39 Best Gifts for Mechanical Engineers that Any Engineering Student Will Find Practical

Best Gifts for Engineers in Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical engineering is a very cool field to work in as it covers many interesting jobs ranging from a satellite designer in the space industry, a car manufacturing engineer, and even a quality assurance engineer inspecting airplane engines. Well if you’re looking for cool gifts to give an engineer, you’re in the right place as I’m a mechanical engineer myself so I definitely know what are the best gifts to give aspiring engineers, professional engineers, or even retirement gifts for engineers. Hopefully you’ll find something interesting here to give to the mechanical engineer in your life!

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Gifts for Mechanical Engineering Students

Studying mechanical engineering is not easy so hopefully these gifts will make any engineering student’s life easier in university!

1. Digital Caliper

Digital caliper is one of the most useful tool as a mechanical engineering student and believe me, you’ll be using this gadget in your work and even at home! It’s made of stainless steel and is also waterproof so it’ll last throughout the years. Every mechanical engineering students are asked to buy one so it’s a great gift to give to your son or daughter who’s starting university…they’ll sure be grateful to get this useful gift!


2. Engineers’ Practical Databook

As a mechanical engineer student, it’s always handy to have formulas & charts easily accessible so you can do calculations and solve your assignments in no time. This “Engineers’ Practical Databook” covers all sorts of useful information and equations that students and professional alike with find helpful. It has chapters on mechanical, electrical, civil, and aerospace engineering so it can prepare you for any sort of problems ahead! Definitely part of the must-have engineering gifts list!

3. Simple Machines Experiment Kit

As a mechanical engineering student, you really need to be very familiar with the 6 types of simple machines and this kit allows you to understand them through 26 different models to build! It’s always much more practical to learn through hands-on experiments than reading them in textbooks so this fun kit is one of the best educational gifts for budding engineers!


4. Engineering Notebook

All engineers need are required to use an engineering notebook because they are hardbound so if a page was ripped from the notebook, it would be obvious to avoid it from being tampered. This notebook has a black imitation leather cover, making it extra classy. Giving your mechanical engineer their first ever engineering notebook as a gift, I’m sure they’ll cherish this forever!

5. Engineering Scale Rulers

This set of 3 rulers will come in handy for any mechanical engineering students! All rulers have both metric and imperial units and are very easy to read. They are very sturdy and are well-made so you won’t run into a situation where the numbers are rubbed off from too much use and you can no longer see the numbers. Definitely a useful tool to have around!

6. Stirling Engine

One of the topics mechanical engineers learn in school is how engines work so this cool little device would be a cool gift for a young engineer! The stirling engine works through compression and expansion of air or another gas so by putting this on top of any hot beverages, the engine will start to move. It’s a unique gift to teach them the concept of how a stirling engine works and makes a great decor on their desks!

Gifts for Mechanical Engineering Graduates

Here are some great ideas to celebrate your mechanical engineer new grad or to give to someone who graduated not too long ago!

7. International Space Station Lego Set

For those mechanical engineers who are working in the space or aerospace industry, this very awesome Lego set of the International Space Station is a cool piece to add to their bookshelf! Now that your new grad will be starting their first job soon, and with many Zoom meetings, it’ll be very professional to have this decor in the background to show their love of space! My husband got me this one year for my birthday and I had so much fun making it…highly recommend!


8. Gears Bookends

This beautiful set of gears bookends is an awesome graduation gift for a mechanical engineer! This vintage piece is a super cool addition to their bookshelf to put all their engineering text books they’ve accumulated throughout their years at school. They can even bring this to their office and use it on their desk for their books and binders. To be honest, this could also be a great retirement gift or a Father’s Day gift!

9. Bicycle Repair Kit

Is your new mechanical engineering graduate biking to work? Or maybe they’re just really into everyday or mountain biking. If so, you won’t regret gifting them this bicycle repair kit as a present! The kit comes with Allen wrench, bike pump, tire lever and many more useful tools that all fit into a nice little pouch. The cool thing is, you can attach this onto your bike so you can fix it anywhere and anytime.  

10. Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

Starting your first job after graduating from an engineering degree deserves a special gift for this big celebration! This leather messenger bag is a practical gift that any new grad will find useful to use for work or even to go out on the weekends. It’s made to be durable and have several compartments to store laptops, iPads, notebooks, and wallet. A great choice of graduation gift that they’ll cherish for years to come!

11. Engineer’s Black Book

This book will come in handy for any new mechanical graduates as they embark on their first job! It features lots of formulas and reference table that will come in handy when they’re designing or problem solving. This practical book is laminated so no matter how dirty or greasy your hands are, it will stay in its pristine shape. A useful gift that they might need on a daily basis!

12. Gears Cufflinks

As a new graduate stepping into the business world, this intricate cufflinks makes a great gift to celebrate this transition. The cufflinks are made of copper and it definitely adds personality to any formal business attire they will wear in the future. A detailed piece to mark this special occasion to officially become a mechanical engineer, it’s surely an accessory they’ll cherish forever!

Gifts for Mechanical Engineer Boyfriend

Is your boyfriend a mechanical engineer? Here are some mechanical gifts for him!

13. Multi-Tool Pen Set

This functional and very cool looking pen set is the perfect gift for your mechanical engineer boyfriend! It’s an 8-in-1 tool where there’s a LED flashlight, beer opener, leveler, ruler, screwdriver, and of course, a pen! He’ll be carrying this small practical gift with him whenever he goes and I’m sure it’ll become one of his most useful tool in his repretoire!

14. Prime Video Subscription

An original gift to give to your mechanical engineering boyfriend to celebrate a promotion or simply for his birthday is a Prime Video subscription! He can watch hours of “Mythbusters”, “Silicone Valley”, “How It’s Made”, and even “The Big Bang Theory” and of course, he can also enjoy all the other movies and tv shows that are not engineering related! If he doesn’t already have this, he will sure appreciate you gifting him this Prime Video trial!

15. Soldering Iron Kit with Multimeter

For those mechanical engineers who also love to play with electronics, this soldering iron kit is a must have! This took kit comes with all the essentials to repair appliances, weld circuit boards, or even to make jewelry! All accessories fit inside a practical carrying bag to keep everything in one place. A useful gift your boyfriend would definitely appreciate!

16. Suede Leather Tool Belt

Does your engineer boyfriend likes to fix things around the house? Then consider getting him this suede leather belt to fit all his tools and knickknacks. A practical and fashionable piece at the same time, your boyfriend will love to put it on whenever he can. The belt is adjustable and has many pockets for him to carry whatever tools he needs. Consider getting him this for his birthday or even Christmas!

17. Steampunk Wall Art of Gears

Whenever you think of mechanical engineering, you automatically associate it with gears and pulleys so it’s no surprise that engineers will appreciate this steampunk wall decor of an old factory. This 4-piece artwork will look amazing in any room of the house, especially in the office as it will add a vintage look. Your engineer boyfriend will greatly appreciate this present

18. Engineer Tumbler

Looking for some presents for engineers? Whether it’s your dad, sister, best friend, or boyfriend, this tumbler will do the trick! They’ll appreciate the hilarious but true facts written on the it and the best of all, it’s a practical gift too so I’m sure they’ll be using this tumbler for their morning (and maybe afternoon) coffee at home or at work!

Fun Gifts for Mechanical Engineers

Our blue gifts for friends are sure to make your pals feel loved and cared for!

19. Wooden Marble Run Kit

Your boyfriend would be thrilled to receive this Wooden Marble Run Kit for his birthday, Christmas, or maybe even a promotion! Mechanical engineers will spend hours building this and I’m sure they’ll be mesmerized by the marbles as it moves through the structure. He will guarantee to spend hours on this and will have a blast!


20. DaVinci’s Catapult

Mechanical engineers love building things with their hands so if you’re looking for a fun hands-on gift for your boyfriend, this catapult will definitely intrigue him! It can shoot up to 15 feet so I’m sure he’ll have a fun afternoon making it and then launching the projectiles to see how close he can hit the paper targets. It’s also a cool little piece to put on his office desk as it is quite a good conversation starter! 

21. Magnetic Silicone Building Set

This magnetic silicone building set from Speks is a fun toy for office or home desk. Each set comes with 8 pieces that allows you to freely use your creativeness to attach them however you like. Many people like to fidget with a pen to concentrate so this cool gift replaces that. Who knows, maybe this fun gift can even help their mind focus so they can work even more efficient in their engineering job!

22. Kinetic Asteroid Perpetual Motion Desk Toy

This perpetual motion desk toy is a fun piece to add to any mechanical engineer’s office or home desk! It’s definitely a great conversation starter once activated and is just a cool decor to have around. It’s powered by a 9V battery. A cool piece that young and old alike would find mesmerizing!

23. “I’m Not Arguing” T-shirt

This funny tshirt will be appreciated by all fields of engineering, including mechanical engineers. Engineers like to think they are always right so they’ll appreciate the humour. This tee also comes in different colors and also different sizes for men, women, and youth. 

24. K’NEX Architecture: London Eye

Looking for some fun mechanical engineering toys for adults? This K’NEX kit checks that box! It comes with 1861 pieces that assembles into a 2 feet high London Eye Ferris Wheel. The cool thing is it comes with a motor so the ferris wheel actually moves. Any mechanical engineer will find this super fun and will guarantee to spend a delightful afternoon building this cool structure!

Gadgets for Mechanical Engineers

Mechies love cool gadgets, whether it’s for work or just for fun, so hopefully they’ll love these gadgets below!

25. 3D Resin Printer

There’s no doubt that any mechanical engineers would love to have a 3D printer at home! Unlike the typical 3D printers that extrudes filaments to print layer by layer, a 3D resin printer uses UV light to harden the resin which creates the part you want to print. Resin printers can print more precisely allowing sharper edges and corners. This can print up to a volume of 7.08″ x 6.45″ x 4.03″. Trust me, any mechanical engineer will be ecstatic to get this cool gift!


26. Laser Engraver

If the mechanical engineer in your life is also quite artistic then this laser engraver is a must have gadget! It allows you to engrave any images or words on a variety of surfaces like paper, plastic, wood, leather, and even fruit peel! It works alongside an app which allows you to edit the photos and add text before you do the engraving. They’ll have hours of fun playing with this cool mechanical engineer toy!

27. 3D Mouse 

A lot of mechanical engineers need to use CAD software to design their products in 3D and this 3D space mouse is literally one of the most useful gadget there is! It has a 6 degree of freedom sensor which allows you to precisely navigate your 3D model in whichever direction you like. You can freely rotate, zoom in and out, and pan. I’m a mechanical engineer and I can guarantee that once you start using this 3D mouse, you won’t be able to work without it! They’ll be grateful you got this for them!

28. Dewalt Drill/Driver Kit

Mechanical engineers likely love to do projects around the house so this drill/driver kit with 45 piece drill bit set will soon become one of his most essential tools! Whether he’s working on his passion project or fixing the house up, this tool with definitely come in handy…you’ll be sure this gift won’t be laying around collecting dust! 

29. CNC Machine

As part of the mechanical engineering program at university, students need to learn and understand how to use a CNC machine so having a mini version at home to play with will be such a fun gift! This CNC machine has a working area of 11.8″ x 7.1″ x 1.8” and is capable of cutting plastics, soft aluminum, wood, and a variety of materials. Any young engineers (and old alike) would love having this gadget to play with in their spare time!

30. First-Person Drone Combo

If you’re thinking of splurging on your friend or family member who’s a mechanical engineer, then you should consider getting them this drone combo! It allows you to experience flying with the help of the immersive goggles. It can also capture high quality video footage that is great for vacation. This present is definitely more on the luxurious side but the recipient will absolutely love you for it! 

Unique Gifts for Mechanical Engineers

Looking for some birthday gifts that are unique for budding engineers? Get some inspiration from the list below!

31. Beer Pong Table Set

If you’ve studied engineering then you’re no stranger to beer pong! The popular university drinking game will bring back lots of memories and will remind any engineers the good ole days. It’s also a fun game if you’re hosting a party or family BBQ. This lightweight and water resistant table can be easily stored away and comes with ping pong balls and cups. You’ll be all set for your next party! 

32. Rainbow Duck Tape Set

Mechanical engineers are known to fix everything with duct tape so giving this gift to a fellow engineer will make them laugh for sure! Unlike the typical grey duct tape we see at the store, this set comes with 6 different colors of the rainbow. This definitely falls into our list of funny gifts which is also practical, your engineering friend will love the humour! 


33. Precision Cutting Board

For those mechanical engineers who are also a great chef, this unique cutting board is exactly what they need! This 9″x12″ bamboo cutting board have measurements on it for those who want to achieve exact slicing. Even if your friend, husband, or girlfriend isn’t obsessive with their vegetable cutting, it’s definitely an unordinary piece of kitchen tool that they’ll find cool!

34. Ford Mustang V8 Model Kit

A lot of people study mechanical engineering because of their love for cars and engines. If your family member or friend is a car fanatic then this super unique 1:3 scale Ford Mustang V8 Model will get them very excited! It comes withs 200 parts to assemble and does not require any glue. Some parts are transparent to allow you to see the moving parts spin and light up. It also comes with a collector’s manual. It is a bit on the pricey side but the uniqueness of this present will surely bring a huge smile to any engineer’s face!

35. Metal Pipe & Gear Hanging Rack

This unique hanging rack and wall shelf will be a great gift for mechanical engineers who love rustic home decors. They can install this at the entrance of their place to put their keys and phones and also to hang their jackets and umbrellas. It also makes a great decorative piece in the bedroom too. This steampunk design will without a doubt add a cool vibe to any room, I’m sure they’ll love it!

Best Christmas Gifts for Mechanical Engineers

Here are a list of special gifts or stocking stuffers to give your mechanical engineer! 

36. Relic by Fossil Men’s Watch

This really cool looking watch will surely be loved by your boyfriend, husband, or dad who’s an engineer! The intricate design of the exposed gears will leave any mechanical engineer in awe and they’ll love to show them off to their friends and coworkers! The watch is water resistant up to a depth of 50 m and the leather strap makes it quite classy. This special gift would definitely be a highlight among all their other Christmas presents!

37. Gear Wall Clock

Looking for a unique Christmas gift for a special mechanical engineer? This vintage wall clock with gears will make a great addition to any household! Perfect for engineers to hang up in their workshop, their office, or simply their bedroom, I’m sure they’ll be delighted to receive such a cool gift!

38. Personalized Toolbox Ornament

This cute toolbox ornament is a great stocking stuffer for your male or female mechanical engineer! They allow you to personalize it with their name and date, adding a personal touch to it. They’ll appreciate this little gift and will be reminded of you every Christmas when they hang up this special ornament on their tree!

39. Tool Kit with Storage Case

This last gift is for all the female mechanical engineers out there! This 44-piece tool set has everything you need. Cordless screwdriver, hammer, pliers, wrenches…the list goes on! As a female mechanical engineer myself, this tool set is the ideal practical Christmas gift that they will keep with them for years to come! The color is subtle but shows your feminine side. It will surely become her favourite essential tool at home!

Hope you were able to find some practical gifts for the mechanical engineers in your life! Whether it’s for a graduation, retirement, or just birthdays, it’s always nice to receive a present that’s related to your field of interest. Who knows, these gift ideas might come in handy at work or at home, because mechanical engineers tend to use their knowledge in all aspects of life so hopefully you’ll find that special gift for them!