43 Best Gifts for a 70 Year Old Woman She Will For Sure Love

Gifts for women in their 70s

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Celebrating a milestone birthday is truly a special and meaningful occasion, more so if it’s a woman who’s turning 70 – it’s definitely a cause for a big birthday celebration! For the mature women who are turning 70 or for elderly women in their 70s, there’s nothing like receiving great gifts that are unique, memorable and meaningful. 

If you have senior women turning 70 or over 70 whose birthdays are coming up or if you’re looking for special gifts for older ladies for the holidays, here’s a list of wonderful gifts that’s guaranteed to make her feel really special and cherished. 

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Luxury 70th Birthday Gifts for Her

If you’re searching for a special birthday present for a very special older woman in your life, these luxurious and thoughtful gifts will do the trick!

1. LED Light Therapy Face & Neck Mask

For older women who love maintaining their youthful looks thru skincare products and devices, this luxurious LED light therapy face & neck mask is a popular skincare device that she would definitely love to try! With just 10-15 minutes of use 3-4 times a week, this wireless device promises anti-aging skincare benefits.

2. Keurig K-Classic Coffee Brewer

Nothing is better than starting her day right with a nice cup of premium coffee that’s brewed in just under a minute! The Keurig K-Classic Single Serve Coffee Brewer makes the coffee making experience an easy and uncomplicated process with simple button controls and programmable features. It also comes in a sleek and stylish rhubarb shade for a bright color pop in her kitchen!

3. Digital Picture Frame

A traditional gift item with a modern twist – this digital photo frame lets your favorite 70-year-old display precious digital photos of her family on her coffee table or nightstand, so she can view them anytime she wants. This digital frame also lets family members send photos directly to the frame through its unique email system!


4. Electric Fireplace Stove

An ideal gift for older women who are always quick to feel the cold, this portable electric fireplace will make her space feel warm and cozy! This freestanding fireplace has a beautiful vintage aesthetic that adds style to any room, while its safety features and controls are user-friendly – something that your special 70-year-old will definitely appreciate!

5. Roomba Robot Vacuum

Make cleaning an easier and hassle-free experience for your favorite 70-year-old with this robot vacuum cleaner, a very practical and helpful gift that she will surely love and enjoy using! This iRobot Roomba comes with its own self-emptying bin for a seamless cleaning experience. There’s no need for your elderly to sweep and vacuum her home – let the Roomba do it for her!

6. Smart Air Purifier

If you’re on the lookout for a premium gift for an elderly woman, it’s wise to invest in a practical item that will go a long way in helping her maintain her health. This smart air purifier effectively removes harmful indoor air pollutants such as bacteria, dust, pollen, smoke, among others, and releases clean, fresh air around the home – an essential device to protect her from respiratory issues.

7. Kindle Oasis E-Book Reader

For your favorite nana who’s a keen bookworm, aging eyesight and reading small texts on books can take away the joy of reading. Give her a great reading experience with the Kindle Oasis, an e-book reader with their popular Paperwhite display that reads like real paper. It features an adjustable warm light, adjustable text sizes for easier reading and lets her customize and enjoy her reading experience!


8. Coach Handbag

For fashion-savvy older female in your life, stylish presents such as this luxurious Coach handbag is something that’s guaranteed to make her smile in delight! The Coach Leather City Tote features the brand’s signature canvas print and is spacious enough to fit all her on-the-go essentials, definitely a stylish bag that she can take anywhere.

9. Apple Watch Series 7

A practical yet stylish accessory that every older woman needs, the Apple Watch Series 7 is a smart watch that lets her stay connected with family and friends even without her phone. This accessory also has health features such as a fitness tracker and monitors her basic health status such as heart rate, oxygen levels and more – definitely a must-have gift that she will love.

10. Rocking Chair Recliner with Massage & Heating

Give the gift of luxurious comfort to your favorite elderly woman with this rocking massage chair! This reclining chair comes with heated 4-point massage on the back, lumbar, thigh and legs to help relieve tiredness and stress. It also features side pockets and cup holders for an enjoyable lounging experience while reading, watching TV or chatting with friends!

Gifts for 70 Year Old Mom

Let your 70-year-old mom experience a relaxed, comfortable and hassle-free lifestyle with these practical gift ideas that she will definitely love to use!

11. Electric Jar Opener

A kitchen essential that elderly women should not do without, this electric jar opener will help anyone pop open a jar with just a press of a button. No more struggling with difficult lids, this opener is also great for seniors who have arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or other nerve issues.

12. Automatic Sensor Trash Bin

A seemingly luxurious yet perfectly practical kitchen essential that your 70-year-ol mom should definitely have, this automatic sensor trash bin makes the whole throwing the trash process an easy, clean and hygienic one, especially for mobility-challenged elderly. It has a sensor that automatically opens and closes the bin with just a wave of the hand to keep germs from spreading.

13. Automatic Pill Dispenser

For your 70-year-old mom who’s taking lots of vitamins or prescribed medications for her health, this automatic pill dispenser is the ultimate in pill management that she will definitely love to receive! This organizer can store medication for up to 28 days, and has programmable features for alerting her when it’s time to take a pill.

14. Gardening Stool with Tools Holder

For your elderly mother who loves gardening, this gardening stool and tool set is an ideal gift that gives her an enjoyable and hassle-free time when taking care of her plants. This sturdy gardening stool comes with a detachable canvas pocket bag that holds her gardening tools for easy access within arm’s reach.


15. Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

For your 70-year-old mom who loves to cook, this electric salt and pepper grinder set is a stylish kitchen counter or dining table accessory that she will definitely love. These battery-operated ceramic grinders feature adjustable coarseness for spices, and it also comes with a handy light feature – so she can season the food to perfection!

16. Wireless Item Finder

Forgetfulness is a normal part of aging. For your elderly mom who’s always forgetting where she last put her glasses, wallet and other items, this practical gift is guaranteed to delight her! This wireless item finder comes with 8 color coded anti-lost tags she can attach to her things and a remote control to track the tags thru sound or light.

17. Canvas Makeup Bag

A useful canvas bag with a cute and funny unicorn design, this adorable makeup pouch is a fashion accessory that older women such as your 70-year-old mom can use in style! It’s perfect for storing her makeup, jewelry or other small accessories and essential items and comes with a lovely and unique design that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to her face.

18. Kleem Organics Anti-Aging Skin Care Set

For your beautiful 70-year-old mom who loves keeping up with beauty and skincare routines, you can’t go wrong with gifting her an effective anti-aging skincare set! This Kleem Organics kit includes a retinol cream, a firming eye cream, and vitamin c serum , 3 essential and age-defying skincare products that should not be missing from her skincare routine!

19. Foot Bath Massager with Heat

As people get older, it’s essential for them to keep an active and healthy lifestyle. For your elderly mother who loves taking brisk walks and being active, this relaxing foot spa with massager will be a welcome gift that she will truly love. This massager comes with everything needed to get her tired feet a relaxing spa experience after a long day!

20. Lavender Microwavable Heat Pack

An essential healthcare accessory that should not be missing from any elderly woman’s collection, this microwavable heating pad is a natural home remedy for various body aches and pains that she will definitely enjoy using. Detailing a velvety soft pillow filled with natural flax seeds and dried lavender, this pillow is microwavable and can be freezed – perfect for heat and cold therapy!

Birthday Gifts for 70 Year Olds

Turning seventy should be celebrated in style – here are 10 unique and nice gifts that older women will find truly awesome!

21. Vintage Birthday Poster

A nostalgic paraphernalia that anyone turning 70 will absolutely love, this vintage 70th birthday poster details all the important news and historic events that happened back in 1952 – the year that she was born! Sports, fashion, music, politics and finance – this retro poster is a meaningful gift that your favorite 70 year old can display in her room.

22. Vintage Candy Box

The perfect milestone gift that’s sure to bring back a host of precious memories for your 70-year-old, this vintage candy box contains 30 different candies that were popular back in the 1950s! Each candy will definitely be nostalgic for her as she shares stories about her favorite treats to her grandchildren!

23. Birthday Keychain

A practical accessory that comes with a meaningful message – this ideal keychain gift will surely delight your favorite 70-year-old. It details a countdown of her reaching the 70th birthday milestone at the front, and also features a thoughtful and meaningful message at the back. It has a stainless steel matte finish with laser engraving.

24. Insulated Wine Tumbler

A classy stemless wine tumbler for your favorite 70 year old who still loves to enjoy an occasional glass of wine, this tumbler is personalized with a limited 1952 vintage edition print featuring the phrase, “aged to perfection”, an apt statement for someone who has gracefully reached this celebrated milestone!

25. Birthday Spa Gift Basket

Pamper your favorite 70-year-old as she reaches this all-important milestone with this luxurious birthday spa gift basket! This gift box contains a personalized tumbler, 2 premium handmade soaps, a fizzy bath bomb and a silky tub of body butter – everything she’ll need to get a luxurious spa experience right at home!

26. Funny Toilet Paper

For your favorite 70-year-old who’s full of life, cheer and fun charm, this funny gag gift will definitely have her laughing out loud in delight! Wrapped up in a funny gift box, this special birthday toilet paper details a funny birthday poop message that’s guaranteed to make smile and think of you every time she sees it!

27. Bead Bracelet

For the fabulous and beautiful 70-year-old in your family, let her celebrate her milestone birthday in style with this chic bead bracelet. The gorgeous lapis lazuli gemstone is said to attract positive energy, wisdom and knowledge for the wearer and it features a chic heart charm that symbolizes your love for her.

28. Ceramic Coffee Mug

A unique coffee mug that will surely bring a smile to your favorite 70-year-old’s face. This ceramic coffee mug features a funny statement about their age, which will make her mornings definitely more pleasant and fun to start with! This cute ceramic mug is microwave and dishwasher safe for easy clean-ups!

29. Decades Necklace

A chic and meaningful gift that will surely be loved by your 70-year-old grandma, mother, aunt or friend, this Decades Necklace brings a gorgeous style to her everyday outfit. Made from 925 sterling silver, this necklace features 7 interlocked rings representing 7 decades of her life that’s full of passion, meaning, love and purpose.

30. Birthday Wish Angel Figurine

A decorative piece that your 70-year-old will find truly beautiful, this angel figurine details a thoughtful wish for her special milestone birthday. Handcrafted from polyresin, this angel figurine features stunning detailing, from the heart she’s holding to the wonderful message embossed at the bottom – a pretty decor piece that can be displayed on her sideboard, shelf or nightstand!

Gift Ideas for 70 Year Old Woman Who Has Everything

For the older woman who probably already has everything, we’re pretty sure that she will still love these 7 thoughtful gift ideas!

31. Memory Mints

For the 70-year-old woman who already has everything, give her the gift of humor with this funny Memory Mints for Senior Moments gag gift! These extra strong mints are handy to keep in their bags for after dinner treats or whenever they might need it! The mints are stored in a cute tin can which they can refill with their favorite mints.

32. Towel Warmer

For a 70-year-old woman who seemingly already has everything, this towel warmer bucket is a luxurious treat that might be missing from her life! This portable chic bucket can evenly heat up to 2 bath towels in just under a minute – giving her warm, cozy towels after her shower or bath.

33. Dried Fruits & Nuts Gift Basket

Finding the perfect gift for someone who already has everything can certainly be challenging. This healthy dried fruit and nuts gift basket is an ideal gift idea that your favorite 70-year-old will certainly appreciate! A blend of 18 premium quality, low carb dried fruits and nuts wrapped up in a pretty gift box – it’s a gourmet delight to tickle her taste buds!

34. Flowering Tea Teapot Set

For your 70-year-old who loves drinking tea, this dainty tea set is a gift that she will surely fall in love with! This set contains a lovely glass tea pot, an infuser, a tea light holder, and a selection of 12 tea pods that blooms beautifully while the tea steeps – a luxe experience for tea drinkers!

35. Healing Crystals Scented Candle Set

A unique gift that any 70-year-old woman will surely find delightful, this set of scented candles come with healing crystals designed to give off positive energy and healing vibes along with aromatic scents. This set contains 3 soy candles in chic glasses, each embedded with 3 crystals such as citrine, rose quartz and amethyst – which they can hold on to as keepsakes.

36. Levitating Plant Pot

For elderly women who love gardening and plants, this levitating plant pot is something that will surely amaze her! Ideal for small plants like bonsai or air plants, this plant pot features a white geometric pot that levitates and rotates above its wooden base board – perfect for foyer or living room table displays that’s guaranteed to catch anyone’s eye!

37. 3D Crystal Photo Display

Give your grandma or 70-year-old mom a memorable gift that she’s going to treasure forever with the 3D crystal photo. A personalized gift that she will truly love, her favorite family or pet photo is laser engraved into a crystal block, making for a unique decorative piece that’s sure to catch attention.

Christmas Gift for 70 Year Old Woman

Let your elderly mother, aunt, sister of friend enjoy the holidays with these special gifts from you!

38. Charging Nightstand Lamp

A versatile nightstand accessory that’s a practical gift for your favorite 70-year-old, this dimmable touch lamp is also a wireless charging station, a Bluetooth speaker and a phone holder, all wrapped up in one efficient and stylish-looking item! It also comes in a pretty gift box that’s ready to be given to your chosen recipient!

39. Sherpa Throw Blanket

There’s nothing like the warmth and cozy comfort a fuzzy blanket gives – just like a warm hug on a cold afternoon! Give your favorite 70-year-old this cozy Sherpa blanket that’s perfect for the couch or bed. It’s made from a luxurious blend of Sherpa fleece and cotton for a soft and comfortable lounging experience.

40. Back and Neck Massager

For elderly women who are always grumbling about body aches and pains, this Shiatsu back and neck massager is a welcome gift that she will definitely appreciate! This Shiatsu massager comes with deep tissue and heat massage to relieve neck and back pain, as well as other areas of the body – a portable massager that anyone would love to receive!

Unusual Gifts for 70 Year Old Woman

If you’re looking for something unique and new, these 3 unusual gifts are bound to delight your favorite elderly woman!

41. Preserved Rose Angel Decor

A beautiful and unique gift that any woman – young and old – will absolutely love and admire, this preserved rose enclosed in a glass Angel figurine is stunning and priceless. These preserved flowers will keep its preserved state for up to 5 years – a gorgeous decorative piece that your favorite 70-year-old will definitely keep in prominent display!

42. LED Magnifier Reader

For the 70 year olds who still love to read their daily newspaper or novels, this cool gadget will help them immensely! It has a big area of 4.5″ x 7″ and is able to magnify up to 3 times the original size! It also comes with 12 LED lights to provide enough brightness but is also anti-glare making her reading much more enjoyable and less tiring on her eyes! This is definitely a unique and practical gift she’ll be using all the time!

43. Prayer Cards in Tin Box

For the elderly woman who’s devoted to her prayers and faith, this thoughtful gift is something that she’s guaranteed to love and use every day. This gift features a beautifully painted tin can with gold edging, and holds 50 double-sided prayer cards authored by brothers and sisters of the faith, with blanks on the other side for writing her own prayers.

Women in their 70s deserve to be showered with special, meaningful gifts to help them celebrate their lives. Our gifts are specifically chosen because we’re pretty sure that not only are these gift ideas beautiful to look at, most are also practical items that will make life easier for elderly women. These thoughtfully sourced gifts will surely be loved by your chosen recipient, which will definitely make them think more fondly of you.