41 Cool Anime Gifts for Anime Lovers They Will Find Awesome

Anime Gift Ideas

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Japanese animation – or Anime for short – is becoming an increasingly popular genre that has amassed an exponential fan base in the last decade. Already a major part of global pop culture, it’s still a vast growing niche, thanks in part to the growing collection of anime titles on major streaming sites like Netflix or Hulu, to name a few!

There are tons of anime themed gifts to be found online, but it can get tricky if you’re clueless in this area! So, if you’re searching for anime presents for your boyfriend or anime nerds in your family, here’s our well-curated list of anime stuff to buy that they will definitely love!

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Gifts for Anime Fans

Here are some anime gift ideas that manga lovers or your anime loving friend are sure to take delight in!

1. Haku Travel Pillow

For your anime lover who travels a lot, this plush travel neck pillow will help keep them in comfort as they rest and sleep while sitting upright. This pillow features the Haku Dragon from the Spirited Away anime movie.


2. Manga Workbook

If you’re looking for anime gifts for 12-year-olds who also love to draw, the Manga Artist’s Workbook is a great introduction to help them draw their favorite anime characters and super cute chibis – something that they will definitely love!

3. Dragon Ball Figurine

For fans of the iconic Dragon Ball Z and Super franchise, this 5-inch Bandai action figure of Super Saiyan Trunks is detailed and realistic, perfect for playing with or for displaying – definitely an ideal gift for anime toy collectors.


4. Naruto Throw Blanket

For your weeb who loves the Naruto Shippuden franchise, this printed throw blanket will give them something to cozy up to during chilly days. Whether on the couch or in bed, this blanket is made of plush fleece for the ultimate in comfort.

5. Attack on Titans Necklace & Keychain Set

Perfect for teens and adults alike, this cool Attack on Titans necklace & keychain set features a Wings of Freedom pendant and two removable swords – a pretty dope detail that your AoT anime lover will definitely love!

6. Pokemon Monopoly

For your weeb teen who loves Pokemon, you can’t go wrong with buying them a Pokemon themed Monopoly board game! A fun game to spend time with family and friends on a rainy afternoon, I’m sure your anime lover will find this extra cool since it’s based on their favorite anime!

7. Dragon Ball Z Collector’s Set

For your anime lover who loves watching Dragon Ball Z, this official collector set of 7 Dragon Balls is a must have for fanatics out there! Each Dragon Ball is made of glossy acrylic and comes in a beautiful case…any anime collector will absolutely love this gift!


8. Pokemon Shower Curtain

Perfect for kids and teens’ bathrooms, this cool shower curtain features a colorful and fun print of the Pokemon world that they will be delighted with! It’s made with a waterproof polyester fabric and details durable stitches, rust-resistant metal grommets and comes with sturdy c-shaped hooks.

Gifts for Weebs

If you’re searching for anime things to buy that weebs will love, here are some must haves that would make them happy!

9. Anime Hoodie

Give your weeb an awesome gift for their birthday with this cool hoodie jacket that they will surely love to wear! Made with 100% cotton, this graphic hoodie features Gojou Satoru from the Jujutsu Kaisen manga anime series.

10. 300pcs Anime Sticker Set

Give your anime fan the gift of personalization with this 300pc waterproof vinyl sticker set of mixed anime prints from the different anime series! Perfect for decorating their laptops, notebooks, water bottles and other personal items – a great gift for kids, teens and even adults!

11. One Piece Posters

For One Piece weebs, this set of Wanted Posters from the original anime series is definitely a collector’s item that they will go crazy for! This set comes with 24 pieces of wanted notice posters and a pirate flag poster for decorating walls or for collecting.

12. Car Freshener

For your anime lovers who have cars, this subtle yet cool anime car accessory is a great gift that they will definitely appreciate. This car freshener comes in the shape of Naruto’s Akatsuki Red Rain Cloud and envelops their car in a sweet Vanilla scent.

13. Naruto Headband

For kids who love playing dress-ups or for teens who cosplay, this Naruto Logo Headband is an awesome addition to their costumes that they will love! It features the Leaf Village Logo from the anime series.

14. One Piece Strawhat

A stylish fashion accessory that weebs and otakus will absolutely adore, this cute straw hat from the popular One Piece anime series is perfect for cosplays, Halloween costumes or for a quirky fashion statement that’s eye-catching and brings a fun vibe to any outfit!


Anime Gifts for Her

If you’re on the hunt for anime gifts for girls, here are a few anime related gifts that teenage girls or adult women will find adorable!

15. Makeup Bag

If you’re looking for anime gifts for girls, you can’t go wrong with this super cute cosmetic make-up bag! Made from high-quality canvas, this pouch features an adorable print that’s made for female anime lovers.

16. Anime Makeup Brushes

For your female anime nerds, this set of makeup brushes will help slay their flawless makeup looks! This set of 5 makeup brushes from the Demon Slayer anime series feature cool weapons for the brush handles.

17. Anime Shirt

A casual shirt that female anime weebs will love, this shirt features a cute print about loving anime and manga and is perfect for creative girls. It comes in a soft cotton and polyester blend for a comfortable fit.  

18. Cosplay Hairclips

For your female anime lovers who love styling their hair, this pair of cute plush hair clips are from the Danganronpa anime series, worn by the character, Enoshima Junko. Great for sporting casual hairstyles or for cosplay events, these clips will definitely be loved and appreciated by your weeb.

19. My Hero Academia Charm Bracelet

A fashion accessory that any female would love to receive, this hypoallergenic charm bracelet features different My Hero Academia characters in colorful enamel charms. Perfect for your daughter or girl teen who loves this anime series, this charm bracelet will definitely be her favorite!

20. Mini Backpack

A cool and awesome collab between anime and kawaii in the form of a cute mini backpack that girl anime lovers will definitely adore, this Naruto x Sanrio mini backpack features the beloved Sanrio chibi characters in Naruto outfits and a chic tie-dye colored background.

Anime Gifts for Him

Looking for anime gifts for boys? Here are amazing gifts for guys that are perfect as Father’s Day gifts, stocking stuffers or as a graduation gift!

21. Death Note Leather Bracelet

A fashion accessory that’s perfect for your teenage son who loves anime, this leather belted cuff bracelet details a unique, eye-catching design from Death Note, a popular Manga series. This cuff bracelet is an ideal accessory for streetwear and casual outfits.

22. Car Rear View Mirror Pendant

Looking for a cool gift for your anime-loving boyfriend? This car pendant is an awesome accessory to hang in his rear-view mirror that he will absolutely love! This car pendant features the No Face character in Studio Ghibli’s classic anime film, Spirited Away.

23. Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

Perfect for teens or young adult men who love the Dragon Ball franchise, this leather bi-fold wallet features the lovable Son Goku character. The wallet details 5 card slots, a zippered compartment for coins, an ID window and 2 currency pockets.

24. Gundam Model Kit

For your teens – and even men – who love anime and constructing stuff, this Bandai Strike Freedom Gundam model kit is an absolute fan-favorite that they will surely be delighted with! This is an ideal gift for anime hobbyists who love constructing models and displaying them in their collection.

25. One Piece Beanie

A fashion accessory for your teen boy who loves anime – especially One Piece! – this beanie adds an effortless and fun vibe to any of their casual outfits. Made with soft, acrylic fabric, this beanie will help keep them warm, comfortable and in style while outside.


26. Luffy Coffee Mug

For your anime-loving man, help him start his day right with a nice cup of coffee in this cool anime mug that he will definitely love! This heat-reactive ceramic mug details Luffy from One Piece and features a changing background when the mug is filled with hot liquid.

Cute Anime Stuff

Here are awesome gifts for people who like anime, particularly Haikyuu anime characters and anime girl gifts that they will definitely enjoy using!

27. Sailor Moon Music Box

For fans of the popular Sailor Moon anime series, especially for girl anime weebs, this music box will definitely bring a smile to their faces! It features a cute Sailor Moon design and plays the Sailor Moon theme song when cranked.

28. Haikyuu Keychain Set

Perfect for kids and teens who love the Haikyuu anime series, this set of adorable keychains detail their favorite characters from the series. This set contains 6 keychains, perfect for their school bags, backpacks, and even for their keys to the house!

29. Haikyuu Cushion Cover

An adorable gift that Haikyuu anime lovers will be delighted with, this cushion cover details one of Haikyuu’s main characters, Nishinoya. This cushion cover is a cute decorative accent that adds a cool, anime vibe to their bed or couch.

30. Earrings Set

For anime girl nerds who love to make a statement with their fashion accessories, this earring set from the Demon Slayer manga and anime series is something that she will definitely love! This set contains 9 pairs of earrings in colorful geometric designs.


Unique Anime Stuff

For your special weebs and otaku who can’t get enough of anime, these quirky and distinctive gifts are perfect anime anniversary gifts, wedding gifts or for Valentine’s Day –  to make their day extra special!

31. Poke Ball

For the average person, this Poke Ball may look simple and not worth the money, but for hardcore Pokemon fans, this replica of the metal shell Poke Ball is a must have! You can adjust the color of the glow making it a cool decoration on their bookshelf or office desk. This officially licensed collector’s item will bring back so much nostalgia to any anime lovers out there!

32. Naruto Ramen Bowl

An eye-catching tableware gift that’s sure to delight your anime lovers, this ramen rice bowl details a Naruto Akatsuki Red Rain Cloud print with a hole to hold chopsticks in place. It’s perfect for eating ramen, rice and any other food – it comes with chopsticks, too!

33. Studio Ghibli Collectible Postcards

A collector’s item that’s unique, eye-catching and perfect for fans of Studio Ghibli, this box contains 100 collectible postcards that detail the final frames from anime feature films they’ve produced – a gift that anime fans will definitely treasure!

34. Pokemon 3D Lamp

A decorative gift that doubles as a unique lamp that’s perfect for kids, teens and even adults who love anime, this 3D cystal LED night lamp brings soft illumination to any area along with an eye-catching Pokemon design.

35. Anime Scratch Off Poster

For your avid anime lovers who’ve made it a personal goal to watch as many anime series as they can, this scratch off poster is definitely a must-have that they will surely be delighted with! It’s a bucket list of the top 100 Anime of all time, a lovely poster that’s also an awesome decor piece.

Anime Birthday Gifts

Make birthdays exceptional with cool anime gift ideas that anime weebs and otaku will love!

36. My Hero Academia Shot Glasses Set

For your anime nerd who loves to enjoy drinks after a long day’s work, let them relax and unwind with these delightful shot glasses designed with their favorite anime characters! This set of 4 shot glasses detail different colors and character prints from the My Hero Academia anime series.

37. Funko Pop! Naruto Toy Figure

Definitely a must-have gift for anime lovers who are fans of the Naruto Shippuden Series, this Funko Pop! toy figure of Minato Namikaze, one of the series’ main character, will surprise and delight them! This is a cool decorative toy figure that they can add to their anime collection.

Anime Christmas Gifts

If you’re looking for anime things to get for Christmas for kids or anime gifts for boys, here are anime gift sets that they will absolutely love!

38. Tokyo Ghoul Ankle Socks Set

For anime nerds who love the Tokyo Ghoul series, this set of colorful ankle socks in cute chibi prints will delight them to no end! Perfect for teens, these 5 pairs of unisex ankle socks will bring a fun and quirky style to their outfits, no doubt about it!

39. Demon Slayer Anime Gift Set

For kids who love anime and manga, there’s nothing more exciting than opening a variety of novelty merch items from their favorite anime series! This anime gift set contains a host of useful gifts with graphic prints from the Demon Slayer anime series.

40. Pokemon Bed Set

This Pokemon 5 piece bed set makes a great Christmas gift for kids so they can fall asleep each night with their favorite anime characters. This colorful set comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, a pillow case, a pillow sham, and a reversible comforter. A fun and practical gift your anime loving kid will for sure love!

41. Naruto Military-Style Hoodie

A cool Christmas gift for your boyfriend who’s a die-hard Naruto fan might be this awesome hoodie! A stylish piece of clothing that’s shows a subtle love for their favorite anime, he’ll be wearing this pretty much every day! Definitely a fashionable piece that I’m sure he won’t want to take off!

Make birthdays, special occasions and the holidays extra special and heartwarming for your very own weeb and otaku with gifts that relate to their interest and passion. Whether you’re searching for personalized anime gifts, Christmas gifts for weebs, anime couple gifts, anime gifts for a teenage girl or just some cheap anime gifts, you can be sure that the curated gifts above are something that they will appreciate and love.