32 Best Pool Gifts for Pool Owners Who Love to Soak Up the Sun

Pool Gift Ideas

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Not everyone is fortunate enough to have their very own swimming pool in their backyard. So, if you have a pool owner on your gift shopping list, it’s a thoughtful gesture to get them pool related gifts to maximize their enjoyment and pool experience!

Luckily, you won’t have to look that far for gifts for a swimming pool owner because we’ve done the job for you! We’ve got you covered with great pool gifts from pool housewarming gifts to pool party gifts!

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Gifts for New Pool Owners

Here’s a handy list of gifts for someone with a pool that are ideal for adults like your mom or dad!

1. 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock Pool Float

For guaranteed fun under the summer sun, the Monterey Hammock Pool Float is a leisure pool accessory that new pool owners will absolutely love! This ingenious float works in 4 ways – as a hammock, a chair, a drifter and an exercise saddle.

2. The Ultimate Pool Ball

Great for pool owners with kids, the Ultimate Pool Ball let’s their kids play underwater ball games for a more enjoyable time! The ball is filled with water and is naturally buoyant, making it ideal for dribbling and passing around underwater – a fun new way to play ball during pool parties!

3. Inflatable Drink Holder

Perfect for new pool owners who plan on hosting summer pool parties, this set of inflatable drink holders keeps any drink afloat in the water without getting their drink spilled. This set comes with 4 inflatable holders in different colors designed with sparkling confetti inside. A small but practical gift that would be great as part of a pool gift basket idea!

4. Oversized Beach Towels Set of 2

A gift that someone who owns a pool will definitely appreciate, this set of oversized beach towels are made from 100% cotton for extra softness. These towels also come in colorful stripes that’s fade-resistant and are perfect pool essentials to keep in handy for guests.

5. Floating Pool Lights

Bring a dash of style to your family or friend’s swimming pool with these utilitarian chic floating pool lights! These inflatable solar ball lights come in changing LED colors and are ideal for decorating and illuminating their pool area at night – perfect lighting pieces for parties.

6. Floating Holder

A swimming pool accessory your pool owner will definitely find very useful, this inflatable server will let them serve guests with food and drinks on the water. It can also hold electronic devices such as tablets and phones, keeping everything within reach while they’re in the water.

7. Inflatable Pool Ring Toss Set

Keep summer pool parties fun and full of laughter with this ring toss inflatable pool game! It’ll for sure keep kids and adults entertained all day long. This set comes with a pump, an inflatable basketball and hoop, and an inflatable ring toss with 8 rings.

8. Pool Storage Bin

The perfect organization gift for new pool owners that they’ll surely be delighted with, this pool storage bin lets them keep their outdoor pool area neat, tidy and organized. This storage bin is made with durable mesh fabric, perfect for keeping all the goggles, floaties, noodles and toys organized.

Luxury Pool Gifts

Here are a few luxurious pool gift ideas that’s bound to make their summer afternoons more fun and enjoyable!

9. Rainbow Island Daybed Float

A fun pool gift that your new pool owner will be excited to try out, this rainbow daybed pool float lets them lounge around under the summer sun for an enjoyable pool experience. This inflatable float features a charming rainbow design that’s sure to be a hit at pool parties.

10. Poolside Reclining Loungers Set

A luxurious gift that any pool owner would love, this set of reclining loungers will make poolside lounging a more relaxing experience. This set includes 2 ergonomic loungers with cushions and a table. Both table and loungers are collapsible – perfect portability for storing away during the rainy season.

11. Floating Serving Tray

A durable and steadier accessory than inflatables, this chic floating tray lets your pool owner serve their guests with food and drinks delivered in style. Made with weatherproof Viro woven rattan and aluminum, this stylish serving tray will bring a more luxurious vibe to their pool parties.

12. Lily Pad Floating Mat

An awesome and unique way of enjoying summer pool fun, the lily pad floating mat can hold up to 880lbs and is big enough to hold an entire family or group of friends! It’s ideal to use in pools for kids and also for lakes.

13. Robotic Pool Cleaner

A premium pool gift item that your favorite person will be delighted with, the cordless robotic pool cleaner is something new pool owners will definitely love to use. This automatic vacuum has a 90-minute run time, letting them do all the cleaning work for your pool owner.

14. Wireless Rock Speaker

For pool owners who have beautiful landscaped or in-ground pools in their backyards, this Bluetooth rock speaker let’s them enjoy music without having huge speakers that stick out like a sore thumb. These solar powered speakers are durable, weather-proof and gives off clear and beautiful music for their pool parties.

Personalized Pool Gifts

If you’re on the lookout for customized pool gift ideas, here are some personalized pool gifts for him or her that they will definitely love!

15. Personalized Towel

For any female pool owner, this personalized beach towel is an ideal pool gift for her that she will surely love. Made from a plush microfiber cotton blend, this towel details their name in different stylish fonts – a pool essential that’s chic and unique.

16. Personalized Preserver Ring

A poolside decorative accent that’s sure to add a fun vibe to your friend’s pool area, this personalized life preserver ring is detailed with their very own name! This roped preserver ring is ideal for hanging up a wall, a tree, or on their poolside bar nook.

17. Personalized Pool Rules Metal Sign

Perfect for your favorite pool owner who loves to throw cool pool parties, this personalized Pool Rules metal sign is customized with the owner’s name. Definitely something they’ll love for their pool area, this metal sign details awesome pool rules designed in a colorful and eye-catching style.

Poolside Gifts

Get their backyard swimming pool ready for summer parties with these awesome outdoor pool gifts that they are sure to freak out over!

18. Outdoor Bar Table

For pool owners who often throw fun pool parties, this gift is a party essential that they will definitely thank you for! This versatile table functions as an outdoor coffee table, a pop-up bar table and a cooler for chilling drinks and beverages.

19. Portable Outdoor Shower

A handy poolside gift that’s in every pool owner’s wish list, this portable outdoor shower let’s pool users shower and clean off without having to go inside the house and leave water trails everywhere! This outdoor shower is portable and is perfect for beach trips as well!

20. Poolside Basketball

For a pool owner who’s fond of water and sports, this next gift is one that they would definitely love! The Poolside Basketball Hoop lets the guys play their beloved sport by the pool – an ideal summer pool party game for everyone!

21. Hammock with Stand

Give pool owners more options for lounging in their backyard pool area, this hammock comes with its own steel stand and comes with durable hooks for easily height adjustment. The hammock is tightly woven for a heavy, durable fabric and comes with a stylish striped design for a fun style.

22. Patio Bar Set

Make your family or close friend’s pool area exude a relaxing and welcoming vibe with poolside items that’s ready for fun and entertainment. This weather-proof poolside bar set details a wicker weaved glass top bar table with layered shelves and 2 bar stools with cushions.

23. Offset Hanging Patio Umbrella

Make extra hot and sunny days more bearable with an oversized patio umbrella that gives a cool and comfortable shade. Detailing stylish stripes for a nautical vibe, this patio umbrella comes with an easy tilt adjustment feature and gives up to 79 square feet of shade – something your pool owner will definitely love.

Unique Pool Gifts

If you’re wanting something more eye-catching and one-of-a-kind, here are some unique gift ideas of swimming pool gifts that’s bound to excite them!

24. Inflatable Beer Pong

For the adult pool owner who loves throwing parties, this unique gift lets them take the popular beer pong game to another level! Play beer pong while in the pool with this inflatable beer pong floatie – a guaranteed hit among loves of this game.

25. Inflatable Volleyball/Basketball Set

Transform your family or friend’s pool into a fun battleground that teens and adults will absolutely have fun with! The inflatable basketball and volleyball game set lets them play these well-loved sporty games in the pool for a more entertaining and fun experience!

26. Waterproof Playing Cards

Everything is more fun in the water and this unique gift item is no different! This set of waterproof playing cards is perfect for pool owners who want a fun time while lounging in the pool. Be it on an inflatable raft or in the water, these playing cards are completely waterproof.

27. Swim Through Rings

Give your pool owner an enjoyable and unique pool experience with this game! Ideal for pool owners with kids, this swim through rings teaches them to take pleasure in underwater swimming and lets them have fun while training! Perfect for games for both children and adults.

28. Funny Pool Wall Decor

A funny decorative accent that’s bound to amuse any pool owner, this pool decor is perfect for hanging on the wall or for decorating a poolside bar area. It details a funny “We don’t skinny dip, we chunky dunk” statement that’s sure to bring smiles all around.

29. Submersible Pool LED Lights

A unique gift that pool owners will take delight in, this set of submersible LED pool lights lets them illuminate their pools at night with whatever color they want to set the mood. This set includes 4 lights and comes with a remote control.

Pool Accessories Gifts

Aside from fun pool gifts, we’ve got a selection of pool maintenance and accessory gifts that they’ll find really thoughtful!

30. Pool Skimmer

A pool maintenance essential that pool owners should not be caught without, this pool skimmer lets them easily skim off fallen leaves or debris floating in the pool. It comes with a fine nylon mesh for tiny debris and is deep enough for picking up more stuff.

31. Outdoor Towel Tree

A pool accessory that’s simply a must-have for pool owners, this portable outdoor towel tree gives pool users a designated hanging place for their wet towels. It details a base that’s designed to be filled with water, so it doesn’t easily tip over.

32. Pool Cover Reel Set

Give pool owners the chance of keeping their pools clean and free from debris when not in use with this pool cover reel set! Made with an eco-friendly design, this wheelbarrow type reel makes covering their pools an easy, no-fuss experience.

Each gift item in this extensive list of pool gift ideas is curated by a pool owner with pool lovers and pool owners in mind. These pool gifts are thoughtfully selected to guarantee happy, enjoyable moments of pool owners with their family and friends, especially during summer time! Be it gifts for pool lovers, pool gifts for her or fun pool gifts, they will surely be delighted with your gift pick!