41 Best Gifts for Pizza Lovers That Will Make Them Love Pizza Even More

Best pizza gifts

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It’s not easy picking out the perfect gift for someone special, unless that someone special is a pizza lover! So, if you’re searching for a special birthday or holiday gift for someone who’s always game for a slice of pizza, you definitely can’t go wrong with pizza themed gifts!  From gourmet items to accessories and pizza making gadgets, you’ll surely find the perfect gift from our comprehensive catalog of pizza related gifts that’s sure to bring a huge smile to your pizza loving recipient!

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1. Pizza Sleeping Bag

Surprise your pizza lover with this cozy, pizza shaped cocoon and watch them give you a big smile! This pizza slice sleeping bag is ideal for lounging about on the sofa and also great to take for car trips, sleepovers and camping! It’s made from a soft and comfy fleece fabric with a plush crust, perfect for sending them off to pizza dreamland with a smile.

2. Pizza Inflatable Pool Float

Summer is always just around the corner and what better way to have fun under the sun is to get your pizza lover this ultra-fun giant inflatable pizza slice pool float! This awesome pool float features 2 cup holders and vibrant colors – a sure fire way to have an enjoyable time lounging around the pool area come summer time.

3. Wooden Pizza Play Set

Pizza loving kids who love pretend play games will definitely enjoy playing with this wooden pizza play set! This fun food set contains 36 pieces of everything needed to make a delicious pretend pizza, from pizza tray, tools, the pizza itself and yummy pizza toppings – an ideal toy for afternoons spent in delightful imaginative play!


4. Pizza Card Game

A popular card game for adults and children, the Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza game will make any party full of laughter and entertainment. It’s an easy game to learn and it’s sure to be a hit at dinner parties – the perfect gift for pizza lovers who love entertaining and hosting parties!

5. Where to Eat Pizza Book

No doubt about it, pizza lovers are always on the hunt for the best places to get the most raved about pizza slice in town. Give them a little nudge with the Where to Eat Pizza hardcover book, a comprehensive book featuring the inside scoop on where to get the ultimate delicious slice and everything about pizza from experts all over the world.

6. Disney Pixar Pizza Planet Shirt

You’re not a true-blue pizza lover if you haven’t heard of the iconic Pizza Planet from the Disney Pixar movie, Toy Story. Get your pizza lover this Pizza Planet shirt which feature the lovable space aliens a.k.a Little Green Men and watch them beam with pleasure! This shirt features a vintage print style and is perfect for casual outfit styling.

7. Crocs Pizza Slice Jibbitz

For pizza lovers, pizza is not just about the food – it’s a lifestyle! For Croc-wearing kids – and even adults! – who love pizza, this pizza slice Jibbitz charm is the greatest addition to their sandals that they will absolutely love! It details a vibrantly colored pizza slice with melted cheese that can be easily popped onto their Crocs for a dash of personality and fashion flair!


8. Pizza Hook Earrings

Women always love to express themselves thru fashion. For your female pizza lovers – teens and adults alike – this pair of pizza slice  earrings will delight them to no end! This pair features hooks for easy wearing and taking off, while the pizza charms are vibrantly colored and brings a whimsical touch to any of their outfits.

9. Pizza Learning Game for Kids

Make learning a fun time for kids with the Osmo Pizza Learning Game! It teaches and helps kids improve their communication and math skills – with the yummy pizza as their learning medium! This is an app enabled game that’s paired with the Apple iPad and Amazon Fire Tablets, a great interactive and educational game that your pizza loving kid will definitely have fun with.

10. Pizza Onesie

Nothing is more heavenly for a pizza lover than eating their favorite food while wearing their favorite food! Get your pizza lover this awesome long sleeved pepperoni pizza jumpsuit with hood that’s perfect as a Halloween costume, for lounging around the house or goofing off with friends!

Gifts for Pizza Makers

For people who love making their own pizzas, here are 10 ultimate gift ideas that they’ll surely find delightful and useful!

11. Pizza Stone

For someone who loves to make their own pizza, this 15-inch ceramic baking pizza stone is the perfect tool for helping them get the best results for their oven-cooked pizzas! This pizza stone heats up fast and gives out the perfect dough crispiness, has a scratch resistant and a non-stick surface for easy clean ups!

12. Betty Crocker Countertop Pizza Maker

With the rise of modern appliances, making a pizza without an oven is now possible and easy! For your pizza lover who wants to start making their very own pizzas, the Betty Crocker Countertop Pizza Maker is the ultimate gift that’s guaranteed to earn you big points! This non-stick, easy-to-use pizza maker can also be used to make cookies, quiches and more!

13. Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

Make your pizza maker feel like a professional chef with the addition of this sleek, stainless steel 14-inch pizza cutter to their pizza-making tool collection! This handy tool chops and cuts perfectly even slices of pizza, and it comes with a sheath cover to protect the blade when not in use – an essential pizza item they will definitely love!

14. Pizza Insulated Bag

Ideal for pizza makers who love baking gourmet pizzas for parties and gatherings, this handy pizza bag is perfect for helping them get their pizzas to the parties in prime, ready-to-eat condition! This pizza bag features an insulated lining with heat retention that helps keep pizzas warm for longer periods of time. 


15. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Cookbook

The cookbook that your pizza chef is guaranteed to love, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Cookbook details this iconic pizza-loving turtle gang with their list of 65 delicious pizza recipes! With recipes ranging from breakfast pizzas to classic style pizzas and even dessert pizzas, all of these recipes will definitely make your pizza lover want to create them all!

16. Pizza Maker Ingredients Kit

Any pizza chef should not be caught without the basic pizza ingredients in their cupboards!  Get your wife’s pizza ingredients out of critical level with the Chef Boyardee Pizza Making Kit! It contains cupboard ingredients needed for quickly making a pizza when the occasion calls for it – like a spontaneous Italian family style dinner with pizza and spaghetti!

17. Outdoor Pizza Grill Oven

An essential cooking appliance for people who love entertaining outdoors on their backyards – BBQs or pool parties, anyone? – the Big Horn Outdoor Wood Pellet Oven lets your pizza maker grill delicious pizzas right outside where the party is! It’s easy to assemble and use, easy to clean and store away – the perfect outdoor party essential for your chef! 

18. Pizza Grilling Tool Kit

Any budding pizza chef need the right tools at their disposal to help them be able to create delicious, mouthwatering pizzas. Don’t let your pizza maker be without the proper tools – this 4pc pizza grilling tool set is the perfect gift for their pizza making enterprise! This kit contains a 15-inch pizza stone, pizza peel, cutter and pizza shovel.

19. Pizza Wood Cutting Board

Perfect for pizza maker moms who have family fighting over who gets the biggest slice – this pizza cutting board is a heaven-sent gift that she will greatly appreciate! This wooden round cutting board comes with 8 etched grooves to ensure perfect, even pizza slices – no more fighting! It also does double-duty as a pretty wooden serving plate for meats and cheeses.

20. Pizza Dough Maker

Making pizza from scratch can become quite a long and tedious process, help your special someone shave off precious time with the Hamilton Beach Bread Maker Machine – a multi-function gadget that they will definitely love! This machine lets them easily make and prepare the dough for their pizza crusts with just a push of a button! This handy tool will also help them make bread and pastry dough for yummy baked treats!

Pizza Gifts for Him

For the males in your life who live and breathe the pizza life, here are 10 perfect gift ideas that’s bound to delight them!

21. Pizza Print Button Down Shirt

Celebrate your man’s love for pizza with this button-down shirt that’s sure to bring a smile to his face! This shirt is made with 100% cotton for a soft and comfortable fit, and comes with a statement-making pizza print that will definitely catch the eye! It’s perfect for wearing on casual outings with friends and family. 

22. Toy Story Pizza Planet Caps

Pizza lover guys – and gals – would definitely love to score one of these iconic Planet Pizza delivery caps from the Disney Pixar Toy Story movie! For your teenage son who loves to sport casual streetwear looks, this red snapback will definitely add a cool and fun vibe to any of his outfit choices!

23. Pizza & Corgi Necktie

For your fun-loving guy who loves to deck out in a cool outfit style, this eye-catching necktie print will be sure to earn him fashion-savvy points! It comes in a standard necktie size with a unique pizza and Corgi print – perfect for making a quirky fashion statement in the office!

24. Pizza Shaker Bottle

Perfect for pizza loving guys who love going to the gym for their workouts, this BlenderBottle comes with a quirky motivational pizza design that’s sure to catch the eye of anyone at the gym. This bottle perfectly mixes up their protein shakes and pre-workout smoothies with its accompanying stainless steel whisk blender ball and has a leak proof design that they’ll surely love.

25. Pizza Dinner Napkins

A beautiful gift set that will make any guy smile with appreciation, this set of 12 dinner napkins with awesome pizza prints will elevate their pizza dining experience to new heights! Made from premium quality 100% cotton, these soft yet durable dinner napkins will bring an elegant yet quirky style to their dinner tables when they have guests over.


26. Pizza Luggage Tag

For your husband or boyfriend who travels for work, this unique pizza luggage tag is a travel bag essential they’ll definitely need! With its eye-catching pizza print, they’ll surely be able to identify their own suitcases in an instant – out of hundreds coming out of the luggage carousel area! This pack contains 2 quirky pizza luggage tags.

27. Pizza Slice Container

It’s such a hassle to efficiently store leftover pizza slices because of their size, don’t you agree? For your pizza lover friend who loves ordering pizza by themselves, this pizza container is a very useful storage gift that they will absolutely love! This pack of 6 pizza slice containers are dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe and can hold up to 3 pizza slices in one container!

28. Bicycle Pizza Cutter Wheel

A pizza eating accessory that should not be missing from any pizza loving guy’s accoutrements, this cool bicycle pizza cutter wheel makes eating their beloved food a fun experience! This cute and useful item features double cutter wheels and comes with a cute triangle bike stand to keep it upright when not in use.

29. Microwave Crisper

For your man who loves ordering pizza but hates eating leftover slices, this nifty gadget will make his leftover pizza taste as yummy and crispy as a freshly baked one! This microwave pizza crisper gives day-old pizza slices a new lease in life by giving them oven quality crispiness from the microwave, an essential kitchen gadget for pizza lovers! 

30. Crocs

These Crocs slip resistant work shoes are meant for people working in the food industry so they can wear a pair of comfortable and safe shoes to help with their super long shifts! However, with such a cute design showcasing their love of pizzas, burgers, and hotdogs, I’m sure these Crocs can also be worn for any occasion, whether wearing it casually at home or on a long road trip! Any pizza lover will appreciate this fun gift!

Pizza Lovers Gift Basket

Pizza lovers will surely love receiving these delicious and awesome gift boxes that satisfy their cravings!

31. DIY Hot Sauce Gift Set

For your gourmet pizza lover who always loves adding hot sauce to their pizza slices, this DIY Make Your Own Hot Sauce kit is the perfect birthday or holiday gift that they will surely enjoy making! This gift pack contains all the dried hot peppers and powders they’ll be needing to make their own custom blend of hot sauce – complete with 4 skull glass jars and a recipe book.

32. Italian Gourmet Home Pizza Kit

For a pizza lover, there’s no better gift than the gift of food, particularly if it’s pizza or related to pizza! If you’re looking for an extra special gift, this gourmet home pizza kit is the perfect choice! This Italian pizza making kit contains all the pantry items needed for making a pizza from scratch – including a rolling pin!

Personalized Pizza Gifts

Make your gifts extra special and unique by adding a personalized touch with these gift ideas!

33. Personalized Apron

Make your casual pizza maker and chef feel special and like a pro in their kitchen with a custom apron that shows they’re the master of their own kitchen kingdom! This personalized apron details 2 pockets and an eye-catching cooking utensils design with their own name printed on it! It’s made from poly-cotton and features an adjustable strap for a custom fit.

34. Personalized Wooden Recipe Book

A wooden recipe book that your pizza maker will definitely find beautiful and very useful, this binder book features a gorgeous wooden cover designed with their beloved pizza dish and personalized with their name. It comes with 90 sheets of paper and 35 cardboard sheets – for writing their own delicious recipes in!

Pizza Novelty Items

Check out these unique and humorous pizza gift ideas that’ll tickle your pizza lover’s funny bone!

35. Pizza Lapel Pin

A cool looking accessory that most pizza lovers will be delighted to receive, this enamel pizza lapel pin will add a dash of fun style to any outfit they’re wearing. These can be pinned to lapels for blazer-wearing guys or pinned on a bag strap for the ladies and teens, the possibilities are endless!

36. Pizza Bandage

For people who always seem to be getting into little accidents and coming out with scrapes and cuts, this pack of cool novelty pizza bandage is a great gift – especially if they love pizza! These sterile and anti-bacterial bandages feature a non-adhesive breathable pad and it looks really cool and fun while disguising their boo boos.

37. Pizza Key Chain

Looking for fun novelty gifts to give to your pizza loving co-workers? This pack of pizza themed keychains feature cute and colorful pizza slices with different toppings styles – perfect for gift exchanges for your Christmas office party! Ideal accessories to hold office keys or locker keys, these fun keychains are sure to bring a smile to any pizza lover.

38. Portable Pizza Pouch

A terrific and genius gift idea for the pizza lover who’s always on the go, they will definitely adore this portable pizza slice pouch! While it may come off as a funny gag gift, this pouch does an amazing job at keeping a pizza slice warm and toasty – a handy item that won’t let your pizza buddy go hungry while they’re out and about!

Pizza Gifts for Christmas

Make the holidays extra special for your pizza lovers with these pizza ideas that they will definitely love!

39. Laptop/Tablet Bag

This cat eating pizza laptop/tablet bag has just the right balance of practical and funny gift! It’s made with a super soft material that protects your laptop and it’s also lightweight and waterproof. The awesome thing is it’s machine washable so no need to worry if you get it dirty. If the person receiving this gift is both a cat and pizza lover, then they will absolutely adore this gift!

40. Pizza Socks

Perfect for friends and family members who love pizza, this adorable box of pizza print socks is a fun and cool gift that they’ll surely like. Who wouldn’t want to wear statement-making pizza socks?! It’ll undoubtedly add some pizzazz to their everyday casual styles – plus it’s fun and amusing to pair with boring office outfits!

41. Pizza Blanket

The perfect Christmas gift for pizza lovers, this double-sided pizza throw blanket is a cozy, fun treat that they’ll definitely love using! Watch them fold themselves into the blanket like a pizza calzone – this comfortable throw is made with a soft fleece material, perfect for snuggling during movie nights or while reading a good book.

All gift ideas curated on this list are carefully hand-picked by a self-confessed pizza lover so you can be sure that you’re getting the real deal! With these gifts, we can say with absolute certainty that your pizza lover will love what you picked out – be it an accessory they can use every day or a gourmet food that they’ll appreciate – and they’ll surely remember you with a fond smile.