40 Best Gifts for Older Parents that are Thoughtful & Unique

Gifts for elderly parents

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Shopping for gifts for aging parents can be a tad difficult, especially if you think they already have everything or they might be a little bit hard to buy for. But that’s what we are here for! We have compiled an awesome list of good gifts for senior parents that are unique, thoughtful, creative and most of all, useful for their everyday lifestyles!

Be it food gifts, gift baskets or practical gifts for their birthdays, an anniversary gift, holiday gifts or combined gifts for parents, you will surely find something in our wonderful selection that’s ideal for your elderly parents!

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Unique Gifts for Parents Who Have Everything

For your elderly parents who already have everything, here are some unique and creative gifts that are sure to delight them!

1. Nut Gift Basket with Reusable Crate

For parents who already have all they need, here’s a healthy gift option that they will surely appreciate. This nut gift box contains a gourmet selection of 6 kinds of nuts – perfect to munch on while drinking their favorite cocktails or while reading their favorite books.

2. Screen Cleaner

The iRoller screen cleaner is perfect for parents who have lots of devices! This reusable cleaner gives them a safer way to clean their phones, laptops or tablets without using any liquid that can damage delicate screens. With its small, portable size, this cleaner is great for traveling as well.

3. Family Birthdays Tracker

If you have forgetful parents and a large family with lots of grandchildren, it can get quite difficult for them to remember everyone’s birthdays. This unique wooden family birthday tracker is a decorative wall piece that lets them keep track of everyone’s birthday.

4. Long Distance Touch Lamp

For parents who are living in another state or another part of the world, this long-distance touch lamp is a thoughtful gift that they will surely love. Touching one lamp will light up the other one, an ideal way to let them show that you’re thinking of them! A cool technology that makes your parents feel you are right there in the room with them even though you’re halfway across the globe!

5. Vintage Portable Turntable

For parents who love music and have a collection of vinyl records, this vintage portable turntable will let them play their beloved records wherever they go. The record player is housed in a vintage suitcase compartment and also functions as a Bluetooth speaker.

6. Mom & Dad Drinking Glasses

A combined gift for parents that’s perfect for older parents who love to bond together over their favorite beer and wine drinks, this custom mom wine glass and dad beer glass is the perfect anniversary or holiday gift that they will surely enjoy using!

7. Family Tree Picture Frame Stand

A lovely and unique gift that’s great for displaying at home, this ornate family tree picture frame comes with 10 hanging photo frames for members of the family. Ideal for displaying on their foyer sideboard, a bookshelf or on the living room coffee table.

8. Tile Mate Item Locator

For aging parents who are starting to be quite forgetful and who always seem to be losing or misplacing items, the set of Tile Mate tag finders lets them find their things with just a press of the button! This pack comes with 2 tile locators in black and white.

9. Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Perfect for parents who love to travel, this insulated water bottle comes with a UV self-cleaning function to ensure that they are drinking safe and clean water at all times. This cleaning function sanitizes and neutralizes bacteria in just 60 seconds.

10. Smartphone Cleaner

Another handy tech gift for parents who love to travel, this phone sanitizer and charger comes with a UV light that wipes their phones and other small gadgets of harmful bacteria and germs. This portable case also charges phones while sanitizing.

Gifts for Older Mom

For your senior mom, here’s a selection of a few wonderful gifts that’s great for her birthday or for the holidays!

11. Musical Box

A meaningful gift for your elderly mom that’s sure to be loved and treasured, this vintage style wooden music box comes with a touching message when the cover is lifted, and plays a delightful “You are My Sunshine” melody when cranked.

12. Wireless Charging Station

For the tech-savvy older mom who loves using gadgets in her daily lifestyle, this wireless charging station is a great gift option, especially if she’s a fan of Apple products! It lets her seamlessly charge her iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods and Apple pencil – all wirelessly and in one handy place.

13. Throw Blanket

For the mom who loves to snuggle on the couch or bed, this cozy throw blanket will envelop her in a warmth and comfort – just like a hug from you! This plush blanket comes with a unique dear mom airmail letter design.

14. Foot Massager

Show your mom how much you love her with this blissful, ultra-relaxing foot massager that’s sure to take away all the aches and pains she experiences from standing or walking! It deeply massages the soles, heels and toes of her feet, perfect for winding down after a long, tiring day.

15. Decorative Pears

A wonderful and creative gift that makes a great decorative accent piece, this set of 3 white clay pears detail a touching “Love You Mom” that they will definitely love to put on display. It’s perfect for lining up on her kitchen windowsill, on a bookshelf or on her sideboard.

16. Prayer Wall Plaque

A touching gift that every mom will love, this framed Prayer for My Mom wall plaque is a great decorative piece that also lets her know how much your love and appreciate her. It’s ideal for hanging on the wall together with family photos or by her bedside.

17. Relaxing Spa Gift Basket

For older moms who are always on the go or have an active and busy lifestyle, treat her to a relaxing, luxurious bath experience to wind down after a long day. This Lavender & Rosemary Spa Gift Set has all the essentials she’ll need for a blissful bath time.

18. Herb Window Garden Kit

For your elderly mom who loves to cook healthy, delicious meals, this 9 Herb Window Garden starter pack will give her fresh herbs to grow for her yummy meals! It comes with everything she’ll need to get her started – perfect for moms with passion for cooking and plants!

19. Shiatsu Massager with Heat

For aging moms who have active lifestyles, this Shiatsu Massager will melt all her body aches away after a tiring day of working. This massager features a deep kneading 3D massage and heat function for muscle pain relief for her back and hands.

20. Cookbook Stand

For the older mom who loves cooking and hanging out at her cozy kitchen, this personalized cookbook stand is a great addition to her kitchen essentials that she will definitely love. Featuring a wooden stand in the shape of a chopping board, it details a “Best Mom Ever” engraving.

Gift Ideas for Elderly Father

If you’re on the lookout for ideal birthday gifts or tech gifts for your elderly father, here are some ideal gifts that he will absolutely love!

21. Leather Valet Tray

Get your older father a stylish way of organizing his devices, keys and small knick-knacks with this elegant valet tray. Ideal for placing on their entrance table or by his nightstand, this organizer tray is made from sleek faux leather with suede compartments.

22. Canvas House Slipper

For your aging father, this plush and comfortable pair of canvas house slippers features anti-skid rubber soles for less accidents and orthodontic insoles that offer arch support to help ease foot aches and stress. The insoles also feature fuzzy lining for all day comfort.

23. Dad Joke Button

A fun gag gift that’s perfect for your dad who loves to tell funny jokes, this Dad Joke Button plays over 50 hilarious dad jokes that your father and the whole family can enjoy. It’s an entertaining gift that’s perfect for gatherings and parties.

24. Portable Support Handle

Make getting in and out of cars an easier and hassle-free experience for your elderly father with this Portable Vehicle Support Handle. The handle is compatible with most vehicles, offering stability and balance when alighting from the car, an ideal gift for the father who still drives or travels everywhere.

25. Digital Day Clock

This digital day clock comes with an extra large LCD screen that displays the correct date, day, time and period of the day in large block letters – perfect for your elderly father who’s forgetful or has a hard time reading small letters.

26. Apple Watch Series 7

For your older father who loves tech gadgets, the Apple Watch Series 7 is a premium gift that’s perfect for his birthday! This water-resistant smart watch comes with a fitness tracker and monitors his heart rate, blood oxygen, ECG and other health insights that’s very useful for the elderly.

27. Whiskey Decanter Set

For your elderly father who still loves to enjoy drinking cocktails with his friends, this whiskey decanter set features a gorgeous wooden tray, a beautiful globe whiskey decanter that details an exquisite crystal ship carving inside and comes with 2 crystal whiskey glasses with a world map design.

28. Large Page Magnifier

Aging parents can start to have trouble with their vision, making it harder to read books and newspapers. For your elderly father who still loves to read, this LED page magnifier features anti-glare and dimmable LEDs and magnifies texts up to 3x, relieving their eye strain.

29. Wooden Decorative Prayer Plaque

Show your love and affection for your father with this beautiful decorative wall plaque that details a wonderful prayer for your dad. This wooden plaque is perfect for hanging on the wall or for placing beside his nightstand to remind him that he’s always in your prayers.

30. Password Book

An ideal gift for your elderly father who is starting to become a bit forgetful, this Password Book is a clever way to let him store all his passwords and other sensitive information. Sleek and stylish in leather, this password organizer book is perfect for fathers who have an extensive list of accounts online.

Gifts for Retired Parents

Whether combined or for individual parents, these beautiful gift ideas will definitely give them a happy boost!

31. Beer Glass

Retirement is a huge milestone for older parents and there’s no better way to celebrate this important occasion than having a funny gag gift that’s sure to amuse them! This beer glass details the print “Old Lives Matter” which will amuse them every time they drink out of it.

32. Scratch Off United States Map

For newly retired parents who want to enjoy their new-found freedom, this scratch off map will definitely get them excited for their travel goals! This poster details the map of the United States with national parks, landmarks and highest peaks they can visit, along with state flags to scratch off.

33. Cube Aquarium

For parents who are enjoying the retired life, the aquarium will bring a relaxing and peaceful vibe into their home that they’ll be sure to love. Perfect for parents who love pets, this durable 4-gallon aquarium can house a number of gorgeous fishes swimming around for their enjoyment.

34. Luggage Travel Set

Most parents will want to start traveling and enjoying life when retirement commences. The ideal gift for them to start their leisurely journey in is this sleek luggage travel set! The Travelers Club Midtown Travel Set includes 2 suitcases, a tote bag and a toiletry kit – perfect for your parents.

35. Wooden Mug & Glass Holder

A wonderful decorative and useful gift for your retired parents that they’ll surely find charming, this glass and cup holder can be placed on their kitchen or bar nook. Featuring a gorgeous wood base, it details 2 metal holders for mugs and 2 slots for wine glasses.

36. Hello Pension Socks

A stylish and funny gift item that’s sure to amuse your retired parents, this pair of soft and comfortable socks detail a funny statement on the socks’ bottom. It’s made from a premium blend of cotton and polyester to offer comfort, durability and the ideal stretch.

37. Ceramic Coffee Mug

A useful and funny gift that’s perfect for your coffee-loving parents, this ceramic coffee mug details a hilarious weekly schedule print that’s sure to be a hit for your parents! Get them a set of 2 coffee mugs so they can have an enjoyable coffee experience every morning.

Christmas Gifts for Older Parents

Make the holidays more special with premium gift ideas that your older mother and father will love, no doubt about it!

38. Premium Charcuterie Board

For your older parents who love entertaining and hosting dinner parties, this premium bamboo charcuterie board will let them serve gorgeous presentations of cheese, delectable meats and fruits for a sophisticated wine night experience. This luxe cheese board comes with wine and cheese utensils.

39. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

A delightful gift that your parents will definitely love to receive, the Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker lets them make delicious sandwiches in just 4 easy steps. Perfect for brunches, the sandwich maker creates 2 beautiful sandwiches in just 5 minutes.

40. Healthy Gourmet Gift Basket

If you’re stumped on what to get for your parents who already have everything, this gourmet gift box is a great option to go with, particularly if they enjoy nibbling on healthy snacks with their favorite wine. This charming, reusable basket contains delicious sweets, crackers, cheese and more.

For most of us, our parents have worked so hard to give us everything that we have ever wanted while growing up, so now it’s our time to shower them with our love, affection and gratitude for raising us well. And with our extensive curation of great gift ideas for parents who are in their 60s or 70s, we’re confident that you’ll be able to pick out the perfect gift that your elderly mother or father will love and treasure.