wooden Telescope Puzzle

Unlock the scientific mind of your boyfriend by getting him these cool wooden telescope puzzle. Let him build this wooden telescope and after he is finished, he can observe long-distanced objects by extending the telescopic lens tube. Let him enjoy building this by himself or with you. Make your bonding time with your boyfriend more fun and educational with this telescope. This can be decorated in his room, office, or in the living room.

14. 3D Moon Lamp

Decorate your teenager’s room with this cool 3D Moon Lamp. With the perfect 3D image of the moon captured on NASA’s satellite, this lamp gives off a realistic image of the moon. Make your teenager’s room that soft glow of light like the moon after dark. This lamp can last up to 15 hours so your teenager will be able to sleep comfortably and peacefully. Make your teenager’s room the perfect landing place for the moon.   


15. Periodic Table Scarf

Want to give your female science teacher something unique for teacher appreciation day? This periodic table scarf may just be the right gift! It’s super colorful and it shows her love for science, I’m sure she’ll appreciate this fun and thoughtful gift! 

16. Brain Specimen Coasters

Does your science lover friend enjoy inviting people over for dinner or simply for drinks? Then these brain specimen coasters is a cool gift they’ll find practical and is a great conversion starter. It’s a great accessory to have so guests can enjoy a scientific discussion while enjoying a drink. Your nerdy friend will love this original gift idea!

17. Glow in the Dark Solar System Decals

Unlock the secrets of the universe with these glow-in-the-dark solar system decals. Perfect for decorating your son’s room especially if you want a spaced-theme room for him. Make him see the wonders of our solar system and unlock his scientific curiosity. This is a fluorescent sticker that glows in the dark and that creates a calm and serene environment. What’s cooler is it is suitable for all, boys and girls alike.  

18. Flask Dispenser

This cool flask dispenser is made from glass and is labeled for oil and vinegar. Perfect for adding some geekiness to any science lover’s kitchen! A fun spin on the elements of the periodic table, these dispensers will be an awesome addition to anyone’s spice counter in your kitchen and will make cooking more fun!

19. Terrarium with Wooden Stand

This terrarium with a wooden stand is quite a unique gift for botanists or people who loves plants. It’s definitely an eye-catching decor to add to your living room, kitchen, or even office. This is made of glass that is not easily broken. A perfect alternative to standard plant pots making it a cool gift for plant lovers for any occasion!

20. Glass Calligraphy Set with Invisible Ink

For the science-loving boyfriend or girlfriend who loves to write you messages or letters, consider getting them this calligraphy pen set! It includes one glass pen, seven bottles of attractive fluorescent ink, a mini flashlight, and a bottle of invisible ink. I’m sure they’ll have fun writing with the invisible ink and then revealing the secret message using UV flashlight. A geeky science-related gift that your significant other may find more interesting than just writing a note with a normal pen and paper!

Gifts for Scientists

Scientists will go crazy over these nerdy Science gifts for all occasions!

21. Home Analog Weather Station

Looking for the coolest gifts for science nerds? We have one for you. This Analog Weather Station features five multi-colored spheres as well as a Galileo thermometer, analog barometer, and hygrometer. The precision quartz clock can track weather changes while the barometer measures the changes in air pressure. The hygrometer shows the humidity present in the air. It’s a cool decor to add to a science lover’s office desk or in the living room! 

22. Mad Scientist at Work Metal Sign

Looking for a fun science-themed gift? This funny metal sign is a fun gift for scientists, teachers, or even in your science-loving kid’s bedroom! This is one of many great gifts for science nerds that they can use to decorate their rooms, labs, or workshops. 

23. Professional Lab Coat

Surprise your husband or wife with this fabulous lab coat! This unisexual lab coat has a convenient snap closure and is made of soft fabric but it is still highly durable. The coat’s modern design features two pockets on the waist and one on the chest along with a penholder. The fabric can easily be machine washed and can be ironed when necessary. A practical gift that will for sure be used by your favorite scientist!

24. Test Tubes

Scientists probably work with tons of test tubes every day at work so why would you want to get them this as a gift you may ask? Well, these set of test tubes are great for home decoration and storage containers! For the plant lovers, they can be used to grow tiny plants. For the ones who like to collect sand from beaches they’ve visited on vacation, they can use these test tubes to display them nicely in their bookshelf. The uses of these test tubes are endless! A fun gift that will be able to bring some science decor into their daily lives at home!

25. Laboratory Notebook

If you need science geek gifts that can be used daily, grab this beautiful 192-page laboratory notebook for them to take notes! It’s definitely an essential item for anyone working in the lab to record data and gather information.  To make it extra special, consider putting some science themed stickers or even decals of the recipient name to personalize it; they’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and will no longer be worried of losing this important notebook!


26. Mini WiFi USB Microscope Camera

If you want nerdy science gifts that can impress your friends, look into this amazing digital microscope. Help your friends look into things so much closer and even take photos and videos! This device has a 2mp camera and it can zoom for 50x-100x. It comes with built-in LED lights and a CMOS sensor that create high-quality videos.  It’s user-friendly, just download the “Max-see” app and connect your phone to the microscope via WIFI. 

Unique Science Gifts

With hundreds of gifts for science nerds you can find online, these prove to be the most unique!

27. Crystal Growing Experimental Kit

Prompt children’s interest in science by buying this unique science geek gift. This experimental crystal growth kit can be educational for young kids and even teenagers. This fun kit includes seven different crystal growth experiments with a display case they can use once the crystal reaches full size. It also comes with easy-to-follow instructions. This can help children and future science students be interested in studying geology. Definitely makes it on the list of fun and educational gifts!

28. Cookie Cutters

If you want science-themed gifts that you can share with your husband or wife, grab these cookie cutters for your home. The science-themed designs include star-shaped, flask-shaped, test tube-shaped, and beaker-shaped cookie cutters. It is made of durable stainless steel that can cut through cookies though, biscuits, and many more. Make your snack time fun using these science-themed cookie cutters that the whole family can enjoy!

29. Microscope & Beaker Dangle Earrings

If you want wearable science presents, these adorable microscope dangle earrings might just be your thing! They come with velvet jewelry pouches, making them ready to be given as gifts. This chic pair of earrings can be a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, graduations, and many more. It can be given to friends, girlfriends, or daughters, especially those who are working or studying in the field of science.

30. Mini Human Skeleton Model

This skeleton model may check your list for nerdy science gifts! Its details are impressive because the design is copied from a specimen cast. The model is perfect for studying because it imitates the human movement realistically. It can be easily installed and disassembled. Your friend who loves human anatomy will appreciate this useful gift!

31. Einstein Plush Toy

Are you looking for cute science presents that everybody can enjoy? Grab this great Albert Einstein plush doll! This adorable doll can be enjoyed by science nerds of all ages as you can introduce children to one of the greatest minds ever. If you are planning to give this to an adult, this could also work as a cute decoration to add to the bookshelf at school, office, or home. 


Science Christmas Gifts

Christmas is the best time to spread love and joy and you can do that by gifting these amazing science presents!

32. Marble Run Gravity Maze Game

Make Christmas awesome by giving children this awesome science-themed gift! Gravity Maze is a colorful toy perfect for children 8-15 years old. It exercises the children’s logical thinking while they are playing with marbles. There are 60 challenges from beginner to expert levels, a game grid, 9 towers, 1 target piece, and 3 marbles included in this pack. It comes with clear and easy-to-follow instructions. An educational gift the whole family can enjoy during the holidays!

33. Solar Robot Kit

This Christmas, give children the gift of learning and fun through robotics. The pack contains components that can build up to 12 different forms of robots. The fun toy is a great STEM experiment for children and it can also boost their creativity. The robot is battery operated but there are also solar panels attached. Building this can be a great bonding time for parents and children. Kids who love science will have fun building these during the winter break!


34. Scientist Traditional Wooden Nutcracker

A nutcracker is a common Christmas present idea but if you have a science-loving friend, then this Einstein nutcracker will for sure make it extra special! These nutcrackers are hand-painted and is made of durable wood. A very unique gift that they will cherish and will be displayed on their mantle every year at Christmas!

These nerdy science gifts can put a smile on any science lover. Not only are they useful, they are also quite unique. Bring out your loved ones geekiness side with these gifts that have been thoughtful picked out. Hopefully we’ve helped you find something here that your science lover will appreciate!