38 Best Gifts for History Buffs That Any History Lover Will Find Cool

Gift ideas for history lovers

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Finding gifts for history buffs can be a real challenge, especially if you’re not one yourself. They probably already have the most famous books and documentaries, so what else could they possibly want?  

We’ve curated a list of gift ideas that range from the slightly-less-well read to the true Renaissance nerds in your life. Whether it’s a logo-ed mug with the name of their favorite period or a coffee mug with an interesting book complete with all the historical facts, this list will surely inspire their imagination and push them to keep learning even more about the world around us!

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Gifts for History Teachers

History teachers are a rare breed that is passionate about their subject but often under-appreciated for their talents. Whether your teacher enjoys talking about the Civil War or likes taking students on field trips to ancient ruins, these history-inspired gifts will help you show your gratitude!

1. Vintage Coaster

Keep your history teacher’s tables safe from water stains with these beautiful and functional coasters. These absorbent stone coasters absorb sweating or spilled drinks without making a mess. Cork-backed to protect any surface, this coaster set of four comes in a printed gift box and makes the perfect gift for every history teacher!

2. Antique Quill Pen

For history teachers who always need a good pen, this item is the best gift to give. Quill pens are ancient writing instruments. Historical figures used them for writing and signing documents in the past. This ancient quill pen is designed to look like one from that period. Despite its antique appearance, this traditional quill pen writes fluidly, almost as if it were a new fountain pen or ballpoint pen. It features a durable steel tip that produces bold and consistent lettering on paper. 

3. World Map Pencil Holder

Expertly crafted and well made, this World Map Pencil Holder is the perfect addition to any desk or office space. Each pen holder is handmade from paperboard wrapped in leather, with a black interior lining and bottom. It is the perfect holder for your history teacher’s pens, pencils, erasers, scissors, knives, and more.

4. Julius Caesar Pen Holder

I’m sure your history teacher has taught you a lot in class about Julius Caesar so it would be cool to show them that you paid attention by gifting them this pen holder! This item is a special and unique gift that can be a fun addition to his faculty desk. Brighten up your teacher’s day with historic gifts like these that are sure to be treasured!

5. History of WWII Poster

The History of World War II print is a great gift for history teachers, history majors, and military veterans. It shows the historical events that led to WWII between 1939 and 1945. This poster makes an excellent conversation piece for home decor or office. This present is perfect for people who teach how the conflict in Europe with Nazi Germany started.

6. I Teach History T-Shirt

History teachers know a lot so it’s time to treat them to something unique and funny like this t-shirt! Teachers will surely love this awesome and witty design. It basically represents the philosophy that teachers are the heart of any community. It’s the perfect t-shirt to show their love for history.

7. World History Timeline Map

An interesting gift for an educator or curious person, this item is a huge map of the most important historical events in human history. Inspired by passionate discussions and animated story-telling, this stunning map will inspire people of all ages to learn more about world history. Each event has been meticulously researched and includes a description of what happened. A thoughtful present for teachers, this gift can help them remember their history lessons for their classes.


8. NatGeo’s Visual History of the World

Offering an authoritative yet engaging look at world history, this book is an indispensable guide for anyone with a desire to understand the past better and become more cultured. Framed by a timeline that runs through the centuries, each chapter focuses on a particular period and discusses the key inventions and innovations that made that era unique in human history. This present could be a great help for history teachers to aid their lessons.

9. WWII Propaganda Posters

Brilliant colors, vintage fonts, and wartime imagery bring to life these propaganda posters created in the 1940s. Perfect for history enthusiasts and those who want to add a vintage touch to their home decor, this collection of five poster prints are sure to be conversation starters. These historical gifts have original images printed on heavy-duty photo paper with a matte finish for easy framing.

10. Vintage World Globe

This vintage-looking world globe is the perfect gift for your world history teacher! It will definitely come in handy when they teach as they can point to any country they want depending on what the history lesson is about. They’ll love having this elegant piece as an addition to their office desk!

11. Historical Persons Socks

Make your history teacher wear the best and most popular socks in the world! A one-size-fits-all, these socks featuring famous historical people are made of soft combed cotton and feature arch support. It will inspire history fans to stop, reflect and celebrate the people who have changed our world—an excellent gift for teachers and history buffs alike.

12. Bordeaux Journal

A sophisticated nod to history, this elegant journal celebrates the 16th-century Breviarium Romanum, daily prayers prescribed by the Catholic Church. Ornate tracery decorates a metalized case-bound cover. Each richly embellished interior page shines with gilded edges and end-papers—an ideal gift for someone who holds their personal journaling sacred like history teachers.

Gifts for WWII Buffs

World War II buffs will flip when they unwrap any of the tremendous gifts from our list below!

13. Authentic WWII Coins

War coins are a great gift for WWII enthusiasts and anyone interested in military history, especially if they are collecting WWII memorabilia. If you are looking for a small but meaningful gift, these coins from WWII Japan will be perfect. A certificate of authenticity is provided, so you know these coins have come directly from a legit collection. These WWII-era coins are smaller than nickel because Japan was very poor at that time, and the currency was made of aluminum.

14. Original Piece of the Berlin Wall

Let your favorite history nerd own a part of one of the popular historical events in the world with this genuine, original section of the Berlin Wall. This historic gift once divided East and West Germany. The wall is mounted within an acrylic display and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. A conversation piece, home or office decor, or educational display, this item is truly unique and has great historical significance.


15. WWII Visual History

This visual history book is the best gift for WWII enthusiasts in your life. You’ll discover how this devastating event unfolded through rarely seen color photographs, international maps, and timelines. The text is concise, informative, and organized in a logical order. The book also contains thought-provoking profiles of key players, including national leaders, combatants on the frontline, and civilians left behind.

16. WWII US Military Canteen Kit

This canteen is a perfect gift for war history nerds. Don’t let the vintage look fool you, as it will still serve your basic needs on your next camping trip. Made of food grade stainless steel, its durable body is built to last a long time. A leather handle makes it easy to carry this canteen on any adventure. It also comes with a water cup, a carrying case, and a carabiner to attach to your pack. Bring along this history themed canteen for all of your outdoor drinking adventures.

17. Hilter Set of Coins & Album

This album which captures the story of Hitler also contains coins and notes from WWII…definitely an interesting gift that will catch any historian’s eye! The whole set is packaged elegantly in an album and even comes with a certificate of authenticity…I’m sure any history lover will find this gift intriguing!

18. WWII Tanks T-Shirt

The best gift for historians and history majors, the WWII Tanks T-Shirt shows off the best tanks of the war. It sports a retro vintage aesthetic and features iconic tanks which include the legendary American M26 Pershing, Soviet’s T-34, German’s Tiger I & II, Panzer IV and Jagdpanther, and more. Your history-loving friend will surely appreciate this gift!

19. Eyewitness to World War II Book

Eyewitness to World War II is a unique, factual account that combines the personal reflections of everyday people with official documents and photographs to vividly illustrate the crucial events that defined this pivotal turning point in history. Through eyewitness accounts and unpublished diaries written during this time, Eyewitness World War II transforms the views of history nerds of these pivotal years in American life—an interesting read for all World Wide II enthusiasts.

20. US Army WWII Challenge Coin

From World War II to the present day, US soldiers have proudly carried this challenge coin into battle for their country. Your US history friend can now also carry the torch of courage and make a difference in the world besides these great men and women. Honor the courage and sacrifice of soldiers with this WWII challenge memorabilia coin. 

Gifts for War History Buffs

Let the battle begin! These gifts will win over the war buffs, military fanatics, and history buffs in your life! 

21. British Army Uniforms Book

This history themed book is an essential read for war fans and military historians. It goes into details of the uniforms of the British army and how it has changes over the years between 1751 to 1783. It shows colorful images of the uniforms and describes them in detail. For any historians who are fascinated by this level of detail, they will surely find this an interesting read!

22. Civil War 150th Anniversary Commemorative Set

This commemorative set celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Civil War in America. It comes with a stamp that honors the battle of Shiloh, a gold coin that commemorates the site of the Battle of Gettysburg, and an actual bullet recovered from the Civil War battle site! This is definitely a keepsake for any history buffs..especially if they are big on American history!

23. Battles that Changed History Book

History majors will love this book as they will discover how pivotal moments and tactical decisions have shaped the world. Containing over 90 important battles—medieval clashes, great naval conflicts, and high-tech air battles—this unique present has many illustrations and profiles of top military leaders. This reference book would make a great gift for any war history fan in your life!

24. War Weapon Wall Art

If you know someone who loves the military, guns, tanks, soldiers, artillery, and battleships, then this war weapon wall art is definitely something you should considering buying them! This military-themed war weapon wall art is great for collectors, service members, veterans, and anyone who appreciates the rich history behind these powerful symbols of combat. These cool, unique home decorations are perfect for the veteran or history lover in your life!

25. War Bomber T-Shirt

Learning about war planes is something history lovers are really interested in! If you’re looking for a gift for them then this B-17 Bomber t-shirt is exactly what you are looking for! This vintage design matched with the army green tee, I’m sure this will become one of their favourite shirts to wear!


Gifts for American History Lovers

Moving beyond textbooks and into a range of fun and geeky gifts, these selections will keep US history lovers happy for years!

26. We The People Whiskey Glass

The Constitution of the United States is one of the most important documents in history. It is also wrapped around this glass for all to see and appreciate. Grab a pair of these 10 oz glasses for US history nerds, pour two fingers of his favorite whiskey, and hold up the Constitution Glass to toast the good old US.

27. Presidential Slogan Coffee Mug

An instant classic amongst history themed items, the Presidential Slogan Mug is ideal for anyone who enjoys collecting political memorabilia. The mug features 29 famous slogans from 29 presidential campaigns. A dishwasher and microwave-safe item, the mug is a superb gift idea and an excellent collector’s item!

28. Long May She Wave Postcards

Handpicked by legendary designer Kit Hinrichs, these postcards showcase 100 images of the American flag—a cultural object as much as an object of cultural significance. From Civil War-era banners to Native American moccasins, contemporary art, and ephemera, this fascinating collection is perfect for US history buffs or folk art aficionados.

29. NatGeo’s The Old West

A historical gift for your loved one, take a trip through the thrilling history of the American West! You’ll read the famous tales about Lewis and Clark and even Buffalo Bill. It is filled with colorful photographs and maps, where you’ll learn about Indians, cowboys, fur traders, and many more! This unique book honors America’s old-fashioned sense of adventure. 

30. 9/11 Pin

What makes this an interesting gift is the significance of the day it commemorates. It’s not something you’ll be able to find any time soon, making this a rare and special commemorative pin. If you love US history, especially anything related to September 11th, this pin should be of great interest. It shows the love for the country and a symbol of respect and remembrance for those who lost their lives on that day.

Cool Gifts for History Buffs

From books to games to home decors and more, these cool historical gifts will appeal even to the most discerning of history fans!

31. Henry VIII Disappearing Coffee Mug

Discover the fascinating history of Henry VIII and all his wives in this clever heat-changing mug. Pour in any hot beverage and watch as their portraits disappear one by one, leaving behind only their names and details of their departures from this world. This is one amazing mug, and your history buff friend will find this a unique gift that makes history come alive every time!

32. Sherman Tank Model

Give this tank to avid WWII enthusiasts who will appreciate the realistic details and great engineering of the model. This assembly kit of the US Sherman Tank features accurate detail and built-in realism with its die-cast metal lower hull and upper chassis. The turret has also been recreated with sufficient precision that it can be rotated after assembly—a unique gift for history fans out there.

33. Vikings Knife

If you know someone who has a Viking heritage or simply loves the history and legends of Vikings’ Norsemen, this unique hand-forged necklace knife is a great gift choice. At 2 inches long and just over 3 inches overall, it can be worn as an everyday piece of jewelry around the neck when not in use or kept in its leather sheath until needed. No matter how he chooses to wear it, it’s sure to get him noticed! It’s a perfect way to display Viking pride.

34. US Presidents Jigsaw Puzzle

History fans and those passionate about politics will get a kick out of this 15-puzzle set, which features puzzles for each of the presidents on Mount Rushmore. This 1000-piece puzzle comes together to form a timeline of 45 US Presidents, the years they served, the term number, and their political party affiliation. It will make for a fun afternoon activity for the whole family and is sure to become a cherished piece of any historians’ home.

35. Chronology Board Game

History nerds and historians will surely love this interesting gift. With more than 800 events on double-sided cards, Chronology will challenge users to place the cards in their proper order. If correct, they’ll be required to share a little history to keep the card. The player with the most cards at the end wins. This is the perfect game for any history fans out there.

Christmas Gifts for History Lovers

If you are looking for a unique holiday gift for a history lover, look no further. We have the best Christmas gifts for history fanatics of all ages and interests!

36. Lincoln Christmas Ornament

Add a touch of golden elegance to the holiday tree with this 1999 US Capitol Christmas ornament, honoring the administration of Abraham Lincoln, who served as the sixteenth president of the United States from 1861 to 1865. Crafted from 24-karat gold-finished brass with porcelain stone, this history-themed Christmas ornament is made in the US. It comes with a brochure describing its inspiration and historical background.

37. Amazon Prime Video Subscription

With an Amazon Prime Video subscription, you can treat your favorite history enthusiast with a movie marathon of all classic and latest movies and documentaries about world wars and historical events wherever and whenever they want. This is the best gift one can have, especially during the cozy holiday season!

38. Ancient Egypt Christmas Ornament

History fans and history majors will love this ornament that recalls the great era of ancient Egypt. Hand-painted to capture the fine details of the cat’s facial expression, this finely sculpted ornament is a stunning addition to any tree. The fine details of this hand-painted ornament and its ability to invoke Egyptian culture and mythology will make it an attractive purchase. It is an attractive historic gift item, especially for those interested in historical events.

History aficionados are a varied bunch. Some love to read, others are more into documentaries, and others have a natural curiosity about the past that just can’t be contained with books or videos. That’s why we brought together practical gifts and fun gifts ideas inspired by the past, present, and future.

 I really hope these gift ideas we provided can be useful for any history buff! They’re sure to make any history nerd think you went the extra mile to put together a thoughtful and original gift. So if you have a historical nerd in your life, the odds are high that one of these gifts will be right up their alley!