37 Best Gifts for Police Officers, Cops, and Law Enforcements

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Are you looking for some policeman gifts or law enforcement gift ideas for your family member or friends who are cops? You’ve come to the right page! It’s not easy being a cop so let them feel they’re appreciated by getting something nice for them. Whether the gift is for your police officer husband, deputy sheriffs, a police detective, cop boyfriend, or for a female police officer in your family, I hope the list of practical gifts below will brighten up their day!

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Useful Gifts for Police Officers

These useful gift ideas for police officers are good gifts for birthdays, promotions, and even Christmas!

1. Tactical Pen

As a police officer, they often run into all sorts of situations so they’ll appreciate having this tactical pen handy with them when they’re working! The multitool pen has a flashlight, a pen, a glass breaker, bottle opener, and a hex key. This super practical tactical gift will surely be carried around while they are on the job, definitely a cool police officer gifts for her and him!

2. Wall Mounted Gear Rack

A police officer have lots of gears as part of their uniform so this storage shelf organizer is perfect them to hang them all up! The design comes with the Blue Lives Matter flag with the message “Come home safe”. It’s a cool piece to install at the entrance of the house or the bedroom and can also be used to display their accomplishments.

3. Odor Eliminating Spray

After wearing police gears for a while, it’s no surprise that it might start to smell. This special formula spray from Arrest My Vest solves this problem for you! They can use this to spray on their uniform, body armor, bulletproof vest, and even inside their patrol car. The best part is it does not use harmful chemicals and is safe when in contact with skin. A very practical gift your law enforcement officer will very much appreciate!

4. Flashlight

As a police officer, they might run into situations where visibility is an issue so this military grade flashlight will definitely come in handy! This light is rated up to 1600 lumens which is as powerful as a car’s headlight. It’s also light and small, making it practical for a police officer to carry around with the rest of its gear. It even comes with a holster to attach to a belt, I’m sure any police officer would love getting this functional gift to make their work easier!

5. Police Patrol Bag

Any police officers receiving this police patrol bag will definitely find it practical! This 40L bag has a lot of storage space and pockets to keep everything organized. It’s also made out of durable material that will last a long time. This thoughtful gift will without a doubt keep all their gear nice and organized!

6. Tough Hook Heavy Duty Hanger

Police officers have lots of gears to wear as part of their uniform so this heavy duty hanger definitely makes it into the list of useful police gift ideas! It’s capable of handling 200 lb of load so it’s indestructible! It’s a great way for male or female cops alike to hang their bullet proof vest and police equipment in their lockers and to keep everything organized. A handy gift indeed!

Unique Gifts for Police Officer

Getting your favorite police officer come cool cop stuff is what they need to make any occasion special!

7. Bottle Opener

This stainless steel bottle opener in the shape of a police badge is quite a unique gift! It’s definitely a cool piece of kitchen tool to whip up during a barbecue or party for guests to open their beers! A fun gift that is sure a fan favorite!

8. Novelty Socks

These socks definitely fall under the funny gifts category! Any police officer who receives this gift will appreciate the humor and will wear it for sure on their day off! With a funny caption on the bottom of the socks, it’s the perfect gag gifts for cops!

9. Whiskey Glass

This whiskey glass with a bullet lodged inside is by far the coolest gift for a police officer! The neat thing is it is a real .308 bullet but it’s definitely safe for drinking. This 11 oz whiskey glass is perfect for a drink by themselves or with his colleagues. This could be good for birthday gifts or even wedding gifts!

10. Playing Cards & Dice Set

This cool gift set includes 2 decks of playing cards and 5 dice and it’s all packaged in a wooden box, perfect for any cops who like to invite his friends and colleagues over for some card games! The deck of cards and the logo on the wooden box both have the Thin Blue Line design, any officer will appreciate this neat gift!

11. Police Station Lego Set

This cool Lego kit of a police station is indeed one-of-a-kind! Meant for adult Lego fans, it captures a 1940s police station filled with details and surprises inside the building! True-crime fans will find this kit super fun and it’s definitely a really cool addition to any work desk or bookshelf. Definitely a cool gift any police detective will find amusing!

12. Chief Wiggum Funko Pop! Figurine

This Funko Pop! figurine of the iconic character from The Simpsons is a must get for your cop friend or family member! This figurine of Chief Wiggum shows him holding a cup of coffee and a donut. It’s a cool piece to put on their work desk and I’m sure it’ll make a great conversation starter !

13. Boxer

A novelty gift to give to your policeman is this funny boxer! It has the “Police line do not cross” print all over it making it a fun gag gift. It’s made out of cotton blend so it’s quite comfy.

14. Shot Glasses

These gold shot glasses in the shape of 50 cal bullet casing is the perfect type of small gifts for police officers to decorate their man cave with! These 2 oz glass also makes a great decorative home piece which your boyfriend, husband, or father who’s in the force will surely find amusing!

Gifts for Law Enforcement Officers

Here are some law enforcement gifts you don’t wanna miss out on!

15. Docking Station

A great gift for your law enforcement officer is this really awesome docking station! Not only can you customize it to add in that extra personal touch, but it’s a great organizer to hold their gun, watches, wallet, keys, and pens. A practical gift for them to have on their work desk or home office!

16. Hoodie

A hoodie is always a great option to give as a gift. This hoodie’s design emphasizes on the words “Thin blue line” and uses each letter to identify a different word that defines law enforcement officers. The gift recipient will love this design and will easily become their favorite piece of clothing to wear on their days off!

Gifts for New Police Officers

Are you celebrating the graduation of your son or daughter who joined the police academy? These gifts are perfect for recent graduates!

17. Incident Report Notepad

This incident report notepad is a great gift idea for recent graduates of the police academy! It’s made to fit perfectly in their shirt’s front pocket and allows you to take notes to remember all sorts of information. This practical gift will help them a lot as they start their new job!

18. Behind the Badge Book

This motivational book contains stories , prayers, and Scriptures that would encourage any law enforcement officer personally and in their professional career. Since police officers face dangerous situations on a daily basis, reading this book will remind them to believe in God as they fulfil this high pressure profession. Definitely a useful book to give to your new police officer in the field!

19. Police Prayer Visor Clip

For a new police officer who’s just graduated from the academy, this police prayer visor clip is a really thoughtful gift to give them! It’s something they can have on them to remind them each day of this powerful prayer. Being a police officer is a dangerous job so it’s a little something to keep them safe on their job!

20. Fossil Men’s Watch

This minimalistic Men’s watch from Fossil is a great present idea for your recent graduated police officer husband or cop boyfriend! Simple but elegant, they can wear it for any occasion. It’s not intended but the design of the watch looks like it represents the Thin Blue Line cause, with the black watch face and the blue second hand. As a new officer, they need to be on time for all meetings so this watch is perfect for them!

Retired Police Officer Gifts

Wish your police officer a happy retirement with these creative presents, gag gifts for cops, and even thoughtful gifts they’ll surely love!

21. Whiskey Decanter

This elegant set of whiskey decanter and shot glasses is the best gift to give to a retired police officer! The liquor bottle is in the shape of a gun…how cool is that?! As for the shot glasses, they are designed to look like a bullet is lodged inside. Any police officer will appreciate this cool gift and now that they are retired, they’ll have plenty of time to share a drink with their buddies!

22. Pop Up Card

Sometimes writing a card to wish someone happy retirement is the best gift you can give them! This really cool 3D pop up card of a police car is a great way to thank them for their service and to wish them good luck with their future endeavors. Writing a thoughtful message can mean a lot and it’s a great keepsake to keep for years to come!

23. Whiskey Stones

If the cop you’re buying this retirement gift for likes to drink whiskey occasionally then these whiskey stones in the shape of a bullet is the coolest gift you can give them! They can enjoy their liquor without watering it down with ice. This gift also works great for Father’s Day, birthdays, or Christmas and it’s perfect for dads, husbands, or even your brother. Any male police officers will appreciate this fun gift!

24. Tumbler

This elegant tumbler will make any retiree smile! With the words “The legend has retired”, they will surely appreciate this special tumbler and will use it wherever they go! It’s perfect for male or female cops and it’s also a great way to show how much they’ve impacted you in your career. It comes in black or red…a practical gift they’ll surely love!

Christmas Gifts for Police Officers

Don’t know what to get a police officer for Christmas? Maybe some tactical gifts, a gift basket, or some policeman novelty gifts! The options are endless!

25. Black Rifle Coffee

Coffee is a great Christmas gift idea and these ones from Black Rifle will surely be appreciated if you’re giving it to a police officer! Not only do they strive for high quality coffee, they are actually founded by veterans so with every purchase, they give back to the veterans, law enforcement, and first responders community. They even have a coffee club where you can customize coffee subscriptions. Quite a unique gift for all ages!

26. Ornament

It’s always a good idea to give ornaments as a Christmas gift so this glass blown police car ornament is a great gift idea for your family member who is a cop! Whether they just graduated from the police academy or if they are about to retire, it’s a nice present to remind them of their line of duty and how proud you are of them! It also works great as a stocking stuffer too!

27. Christmas Stocking

This cool Christmas stocking is a fun gift for anyone who likes tactical gear! It comes in a camouflage pattern or in all black and it comes with lots of hooks and pockets. Definitely a unique Christmas gift that can be used for years to come!

Personalized Police Gifts

If you’re looking for DIY gifts for police officers, here are some gift ideas that you can personalize and make it extra special!

28. Personalized Name Art

If you’re looking for something unique with a personal touch, then this name art is the perfect gift! Basically the recipient’s name get spelled out using pictures of police themed items. The final product looks really cool and either comes in a block mount or a framed canvas.

29. Personalized Wall Art

It’s always nice to give someone something personal for a special occasion so this personalized wall art will make your cop friend or family member really happy! The art is printed on burlap and you can customize it by adding their name, when they started as a police officer, and the state they are working in. Make sure to get them a picture frame to frame this special gift!

Police Week Gift Ideas

Thank your police officer for their hard work during Police Week by gifting them these police themed gifts!

30. Funny Mug

This funny mug is a great gag gift idea to give to your fave police officer during police week! They can wake up every morning and drink coffee using this fun mug. It’s both dishwasher and microwave safe so it’ll definitely be a useful gift!

31. Thank You Cookies

There are many ways to say thank you to the cops in your life during police week, like giving them these delicious cookies for instance! These yummy sugar cookies with the words “thank you” written all over them will definitely bring a smile to the lucky recipient!

32. Chocolate Glazed Donut Keurig K-Cups

What are police officers two favorite things to eat and drink? Coffee and donut of course! So surprise your police officer with this special chocolate glazed donut Keurig k-cups…the best of both worlds into one. Not only does it taste good but it’s also keeps them awake during their job. This could also be a nice gift for police departments…so definitely consider this gift to give them during police week!

33. Jerky Gift Basket

Police officers are always out and about patrolling so when hunger strikes, having some healthy snacks to munch on is a must! So for police week, definitely consider getting them this jerky gift basket. This gift box contains beef jerky, port rinds, jerky sticks, and even exotic animals like venison and ostrich jerky! Your law enforcement officers will really appreciate this thoughtful and unique gift!

Appreciation Gifts for Police Officers

It’s always nice to show your appreciation to police officers by thanking them and maybe getting them something to show how much you appreciate their work!

34. Bracelet

If you have a female cop in your life that you want to show her how much she is appreciated then this cute bracelet might just do the trick! The bracelet comes with a little charm featuring a blue police badge so your wife, girlfriend, or sister can wear it proudly with her everyday clothes. She’ll love this thoughtful gift and will definitely feel appreciated!

35. Spa Gift Basket

Working as a cop is not an easy job so treat your female police officer to this luxurious spa gift basket! It’s a great way to tell them how much they mean to you and how proud you are of all the hard work they have to do each day. Let them sit back and relax with this 15 piece spa kit to pamper them after a long day at work. Definitely an amazing gift to show your love for them!

36. Gourmet Gift Basket

Sending your favorite police officer a gourmet gift basket is a great way to show your appreciation for them! This yummy basket is filled with chocolates, cookies, cheese, crackers…no matter who gets it, you’ll be sure it’ll be gone in no time! You can even write them a personalized thank you note to be included with the gift basket making it extra special!

37. Blanket

This soft and cozy throw blanket is a unique gift to give your law enforcement officers for their birthdays, Christmas, or simply to show how much they are appreciated! This 60″ x 50″ blanket features a cool design which highlights that police officers are there to protect and serve. Made out of 100% polyester, the blanket is ultra soft and also lightweight, so when they use this blanket during their camping trip or while watching TV, it’ll remind them the hard work they do is worth it!

I hope these gifts for cops we’ve provided you above were what you’re searching for! Whether they are police officer gifts for him or for her, I hope the gift recipient will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Police officers do so much for the community so show them some love by giving them something they’ll like!