47 Cool Gifts for Basketball Lovers Who Absolutely Love the Game

Best Basketball Gifts

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Who doesn’t love basketball? It’s one of the most popular sports in the world, so it’s no surprise that many are crazy about it. Fortunately, this also means that it’s easy to buy basketball-related gifts for a basketball lover. Whether you’re looking for basketball presents for guys or your son or daughter, you’ll never run out of unique and fun gifts to give them during their birthday, graduation, and other special occasions. We have you covered!

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Gifts for Basketball Players

Basketball-themed gifts are a favorite among basketball players. Check out these cool basketball stuff you can give today!

1. WILSON Evolution Game Basketball

This WILSON Evolution Game Basketball is a must-have for every basketball lover and player. It makes an awesome gift to anyone who plays the sport as a hobby or playing as a professional. This indoor ball is preferred in many schools in the United States. Its Cushion Core Carcass makes it soft to the touch, while its Premium Evo Microfiber Composite Cover allows easy grip and durable performance to last the whole season.

2. Sneaker Balls Deodorizer

This pair of shoe deodorizers is one of the most useful basketball-themed gifts you could ever give to a basketball player. All that playing can cause sweating which is absorbed in the shoes. This deodorizer can effectively remove foot odors in shoes. Plus, it can be used in lockers and gym bags, too. The unique round basketball design allows it to reach tight, dark places. Just give it a quick twist to release its scent. This deodorizer can last for up to six months.

3. Basketball Rebounder Net

Are you looking for cool basketball stuff to give a basketball player? Look no more because this basketball rebounder net makes a fun gift to anyone playing the sport. This net is perfect when training because it can return made and missed shots. It can limit the time spent chasing after the balls so players can practice shooting more. It also rotates up to 180 degrees for more customized basketball practice.


4. Spalding Polycarbonate Backboard

This Spalding Polycarbonate Backboard is durable, adjustable, and portable. It’s equipped with arena-style padding, and the breakaway rim is made of steel. The height can be adjusted up to 10 feet, making it ideal for players of all ages. It comes with two wheels and a base which can be filled with water or sand. If you’re looking for NBA gifts, this NBA-inspired backboard is ideal for training and playing hoops in the driveway.

5. Wrist Brace

Basketball players need to protect their wrists while training and playing hoops, which is why you should gift a basketball lover this wrist brace. It’s comfortable to use with its skin-friendly and breathable material. It provides the right wrist support by keeping it at the right angle and position to prevent injuries. The ergonomic design also makes it a great gift for relieving minor wrist problems like numbness and swelling.

6. Mens Basketball Shorts

Basketball lovers love to receive basketball-related presents such as this drawstring basketball shorts. It’s made of 100% polyester with elastic waistband and adjustable drawcord to provide the most comfortable fit. These breathable shorts won’t fade easily, too. It can be machine-washed and you don’t have to wait for a long time for it to dry. It’s not just for basketball training or games, but can also be used for other sports activities and leisure. 

7. Basketball Shooting Training Aid

Every basketball player needs this Basketball Shooting Training Aid. Give it as a gift to a basketball lover and he or she will appreciate you for it. With this aid, players can spread their fingers for a more stable hold while keeping the ball off their palms. The shooting aid helps correct posture when shooting, while the dribble aid trains players to dribble the ball by touch as it blocks their vision from the waist down. Meanwhile, the goggles allow the players to handle the ball and dribble without looking down.


8. Basketball Keychain

This keychain is one of the best basketball-themed gifts ever. It’s not just an ordinary keychain; because it has a motivation message engraved in it. It’s perfect for a teenager, teammate, coach, son, or daughter who needs a little encouragement to keep going. This cool basketball stuff is silver plated and comes in an elegant jewelry pouch. It’s a cheap yet awesome gift that will motivate any basketball lover.

9. Misting Water Bottle

This is not your ordinary water bottle. This mist ‘n sip bottle has two functions. First, it provides you with water, and second, it gives off a fine mist to help cool you down after strenuous basketball training. It’s made of low-density polyethylene plastic, which makes it durable, lightweight, and food-safe. It also has double-wall insulation that keeps water cold longer. If you’re looking for basketball presents, this one is a real winner.

10. Basketball Backpack

A basketball player should never be without a backpack. You’ll never go wrong by giving this backpack with a ball compartment as a birthday gift. It’s one of the most common yet useful basketball presents out there. It has a durable exterior shell and is big enough to hold stuff for basketball. It has a ball compartment and several pockets to hold other basketball items. It’s water-resistant, adjustable, and durable. It’s a great gift for a basketball player.

Gifts for Basketball Fans

If you’re planning on giving basketball themed gifts for someone who’s a huge fan of the sport, there are many unique and fun gift ideas you should consider!

11. Mug with a Hoop

This item is a perfect gift for a loved one that loves basketball! This basketful-shaped mug comes with an attached hoop on the side where you can enjoy dunking your marshmallows and crackers. You can also pour the milk through the hoop when drinking your favorite coffee. Make your friend’s special day even more special with this mug. It can also be added to his or her collection of basketball items.

12. Arcade basket Game

Whether you are a first-time basketball player or a pro, this product is perfect for you! With 10 different arcade games, you can enjoy yourself with your friends. It can be used for leisure or training. This sports arcade is a great jumpstart to your basketball career. With its durable and heavy-duty features, you can train with your friends for hours. A perfect gift to a sporty friend indeed!

13. Basketball 3D Illusion Lamp

For a more sophisticated gift for your basketball lover friend, this 3D illusion lamp is your go-to gift. It comes with 16 colors that change automatically. This lamp can make any room look cool and stylish. The 3D effect creates unique lighting, and you can keep it on for hours without overheating. This optical illusion lamp is a fun gift to give a basketball fan.

14. Kobe Bryant Wall Art Canvas Painting

Kobe Bryant’s legacy will live on, especially if you have this wall art hanging in your room. With its HD paint and premium canvas, you can never go wrong with this wall art which you can gift to basketball fans.  Made with waterproof and UV-resistant materials, this canvas won’t fade easily, especially indoors. It’s a cool basketball stuff to add to a basketball lover’s collection!


15. Indoor Mini Ceiling Basketball Hoop

Looking for some cool basketball stuff for your son who loves basketball? This mini basketball hoop is just what he needs! The hoop can be attached to the ceiling, bed, chair, or anywhere the kids like. This mini basketball hoop is safe for children ages four and above. This serves as a piece of training equipment that enables them to build their focus and hand-eye coordination. 

16. POP! Michael Jordan Vinyl Figure

Who doesn’t love Michael Jordan? Basketball fans around the world are crazy over basketball items that have something to do with this legendary basketball player. Your basketball lover friend will find this Michael Jordan vinyl figure a great addition to his or her basketball collection. It’s 3 3/4 –inches tall and comes in a window display box. This will serve as an awesome birthday gift for anyone who loves basketball.

17. Plush Basketball Pillow

This basketball plush toy makes a funny gift for a basketball lover of all ages. This soft, fluffy plush toy is soft and can withstand wear and tear. It’s safe to the skin, too! Also, it can be used as a pillow or decor in your bedroom or a cushion on the sofa. You can give this fun gift for a basketball fan to cling to while watching exciting basketball games.

18. Basketball Collectors Album

Are you looking for basketball-themed gifts to give to a huge NBA fan? Look no more because this is the most awesome gift you can give a basketball lover that collects basketball memorabilia. This album has a premium leather cover that can withstand wear and tear as time goes by. Stylish and durable, your friend can start collecting autographs, basketball trading cards, and freebies signed by his or her favorite basketball players and put them in this album. 

19. UNO Space Jam

Who doesn’t love card games, especially on game night? These Uno-themed cards make a fun gift for all occasions! You can say goodbye to boring parties once you start playing. The cards include photos of famous basketball stars, too. If you’re looking for some basketball items with a unique flair, this card game promises fun and laughter. Give this to a basketball lover to play with or to add to his or her collection of cool basketball stuff.

20. 3-Piece Basketball Comforter Sets

Dreams do come true with these matching basketball comforter sets. This set comes with two pillowcases and a comforter to keep you comfortable day and night. It is a must-have for any basketball lover. The trendy and matching designs go well with a basketball-themed bedroom. The soft, lightweight, and quilted materials are very durable. They’re also easy to wash and dry. If you’re looking for basketball-themed gifts, this set is one of the best!

Basketball Gifts for Boyfriend

Lucky you if you have a boyfriend who loves basketball. It means you’ll have hundreds of basketball related gifts to choose from and here are some of them!

21. 3D Basketball Player Wall Decals

Hanging out in your boyfriend’s room will never be boring with these 3D basketball player wall decals. They’re made of high-quality, eco-friendly vinyl that is non-toxic and odorless. These basketball wall stickers are removable and waterproof with different cool dunk designs to choose from. Do you know what’s even cooler? They’re realistic pictures of different basketball players with stars and hoops. Make your boyfriend’s room the new chill-out place by gifting him these decals.

22. Basketball T-Shirt

There are many ways you can motivate your boyfriend to become the best basketball player he could be and this motivational basketball t-shirt is one way to do it. The shirt has a basketball word cloud in orange containing terms like dribble, fake, man to man, center, pump, rebound, and more. The shirt is available in black, asphalt, yellow, navy, lemon, and white. It’s the perfect gift to give your man!

23. Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro VI Basketball Shoe

Showing your support and love for your boyfriend is a great thing. But giving him these basketball shoes is the most perfect act of love. These shoes are perfect for your boyfriend’s basketball training or tournament because they’re specifically made for playing basketball. They’re non-slip and come in three different colors for you to choose from. Gift a pair to your man and he’ll dedicate every shot to you.

24. Sport Headbands/Wristbands

Basketball training is hard, with hours of practice to perfect every move and shot. Your boyfriend will be drenched in sweat by the time he’s done. Show you care by giving him these headbands and wristbands. The headbands keep his hair off his eyes while the wristbands can be used to swipe sweat off his forehead. They effectively absorb moisture and dry quickly, too. With these sweatbands, your boyfriend is ready to win the game.

25. Gatorade Premium Sideline Towel

Don’t forget to include this Gatorade premium sideline towel in his list of basketball presents. It’s made of soft and absorbent cotton with the Gatorade print and logo. Your boyfriend will always look fresh inside and outside of the basketball court. This towel is lightweight so he could easily drape it around his neck and shoulders. Be sure to gift your man this towel for the guys who love basketball.


26. Basketball Wall Clock

This 12-inch basketball wall clock is the perfect décor in your boyfriend’s bedroom. Any basketball lover would love to have this wall clock that will always remind him of the time. It has clear bold numbers and an attractive design. It moves silently, too, so your man won’t be distracted while sleeping. It’s battery-operated and won’t take too much space. It’s a cheap yet awesome gift for guys that your boyfriend will appreciate. 

27. Men’s Boxers Briefs

This basketball-inspired boxer briefs will never go out of style! It’s the ultimate birthday gift for basketball lover who live to play basketball. They’re made of high-quality viscose and spandex for a comfortable and refreshing feeling during training or playing. These boxer briefs are stretchable and breathable to prevent discomfort all day long. There are 25 different basketball-themed prints to choose from, too. If your man loves basketball items, these briefs will make him happy.

28. Jersey Display Frame

Basketball players love collected jerseys of their favorite players. This jersey display frame is the perfect birthday gift for your boyfriend if he’s into this hobby! This transparent and durable frame is shatter-proof with UV-protected acrylic glass panel. It has a felt lining and comes with two anti-theft locks. He’ll always have his precious jersey hanging safe and secure in his bedroom. 

29. Air Jordan History Poster

Basketball posters are amongst the most popular basketball-themed gifts you can ever give your boyfriend. But instead of giving him a poster of his favorite basketball player, why not give him this poster featuring the history of Air Jordans? This unique and creative gift is available in various sizes. Air Jordans are the ultimate basketball shoes and many basketball lovers have them. Gifting this poster that features their history will make your boyfriend love you more.

Basketball Gifts for Girls

Many girls are also huge fans of basketball so it’s time to get her something creative and unique as a birthday gift!

30. 5-Piece Basketball Design Bathroom Accessory Set

Looking for cool basketball stuff to give to give to girl who’s a basketball player or a huge basketball fan? This 5-piece bathroom accessory set with basketball design is a winner! The set includes a dispenser, soap dish, toothbrush holder, and two tumblers. It’s made of quality resin and the basketball design will add color and style to your girl’s bathroom. Get her a set for her birthday gift or any special occasion!

31. Adidas Court Lite Duffel Bag

Your girlfriend will love this sturdy duffel bag from Adidas. It’s the ideal go-to duffel for a basketball lover who spends her time training and playing hoops. It’s just the right size for everyday use with a zipper closure, adjustable strap, large main opening pocket, and two exterior pockets for her trinkets. It has a large printed logo in the front and comes with a lifetime warranty. What more can your girl ask for?

32. Cotton Fabric Storage Bin

This cotton fabric storage bin serves many purposes. The basketball design makes it a great birthday gift for any girl who likes basketball. It definitely makes a nice laundry basket with its waterproof coating and moisture-proof material. It has two handlebars on the side. It’s made of canvas so your girl can fold and store it when not in use. It’s one of the most useful basketball-themed gifts to give her on her special day.

33. Basketball Dangle Earrings

Being a fashionista has no time and place. You can look your best outside the court by wearing the right jewelry. These sophisticated basketball earrings will make you stand out from the rest of the team. They’re adorned with glittering rhinestones that sparkle with your every move. They’re also made of eco-friendly zinc alloys so you can wear them without irritating your skin. These pretty basketball earrings are among the most popular basketball-themed gifts out there. 

34. Athletic Sports Socks

These cool basketball socks for women aren’t only colorful and stylish but also comfortable. They’re soft and thick and equipped with a cushioned footbed. They can also protect your feet while playing or training. They have an arch compression that supports and stabilizes your feet so you can prevent foot fatigue. Also, they stay in place no matter how much you move.  Put a smile on the face of a basketball lover today by giving these socks as a birthday gift.

35. Sport Hair Scrunchies

These basketball-themed hair scrunchies are specifically designed for female basketball stars and fans. These are made of satin fabric that is soft to the touch, comfortable to use, and very elastic. These are perfect for straight and curly hair. They can be easily washed and dried, too. Keep hair off your face with these scrunchies whenever you’re playing or training. You can also tie your hair into different updos. These cute scrunchies are great additions to anybody’s collection of basketball items.

36. Eyeglass Case for Girls

Do you often misplace your eyewear? You can put your sunglasses or reading glasses in this basketball-themed case and never have to worry about leaving them all over the place. It’s made of a hard shell that can withstand pressure from heavy objects. It also has strong metal hinges that secures it in place.  This also has a plush styrene inside to prevent scratches on your lenses. It’s perfect birthday gift to a basketball lover or fan.

37. Makeup Bag

Girls need their toiletries or beauty essentials wherever they go. This make-up tote bag which is durable, waterproof, and made of light and soft materials is perfect for any sporty women! Inside are several pockets where you can put anything. The waterproof material prevents it from getting wet. It’s also easy to clean and it’s just the right size to fit inside your bag.

38. Throw Pillow Cover

Basketball lovers will absolutely adore this throw pillow covers! It’s made of the finest satin that guarantees durability and style. The cover is soft, smooth, and comfortable to the touch. The print itself is very attractive and elegant. It measures 18 x 18 Inch/45 x 45cm. Any basketball lover would love to have this sporty throw pillow cover. 

Basketball Gifts for Coaches

A basketball coach deserves basketball themed gifts from his players. Coaches work just as hard as the payers so it’s only right to give them a gift that they deserve!

39. Stainless Steel Sports Whistle

No basketball coach should ever be without his whistle. If you’re looking for basketball-related gifts for your coach, stainless steel whistles are the best. This set of two sports whistles is made of food-grade stainless steel with natural cork pea. They make a naturally loud and crisp sound. They’re super durable, safe, and easy to use, too. Each whistle has an adjustable black lanyard. Your coach will truly appreciate these useful and practical basketball presents.

40. Basketball Coaches Clipboard

Are you looking for basketball-themed gifts to give your coach? This basketball clipboard is the answer. It measures 15” tall x 9” wide with a strong clip on top for attaching important notes. It’s big enough for all players to see. The surface is fade-resistant and you can draw anything from your team’s game flow to the players’ positioning. It’s the perfect gift to thank your basketball coach, which the whole team can benefit from.

41. Ball Pump

There are many basketball items you can choose to give your coach. But if you want something practical and cheap, a ball pump will make an awesome gift. This dual-action ball pump works two times faster than a standard pump. The needle comes with a rubber sleeve and cap to prevent bending. The ball pump already includes five needles. Aside from basketball balls, it can also pump air into soccer, volleyball, and rugby balls.

42. Extra Large Duffel Bag

Coaches need big duffel bags. This is why you should give a basketball coach one as a gift. This durable and extra-large duffel bag has a gigantic size of 36”x 15” x 15” and weights two pounds. The body is made of 600D polyester while the base is made of 1620D polyester. It has an adjustable and removable padded shoulder strap as well as two compression straps. The bag includes two side compartments and an inner pocket. It’s one of the best basketball-related gifts to give a coach.

43. Personalized Basketball Coach Stainless Steel Tumbler

There’s no better way to show your appreciation for your basketball coach than giving him or her this personalized tumbler. It’s a unique and awesome gift to give the person who has taught you how to play basketball. This tumbler doesn’t easily fade because it’s laser engraved. It has double wall insulation to ensure that drinks with ice remain cold for 24 hours and keeps hot drinks warm for 12 hours. It also has a tight lid equipped with a sliding drink opening.

Basketball Christmas Gifts

Christmas is one of those specials times of the year that family and friends gather together and have fun exchanging gifts. Here are some cool basketball stuff you may gift!

44. Engraved Basketball

If you want to give someone special for Christmas, you should get that person a personalized gift. This engraved basketball is a unique and creative gift you can ever give a basketball lover, like your son for instance. It’s made of soft leather with nylon windings for durability.  It provides excellent grip and retains its shape for a long time. It’s an inspiring gift to give people you love the most.

45. Basketball Fairy Lights

Are you looking for unique basketball presents to give on Christmas day? These battery-operated fairy lights are the perfect holiday present for a basketball lover. Each clear cable is six feet long and includes 10 mini basketballs which are two inches in size. You can turn it on and keep it on for up to 120 hours before replacing your batteries. Meanwhile, you can set the timer to turn it off automatically after six hours. It can light up a Christmas tree or use it as a décor during basketball parties.

46. Basketball Traditional Wooden Nutcracker

There are many kinds of basketball items you can give a basketball lover on Christmas day. But to stay true to the spirit of Christmas, it’s best to give this traditional basketball-inspired wooden nutcracker. This 14-inch decorative nutcracker is made of superior quality wood and hand-painted. This unique gift will make a cute décor under the Christmas tree or on top of the dining table, shelves, or countertops.

47. Basketball Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas is the most festive time of the year. If you’re looking for basketball presents, this Christmas tree ornament will make an awesome gift for a basketball lover. This handcrafted décor is made of mouth-blown molten glass with hand-painted design. Glitter is added to give it a holiday vibe. It’s one of the best basketball-themed gifts to give your favorite coach, teammate, or basketball fan.

These basketball items will make the best basketball presents for birthdays, victory parties, Christmas, and other special occasions. There are many of them to choose from depending on who you’ll give it to and when. Most of the cool basketball stuff mentioned can be used every day while playing basketball or training for a game. Others are great for adorning different parts of the house. Give these basketball-themed gifts to a basketball lover and you’ll surely be appreciated.