26 Thoughtful Gifts for Judges & Lawyers

best gift ideas for judges and lawyers

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Judges and lawyers can be some of the most challenging people to give gifts for as they can be serious and intimidating when it comes to practicing their profession. Whether shopping for Christmas, retirement gifts, or for swearing in ceremonies, finding the right gift can be a bit difficult if you don’t know where to start.

But don’t fret, we are laying out the groundwork for you! Read on for our list of lawyer themed gifts thoughtfully curated with lawyers, judges, and anyone in the legal profession in mind!

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1. Symbols of Law & Justice Pen

A multi-functional pen that’s sleek, classy looking, and embellished with symbols of law and government is the perfect gift for your lawyer or judge friend. This pen details a LED light tip for acting as a mini flashlight in the dark and a stylus cap that works great with touch screen devices – a stylish and useful accessory that they will appreciate.

2. Scale of Justice Cosmetic Organizer

For the female judges in your circle, delight her with this vintage style cosmetic and jewelry display tray in a scales of justice design! A decorative piece, this gift can be placed in her bedroom nightstand or foyer as a catch all for keys. It will also look right at home as an elegant design accent for her office!

3. Neck Massage Pillow

Being a judge or a lawyer is guaranteed to be stressful. Whether they’re dealing with difficult clients, pouring over case files or doing humongous piles of paperwork; headaches, neck and back pain are sure to be mainstays in their work lives. Give them an easy way to relax and work out those tense muscles with this neck pillow massager and watch them swoon over in relief and gratitude!


4. Initials Cufflinks & Tie Clip Set

For lawyers who have to look clean cut and polished in the office or courtroom, you can’t go wrong with gifting them with sleek, stainless steel cuff links and a matching necktie clip bar. Make your gift really special by personalizing this set with their initials that adds just the right amount of class and oomph to their work wear ensemble!

5. Novelty Coffee Mug

For your favorite lawyer or judge friends, this humorous coffee mug is guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces every morning. This ceramic novelty mug features the words, “First the coffee, then the Justice” – a funny and sarcastic quip that’s apt for the office coffee routine they have. They’ll be sure to remember you in amusement with each sip!

6. Funko Pop Ruth Bader Ginsburg

A gift that’s both fun and inspiring, this Funko Pop! AD Icons: Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the ideal option for young aspiring lawyers! A celebrated pop culture icon, RBG is a champion for women’s rights and equality, LGBTQ rights and other marginalized and just causes – a fitting role model for those in the law practice. This cute Funko will look right at home on their office desk!


7. Scales of Justice Christmas Tree Ornament

Lawyers and judges can be a serious and professional bunch most of the time but not when it comes to the Christmas holidays! This whimsical old world Christmas ornament features a vibrant, glass blown scales of justice design that’s definitely a gorgeous addition to any Christmas tree. It’s a unique and special keepsake that’ll make them fondly remember you every Christmas time.

8. Anubis Scales of Justice Statue

For lawyers and judges who are lovers of mythology or appreciate ancient civilizations and cultures, this exquisite statue is a beautiful decor piece that’ll fit right in their office! Anubis is an ancient Egyptian god of the dead and is gorgeously detailed holding his Scale of Justice. The eye-catching resin statue stands 10 inches tall and is sure to be a conversation starter for everyone!

9. Scale of Justice Pendant Necklace

Make your female judge or lawyer friends feel special and loved with a sparkling jewelry necklace to complete their work outfits. Hanging from a dainty sterling silver chain, this pendant features a Scale of Justice circle pendant that’s surrounded by sparkling rhinestones – a timeless and elegant design that’s apt for a profession that’s as old as time.

10. Scales of Justice Print Dress Socks

If you’re looking for a practical gift that your lawyer or judge friend will find useful and cool at the same time, this pair of hipster print dress socks will tip the scales in your favor! Made with premium blend cotton, these socks feature an understated dark blue shade with an arresting orange scales of justice print – a cool combination to complete a dapper ensemble!

11. Desktop Punching Bag

Stressful and frustrating occurrences are second nature when working in a law office. Get the lawyer and judge in your life this special, stress-busting treat that’s sure to drive their tensions away – and they will love you for it! This desktop punching ball suctions on any flat surface and will do a great job when placed on their desk, for quick and instant stress relief at arms’ length!

12. Legal Executive Decision Maker Paperweight

For your judge friend who’s indecisive when it comes to issues both in and out of the workplace, this funny yet functional decorative legal executive decision maker paperweight will definitely make them smile. It does the job of weighing down a bundle of paperwork with its heavy weight, while the spinner circles around funny decisive statements to help your friend make up their mind – a gag gift that’s perfect for any decision-making occasion!

13. Wooden Bookends with Drawers

Judges and lawyers almost always have a scary amount of books in their offices, don’t you agree? For those who love collecting books, they will surely love these classically designed wooden bookends! These decorative pieces hold heavy books in place, and it comes with 4 hidden drawers – perfect for secret storage nooks hiding in plain sight!

14. Vegan Leather Portfolio

For a lawyer who’s always on the go, this vegan leather business portfolio is a great gift to keep their documents and paperwork organized. It’s a sleek and smart storage organizer that comes with an ID pocket, card holders, a solar calculator, a pen holder, a writing pad and a number of storage slots for documents. It even comes with a tablet holder – the ultimate organizer they will surely love!

Gifts for Judge Investiture

If you have a new judge in your circle of friends or family, help them celebrate their career milestone with these thoughtful gifts!

15. Royal Reserve Whiskey Set

Celebrate the accomplishment of your favorite judge by gifting them with this gorgeous Royal Reserve Whiskey Set. It comes with a stunning pinewood decorative storage box that includes two crystal whiskey glasses, 8 whiskey stones, 2 exquisite stone coasters, tongs, cocktail recipe cards and a velvet pouch. Decorative and functional in the office – a great way to celebrate their wins at the end of the day!

16. Customized Wooden Gavel & Sound Block

For your judge who’s celebrating their investiture or their retirement, here’s a custom gift that they will absolutely love! This wooden gavel and sound block set features exquisitely carved wood, with the gavel detailing a gold metal plate engraved with your judge’s name, title or even a sentimental quote. It’s definitely a memorable piece that judges will love and appreciate.

17. Gourmet Foods Gift Basket

For the judge who already has everything, you can’t go wrong with gifting them this delicious gourmet food basket! The California Delicious Golden State Food Basket is a 12-piece set that comes with a bottle of wine and a selection of nuts, cheese, meats, dried fruits and chocolate – an orgasmic combination that’s apt for celebrating your friend who deserves everything!

18. Lady Justice Sculpture

A popular and ideal gift for celebrating a judge’s achievement, this Lady Justice Statue is a wonderful addition to their office decor that your favorite judge will surely love. Exquisitely sculpted by master artisans using cold cast resin mixed with bronze powder, this statue stands 12.5 inches tall and details the Lady Justice holding the Scales and Sword of Justice.

Gifts for Swearing in Ceremony

Help commemorate the start of a new lawyer’s professional journey with wonderful presents that will surely make them feel special!

19. Scales of Justice Necktie

Complete your lawyer husband, friend or family member’s oath taking ceremony outfit with this snazzy Scales of Justice print necktie! It comes in a standard-sized necktie with a premium polyester microfiber blend in an elegant black and gold combination – a fitting clothing accessory for those working in the legal profession.

20. Personalized Card & Pen Holder for Lawyers

Looking for a custom gift to celebrate your new lawyer’s swearing in ceremony? This personalized pen and card holder will definitely look great on his new desk or office! Handmade with premium rosewood, this card holder comes with an elegant clock and masterfully engraved with a Scale of Justice design with your lawyer’s name – it also comes with a matching engraved pen too!

21. Samsonite Leather Briefcase

To celebrate the start of a new lawyer’s career, gift them with a classic piece of daytime work portfolio that they will surely love! The Samsonite Leather Flapover Briefcase is crafted from genuine leather and is guaranteed to be durable and long-lasting, suited for your lawyer’s long years of service ahead! A must-have leather piece that’s both stylish and functional for a very special person.

22. Personalized Wax Seal Stamp Kit

A special occasion deserves a special gift, more so for the new lawyer in your family or circle of friends! A custom gift that they can use for personal letters and correspondence, this personalized wax seal stamp set comes with a wooden stamp customized with their name and initial, plus sealing wax, all wrapped up in a pretty box – a gift that will earn you their seal of approval!

Funny Gifts for Judges

Lawyers and judges aren’t serious all the time. Give them the gift of laughter with these funny gifts that’s guaranteed to make them smile!

23. Lavender Soy Candle

A funny gift that will amuse and relax them at the same time, this lavender scented soy wax is perfect for your hard-working judge friend! Help them ease their work-related tension and anxieties in the office when they light up this relaxing aromatherapy candle. It also comes with a funny phrase that’s sure to tickle their fancy!

24. Funny Casual T-Shirt

Let your favorite lawyer relax and lounge about with this funny t-shirt during casual Fridays at work! Made from 100% cotton with a comfortable fit, this black t-shirt funnily features one of the most standard and overused terms in the law profession – “Allegedly”! It will surely bring a smile to your lawyer or judge friend – while still adding that casual chic vibe to their ensemble!

25. World’s Funniest Lawyer Jokes

Everybody loves a good lawyer joke – including fellow lawyers and judges! Bring a dose of fun and laughter to your friend or family member in the legal profession with The World’s Funniest Lawyer Jokes: A Caseload of Jurisprudential Jests. Yes, it pokes fun at their profession but that’s the beauty of it – they actually enjoy lawyer-aimed humor!


26. Funny Legal Advice Tumbler

A funny gift that’s extremely useful in their home or workplace, this Funny Legal Advice tumbler is perfect for your law profession friends who always loves to have a drink at hand. Be it for hot or cold drinks, this double wall vacuum insulated tumbler will keep their drinks at the ideal temperature for hours – perfect for someone who works long hours!

With all these special gift ideas, you’re bound to pick a thoughtful and special gift that’s perfect for the judge or lawyer in your life. These unique gifts help level up your savvy gift-giving skills and are the perfect gift options for birthdays, holidays, retirement parties, career milestones and other special occasions your friends and family in the legal profession will love!