42 Most Practical Beach Gifts for Beach Lovers Who Just Can’t Get Enough of the Sun

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Beach, as the saying goes, is one of the best escapes that anyone can have. Almost everyone is looking forward to an awesome beach trip to bond with their friends and loved ones or sometimes to just rest, relax, and reflect. Before heading to the beach, we have this tendency to shop for items that we could use during the trip or shop for items that we could give for the beach bums in our life. Be it beach gear, beach accessories, or beach-themed gifts, we have compiled a variety of gift ideas to give to people who love the beach!

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Gifts for Beach Vacation

Going on a beach vacation soon? Beach lovers will surely adore the gift ideas listed below. These are beach essentials that they can use right away on a beach trip!

1. Browning Lotion

If the beach bums in your life love getting a nice, warm golden caramel tan, then this product is for them. What makes everyone who used it love it more is that it will leave your skin soft and moist. A perfect gift for a tan-loving beach lover!

2. Aqua Shoes

Not all beaches have smooth sand. Some of the beaches especially the undeveloped ones have rocky sands and walking on them will hurt anyone’s feet. This aqua shoe is a perfect gift for beachgoers to protect their feet from rocky beach sands or rough ocean floors.

3. Inflatable Beach Lounger

If the beach goers in your life just wanted to have a relaxing beach getaway, then this is one of the perfect beach gifts for them! It is quick and easy to set up, lightweight, the sand doesn’t stick to this inflatable beach lounger, and you can even use it in the water. 

4. Beach Tote

Printed tote bags is one of the cute beach gifts you can give to the beach bum in your life. This will make her happy because it has a large capacity, is made of waterproof material, and has a lot of compartments for easy organization. A perfect beach tote to fit all sorts of stuff!

5. Beach Hat

This gift is perfect for beachgoers who are always exposing their faces to the sun. This beach hat is large enough to cover the face to avoid premature aging. Beachgoers will enjoy the sun in style with this cute beach hat.

6. Cover-Ups

Do you know someone who loves going to the beach in style? Then this gift is for them! It is made of breathable and soft material that is perfect for the hot summer days at the beach. This cover-up is very versatile and can be paired up with bikinis, shorts, or even pants. A beach fashionista must have!

7. Board Shorts

A cool board short for the cool dude in your life is one of the perfect beach gifts that anyone can give. This board short comes in different designs, is made of lightweight material, and is very quick to dry. 


8. Rash Guard

Do you know someone who loves surfing, fishing, or going to the beach? This rash guard is one of the cool beach gifts that you can give them. This swimwear is quick-drying, comfortable to wear, has UPF 50+ ultraviolet protection, and has a unique design that will make the beach bum in your life stand out.

9. Floater

This floater is a perfect gift for family or friends who loves going on a beach trip. This giant floater can hold up to 7 adults comfortably, has cup holders, and has a built-in cooler. A perfect lounger while soaking up the sun!

10. Neutrogena Sunscreen Lotion

A beach lover’s day at the beach is not perfect without a bottle of Neutrogena sunscreen lotion. This sunscreen lotion is fragrance-free, non-greasy, lasts for hours, and has helioplex technology that enables broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. This sunscreen allows you to stay out in the sun while protecting your skin!

Practical Beach Gifts

The best kind of gifts are practical gifts since they are useful and can be used repeatedly. We have compiled a list of practical beach gifts to give to the beach bum in your life!

11. Beach Hammock

Regardless of the occasion, a beach hammock is one of the great beach gifts that you can give to a beach lover. It is comfy, compact, easy to set up, and made of premium quality nylon material. A perfect companion for a relaxing beach getaway!

12. Beach Towel

Beach life is not complete without a beach towel. This is one of the most practical beach gifts that you could ever give. This beach towel is lightweight, odorless, quick-drying, absorbable, and easy to carry. This is a go-to beach towel for an avid beachgoer.

13. Portable Speaker

Do you know a beach lover who is also a music lover? Then this gift is for them. This portable speaker features a cool glowing light on the side, it is waterproof and dustproof, has long hours of playtime, and produces great sound quality. This portable speaker is a great device to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach.

14. Dry Bag

Island hopping is fun, however, when there is a strong wave hitting the boat, the waves can get your things wet. This gift is perfect for beach lovers who wants to protect their things from getting wet and avoid additional damage, especially electronic gadgets or other important belongings that they bring during the trip. 


15. Recliner Chair

An ergonomically designed recliner chair that is easy to fold and has a compact structure is one of the great beach gifts that you could give to a beach bum. It will make their trip to the beach relaxing since this recliner chair has a padded seat and backrest, has an adjustable headrest, and has 170-degree adjustment options. This is perfect for lounging in the seashore while sipping a glass of cocktail!

16. Bartender Mini Kit

Sunset watching by the beach is much better while enjoying a glass of cocktail. For your cocktail or alcohol-loving beach bum, this is the perfect gift. It is a complete set that includes a variety of tools such as a shaker, mixing spoon, ice tongs, bottle opener, lemon squeezer, and many more…all the tools you need to make the perfect drink!

17. Foldable Beach Table

This foldable beach table is a perfect accessory for a day at the beach. It is great to use as a small picnic table or to put your belongings throughout the day. It is also made of quality and waterproof materials that will surely love by beachgoers.

18. Portable BBQ Grill

A day at the beach is not complete without barbeque. Beachgoers will surely fall in love with this gift more since this barbeque grill is portable and made of rust-resistant stainless steel. Savor the smoky grilled flavor with the beach bum in your life …this will for sure make your beach trop even more awesome!

19. Snorkeling Gear

One of the fun things to do at the beach is to snorkel. Gift this to the beach lover in your life to enjoy the experience at the beach like never before. This snorkeling gear has anti-fog and anti-leak features for a better view underwater. 

20. Wetsuit

Does the beach bum in your life love scuba diving? Then this suit is for them! This wetsuit is a perfect gift since this will keep the scuba diver warm, which will increase the time they spent underwater. What is cooler about this wetsuit is that it is made of high-density fabrics that will protect beach bums from sunburn, scratches, and jellyfish bites.

Luxury Beach Gifts

Treat the beach bum in your life with luxurious items listed below to make them feel more special and more loved!

21. Beach Tent

One of the luxuries that beach lovers can receive is a beach tent large enough to keep them cool under the blazing sun. What makes this gift even more special is its great airflow that will let the beach lovers enjoy the cool breeze at the beach.

22. Samsonite luggage

If the beach bum in your life loves going to the beach in the Caribbean, then this Samsonite luggage is for them. It is very reliable and durable luggage that beach lovers will be able to maximize its use for every beach trip.

23. Underwater scooter

Beach trips will be more fun for the beach lovers in your life if you will gift them this underwater scooter. This underwater gadget can hold multiple people for a more fun sports time with your loved ones. It also features a smartphone case mount, low battery alert, and a fast 2-hour charging time…allowing you to explore the underworld in a really cool way!

24. Underwater drone

For the photography hobbyist or enthusiasts who happens to love the underwater world, this is the coolest gift for them. It will let them explore underwater unlike any other. It is compact and portable, can be connected to Wi-Fi, and is very easy to use. Spend a fun day at the beach with the beach lover in your life with this cool gift!

25. Kayak

Beach trips will be more fun for the beach bums if they receive an inflatable kayak. This kayak is ultralight, easy to inflate and deflate, and made of high-quality, puncture-resistant materials. Water babies will be able to explore the beach in a relaxed and comfortable way with this cool gift.


26. Inflatable Paddle Board Kit

Spending extra bucks for the beach lover in your life is worth it with this inflatable paddleboard kit. This is a fun gift for beach bums to exercise their balance. It is easy to transport, quick to inflate and deflate, and made of lightweight material, which you can bring anywhere.

27. Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Protect the eyes of the beach lovers in your life with these Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. It has UV protection, is made of lightweight material, and fits perfectly in the face. These aviator sunglasses are not only comfortable to wear but stylish as well.

28. Diver Watch

A diver watch is one of the luxurious gifts that you could give to your thrill-seeking beach lover. This is a smartwatch that can function as a day watch, a dive watch, a fitness tracker, a sleep monitor, a music player, a contactless payment device and so much more! So many gadgets all combined in one watch…anyone receiving this gift will be in awe!

29. Insta 360 Action Camera

A beach trip is not complete without photos and video footage of a memorable getaway. Gift this to the beach bum in your life who loves to document every awesome beach trip. This camera is very compact, keeps shot steady, waterproof, touch screen, and has many other cool features. Anyone who receives this gift will surely love it.

30. Drone

Elevate the video and photo documentation of the beach lover in your life by giving them this Mini Drone. Aerial shots give nothing but stunning video and photo footage. It is a great way to freeze that moment in life where you spend the most awesome beach trip with your family and friends. This gift will surely be appreciated by all the beach bums out there.

Unique Beach Gifts

We all have this one friend or family member who we can’t think of a gift to give them. They are the ones who almost have everything. But don’t fret! We got you covered. We compiled a list of unique beach gift ideas that you can give to beach lovers.

31. Turtle bracelet

This is not your ordinary turtle bracelet. This bracelet comes with a purpose that a portion of the sale goes to cleaning our oceans and rescuing the turtles. A personalized card together with the picture of the turtle, the location of where the turtle was rescued, and its current rehabilitation will also be sent to you. This is a cute and unique gift that you could give to the beach and turtle lovers.

32. Sea Glass Bracelet

Cultured sea glass beads bracelet made of recycled glass material is one of the most unique gifts that you could give to beach lovers. It comes in various radiantly beautiful colors that will complete the look of beach lovers.  

33. Wine Stopper

This unique gift is made for the mermaids and beach lovers out there. It is beautifully crafted in a mermaid silhouette and made of premium quality metal. This gift is perfect for beach parties to keep the flavor, aroma, and color of the wine intact.

34. Mermaid Tail Blanket

A mermaid tail blanket is a unique present to give to the fashionable beach lover. This blanket is made of acrylic knitted fiber that’s nice and warm. This will serve as a perfect companion when chasing for the sunrise or staying overnight in a beach camp.

35. TicTac Board Game

Game nights during beach getaways should never be boring. Gift this to the beach lover in your life who loves to host game nights for hours of added enjoyment with your friends or loved ones. This tictac board game is versatile and can also be used as home décor. This is one of the funny beach gifts that will encourage conversation among family and friends for a fun-filled night at the beach.

Beach Gifts for Mom

Our moms are the best person in the world, and they deserve nothing but the best beach gifts there is. If you’re still thinking of gifts to give to your beach-loving moms, browse through the list below to give you an idea of what to give.

36. Picnic Basket

If your mom loves to prepare foods for picnics or during beach trips, then this gift is perfect for her. It has great insulation to keep the drinks cold or the food hot wherever you are planning to use this. It also features a padded handle for comfort in carrying the picnic basket and a foldable design for easy storage and transportation. Your mom will love this picnic basket for sure!

37. Beach Themed Coaster

For moms who love to decorate and who love the beach, this gift is something that they will surely appreciate. This beach-themed coaster has a dual function. It can be used as a coaster or as kitchen décor. It also comes in a solid holder with a corkboard at the bottom so as not to damage any home furniture. This coaster will give a beachy feel to your home.

38. Throw Pillow

Does your mom want to achieve that beach vibe décor at home? Then this gift is perfect for her! This beach-themed throw pillow has very good embroidery using bright and colorful threads. The fabric used for the throw pillow is thick and the zipper at the bottom is almost invisible. Perfect gift for the perfect mom!

39. Beach Scented Candles

Moms love it when the house smells good. Gift this to your mom to remind her of the beautiful memories you had as a family on the beach. This beach-scented candle is made of soy wax for a clean burn. It is also lead-free and enclosed in a frosted glass jar. What is more to love about this beach scented candle is that the fragrance is enhanced with eucalyptus, cedarwood, fir needle, patchouli, and vetiver essential oils. 

40. Beach Scented Essential Oil

The beach-scented essential oil will complete the beach vibe in your mom’s house. This set of beach-scented essential oil will surely take your mom on vacation without having one. This gift will also make your mom happy as it will leave the house smelling very summery and beachy. 

Christmas Gifts for Beach Lovers

Beach-loving people have a passion for the beach all year round. They wanted to keep that feeling of being on a beach or vacation for a more relaxing vibe at home. If you are looking for Christmas stocking stuffers or gifts to give to your beach-loving family or friend, then the following items will surely help you tick that wish list.

41. Shell Ornaments

These shell ornaments will be a great addition to any beach lovers Christmas tree! It is also a great gift for beach-loving people to help them achieve that beach vibe even on Christmas. Moreover, this décor is versatile and even after Christmas, it can also be used as home décor.

42. Shell Christmas Light

These shell Christmas lights will complete the beach-themed Christmas tree of the beach bum in your life. It features 30 LED lights. The wire used is made of copper and it is water resistant and durable. The Christmas light is battery-operated and comes with remote control with a timer function. Aside from Christmas, the beach bum in your life can use this gift as home décor or for other occasions.

Beach lovers or not, we can all agree that the beach has this healing effect. It makes our mind, body, and spirit feel better. It makes us remember the happy memories we had with our friends and loved ones and it makes us want to go back. With the variety of gift ideas from beach gifts for moms to unique beach gifts, I hope we help you find something that will make the beach lover in your life happy!