26 Best Gifts for Football Fans That Any Football Player Would Love

Gifts for Football LOvers

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Football is a huge pastime sport with a massive fan base everywhere. So, it shouldn’t be surprising at all to know you’ve got plenty of people in your family, work and social circle who are football fanatics!

Buying presents for football fans is easy as pie, but it can become quite overwhelming considering the volume of choices you are presented with. To help you out, we’ve compiled an extensive list of football themed gifts that are perfect for birthdays, special occasions and holidays!

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Football Gifts for Men

For guys who loves a good NFL game, here are some funny, football related gifts to make him love the sport all the more!

1. Football Display Case

The ultimate gift for your man who loves collecting football memorabilia, this football display case will showcase his precious autographed football to perfection! Ideal for his man cave, this clear case is also laboratory tested to block up to 98% of harmful UV light – a gift that he will truly appreciate.

2. Vintage Football Cards

Perfect for guys who love collecting NFL player cards, this pack of vintage football cards is definitely an awesome addition to his card collection! Each pack comes sealed in its original sealed wax packaging in mint condition and contains 100 authentic NFL football trading cards.

3. Personalized Football History Book

An absolute must-have gift for true NFL game fans, this Personalized Football History Book is a great coffee table book or book shelf addition that they will truly appreciate. Choose their favorite team and present them with this book that spans their team’s entire existence and history in newspaper clippings by The Washington Post.


4. Football Wall Decor Prints

A stunning gift any football lover will love to receive, this football wall decor art prints come in a set of 4 beautifully designed poster photos. Done in an aesthetically pleasing particular silhouette design, these prints look great as a set or as individual wall art in his bedroom or man cave.

5. NFL Team-themed Sunglasses

For men who love football, these NFL football themed sunglasses are a practical fashion accessory that they will love to step out in style with! Branded with his favorite NFL team’s logo, these cool sunglasses offer the maximum UVA/UVB protection – a must have for men with an active lifestyle.

6. NFL Team-themed Steak Knives

For the steak man who lives, eats and breathes NFL, this set of NFL Team Themed Steak Knives are a wonderful gift he’ll love to use! This set of 4 heavy-duty steak knives detail custom NFL team print artwork on both sides of the knife – just choose his favorite team!

7. Aerodynamic Football Toy

A fun football toy for guys – both kids and men alike – the Aerobie Sonic Fin Aerodynamic Football toy makes an afternoon at the park a truly enjoyable and fun experience for all. This football toy is perfect as birthday or Christmas gifts for the men in your life.


8. Hover Helmet Display

A cool gift any man would love to display in his man cave or bedroom, this hover helmet display showcases his favorite NFL team’s mini helmet in a unique and eye-catching way! Its innovative design allows the helmet to rotate and levitate on its own, and comes with strategically placed LED lights that highlights the helmet – also works great as a nightlight!

Football Boyfriend Gifts

Looking for special football gifts for him to help kick off the start of the football season? Football baskets with gift items like these would definitely surprise and amaze him to no end!

9. Inflatable Football Toss Target

Perfect for your casual football playing boyfriend who would love to improve his game, this inflatable football toss target is a cool gift that he will love and have fun with! It helps him practice his throwing skills and is an entertaining party game for friends too.

10. Football Tumbler

Give your football-crazed boyfriend a practical gift that he will love and find useful. This football designed insulated tumbler comes with steel straws and a straw brush cleaner, a cool set for keeping his drinks hot or cold according to his preference.

11. Football-themed Dog Tag Necklace

For your man who loves to step out in casual style, this pack of dog tag necklaces is a manly fashion accessory that he will absolutely love! This pack of 12 dog tags feature motivational quotes, a thoughtful and cool gift for your bf and his football team.

12. Football-Shaped Whiskey Stones

For your boyfriend who loves to enjoy a glass of whiskey while watching his football game, you can’t go wrong with this awesome gift! This gift box opens to a 6pc collection of football-shaped whiskey stones – reusable, stainless steel chilling rocks that will keep his whiskey and other favorite drinks cold.

13. NFL Team-themed Throw Blanket

A worthy and eye-catching decorative accent for your boyfriend’s man cave, this NFL Throw Blanket does double duty by keeping him warm, cozy and comfortable as he watches his NFL games on TV – just select his favorite NFL team!

14. NFL Team-themed Silk Touch Bath Robe

Keep your man comfy and cozy with this NFL Themed Silk Touch Bath Robe which he will definitely love wearing! Made with silky soft polyester blend, this robe features his favorite NFL team’s logo, perfect for lounging at home.


Football Gifts Ideas for Boys

Perfect for kids and teenage guys who love football, these gift ideas will definitely make them happy and delighted!

15. Football Bean Bag Chair

A decorative and fun furniture gift for your kid’s room, this plush Football Bean Bag Chair will absolutely delight your football loving son or teen! Can be used for storing their toys or as a soft, comfortable chair, it will look right at home in their room.

16. Under Armour Youth Football Gloves

Help your son improve his football catching skills with these Under Armour gloves designed specifically for catching! This pair is durable and breathable, the ideal pair for long practice sessions and can also be used for other sports and fitness exercises.

17. Eye Black Sticker

Make your football enthusiast son look like a pro with the Franklin Sports Eye Black Stickers for Kids! These peel-off, non-toxic stickers are easy and safe to use, and helps reduce the glare from the sun and bright lights – so he can focus and win his game.

18. Football Helmet Toy Blocks Set

For your boy who loves football themed toys, this NFL Team Helmet Toy Blocks Set will definitely delight him! He’ll have absolute fun building his favorite NFL team’s helmet, with a finished masterpiece that he can proudly display in his room.

Gifts for NFL Fans

Looking for a great gift for a football loving sports fan? Looking no further with these gifts they are guaranteed to love!

19. Wilson NFL Football

The ultimate gift that you can gift to any football lover, they will definitely love the Wilson NFL Super Grip Composite Football. Made from faux leather and a high performance composite material, your football enthusiast will have an enjoyable time playing with this.

20. NFL Team-themed Moccasin Slippers

A footwear style that never goes out of style, give your NFL game fan a pair of officially licensed NFL Team Logo Moccasin Slippers! Detailing a non-slip sole and faux fur lining for added comfort, this pair features their favorite NFL team’s logo for added style.

21. NFL Team-themed Bottle Opener Keychain

A 3-in-1 tool fit for someone who loves football, this NFL Team Themed Keychain keeps their keys secured in style. It also features a bottle opener and a flashlight, and details their favorite NFL team logo front and center!

22. NFL Team-themed Neck Gaiter

A stylish useful accessory that offers protection against heat, cold, wind and dirt, your NFL fan will surely love this version designed with their favorite team logo print! Perfect for casual styling as well as for sports and fitness sessions, this scarf style is perfect for everyday wear.

Unique Football Gifts

Need a great gift that’s unique and one of a kind? These presents will surely amaze and surprise them!

23. Football Shaped Cutting Board

For the football fan who loves to cook, getting them this Football Shaped Cutting Board will definitely make their cooking preparations an enjoyable time! Made from durable bamboo wood that’s lightweight and easy to clean, this cutting board can also be used to set up a gorgeous cheese board.

24. 3D Football Lamp

A unique decorative piece that would make for a great gift for football lovers, this 3D optical illusion lamp is a one-of-a-kind item that they will surely love. This lamp features a football designed acrylic glass and a 7-color changing light switch base.

Football Christmas Gifts

Celebrate the holidays with a specially picked gift that your college football fan or football loving friend will adore!

25. Glow in the Dark Football

A Christmas gift that will surely be loved by any football loving person – kids or adults – this Glow in the Dark Football takes just one bounce for the lights to be activated. It’s definitely a unique item that guarantees an enjoyable and fun playtime for everyone.


26. Football-themed Socks

The perfect Christmas stocking stuffer for fans of football, this pair of Football themed socks will definitely make any recipient smile and laugh with its design. Made with a comfortable cotton blend that’s soft and breathable, it details a funny statement on the soles.

Choosing what to get for your football loving people shouldn’t have to be a hardship for you. This curation of football related gifts is comprised of funny, cool and great gifts for guys who are fans of the NFL game. Each item is picked out to show your appreciation for a true sports fan – be it for teenage guys, a college football fan or for your office football team.