40 Meaningful Gifts for 60 Year Old Man Who Had Everything

60th birthday gift ideas for him

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Men turning 60 is a huge milestone for them so you want to make sure you celebrate this by giving your father, husband, brother, or best friend something special for their sixtieth birthday! Men in their 60s often have a lot of things in their life already so we’re here to help you find something unique such as gadgets for 60 year olds, maybe some luxury gifts, or even some traditional gifts, but we want to make sure it’s something they’ll like. We really hope this list of gifts for men over 60 we’ve curated below is what you’re looking for!

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Best Gifts for 60 Year Old Man

Looking for some cool gifts for men over 60s? Here are some great gift ideas!

1. Kindle

If your looking for some cool gadgets for 60 year olds then this should make the list, especially if they like to read! This device allows you to store thousands of books in there and has a glare-free display that feels like you’re reading from a book. Perfect for reading indoor or outdoors since you can adjust the brightness, it also has a long battery life that last for weeks. The neat thing is you can also get a 3 month free Kindle unlimited subscription to try it out, definitely a useful gift for them to sit back and enjoy!

2. Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

If your husband or dad is always in the backyard cutting grass and maintaining his land, then it’s time to get him a newer lawn mower to make his life easier for his 60th birthday! This electric lawn mower from Greenworks is lightweight and cordless allowing them to move freely across the yard. Also, you don’t need to fill it up with gasoline making it hassle-free. A step towards being more environmentally friendly, this quiet lawn mower will be their new best friend in no time!

3. Folding Table Work Bench

Is your 60 year old quite a handy man and loves to fix all sorts of things around the house? This folding table work bench from Keter is ideal for him! It’s made of very sturdy and durable material that can support up to 1000 lbs. Once folded, the work bench has a handle that can be carried around. This practical gift will for sure not go to waste!

4. Dumbbells

If you’re trying to get your 60 year old to do exercise to stay healthy, then consider getting them these hand weights so they can exercise at home! These weights comes in 3, 5, and 8 pounds allowing them to adjust to their exercise needs. It also comes with a stand for easy storage. Definitely a good gift set to encourage them towards a healthier lifestyle!

5. Putting Green

If your husband, brother, or father loves golf, you absolutely need to get them this putting green! It’s great to put it in their office, their man cave, and even living room…I’m sure they’ll be practicing their putt every chance they get. If they’re a golf fanatic, they’ll want to master their game so this will be the ideal gift for them!

6. Citizen Men’s Watch

Men turning 60 years old is an important birthday so celebrate it in style by giving them this watch! It’s a great accessory to add to their outfit whether it is to play a round of golf or to wear it at work. This classy Citizen men’s watch is a great way to tell your loved one he’s timeless as he steps into his 60s!

7. Roku Streaming Stick

For the men who love to watch TV, a great gift idea for them is this Roku Streaming Stick. They can plug this in their TV’s HDMI port and it allows them to stream content from the internet. You’ll have access to streaming channels that are free as well as the ones that are paid subscriptions. The remote replaces all the other ones and its voice command activated allowing you to search for channels and turn on captions super easily. A cool gadget he’ll learn to love in no time!

8. Amazon Prime Membership (including Prime Video)

If your 60 something father does not have Amazon Prime yet, then it’s a great gift idea for his birthday, Father’s Day, or even Christmas! Other than having things shipped to you super fast with their same day, 1-day, or 2-day deliveries, they’ll also have access to thousands of movies and TV show available to stream online on Prime Video! If this is what you’re considering to get him as a present, then definitely think about also getting him the Roku Streaming Stick mentioned above!

9. Deep Tissue Massager

Men in their 60s are probably getting aches and pains every where in their body so this handheld deep tissue massager is an awesome gift for them! This cordless rechargeable massager can be used on shoulders, legs, necks, and any parts of the body that feel sore and a single charge can be used up to 140 minutes! It’s one of those gifts they never thought they needed!

10. Philips All-in-One Trimmer

Does your 60 year old man takes care of all his grooming? If so, this Philips all-in-one trimmer is all that he needs! It comes with 13 attachments to trim his hair, beard, as well as nose and ear hair! A storage pouch is also included to keep all the tools in one place, definitely a practical gift for your dad or husband to keep himself in tip-top shape!

11. Wireless Charging Station

For the man who’s really into tech, consider getting him this cool wireless charging station for all his gadgets! It’s works on both Apple & Samsung products, this docking station allows him to charge his phone, watch, and headphones all in one place! This is convenience at its best so I’m sure he’ll can’t wait to use this amazing gift!

12. Temperature Control Mug

Does your techy brother or husband complain about drinking cold coffee? This amazing temperature control mug is just the perfect gift for them! He can decide how hot he wants his coffee by adjusting the temperature on his phone app. On its own, the cup has a battery life of 1.5 hours but on the coaster charging station, you can keep your drink hot all day long! It’s a really cool gift for your avid coffee drinker he’ll surely appreciate!

13. Soundbar for TV

For the dad and husband who loves watching movies, this Soundbar is exactly what they need to improve their home entertainment experience! It allows them to pick three different sound effect options and can also control the treble and bass settings. It is easily mounted on the wall underneath the TV, this speaker system is definitely a cool gift for your 60 year old!

14. Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill

All men loves to BBQ so you can’t go wrong with buying your 60 year old dad or husband the Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill! If he’s still using a gas BBQ, you’ll definitely need to replace it with a charcoal one…it makes such a huge difference in the taste! The 22″ grate diameter is able to fit 13 burgers, a great size for them to cook for the whole family! You can also consider getting him a cover to protect it.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Give your birthday man a fantastic gift for his big day! We hope our list below will inspire you with some ideas!

15. Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

To mark such a milestone birthday, get your dad or husband a personal gift such as this customizable whiskey decanter set! This set comes with a crystal decanter with 4 glasses that can be personalized with a specific design and their name, perfect to commemorate turning 60 years old! A useful gift that he will cherish forever!

16. Beer Glass

Cheers to your family member or friend’s 60th birthday with this vintage looking beer glass! This elegant 16 oz beer glass is a great keepsake to remember this milestone birthday. Definitely an occasion well celebrating with alcohol!

17. Cufflinks Set

For the older gentlemen who still need to suit up for work, this box of 6 pairs of cufflinks is what they need to tie their whole wardrobe together! These accessories also comes in an elegant black box, the perfect gift to celebrate a business man turning 60 years old!

18. Fitbit

Staying healthy becomes very important once you hit the 60s so this Fitbit will help your 60 year old keep in shape! It has a built-in GPS to track your path as well as a heart-rate monitor. It’s also waterproof so it works when you’re swimming. A great way to encourage them to exercise and keep fit, definitely a practical gift that’s for their own good!

19. Grilling Spice Set

For the man of the house who likes to grill, this assortment of spice gift set is the perfect birthday gift! It’s a great way for them to try all sorts of spices so he can discover the ones he likes. A fun gift that would get him excited to cook for his family!

20. Outdoor Lounge Chair

For the man who likes to relax in his backyard with a cold bottle of beer and a book in his hands, this foldable lounge chair is just what he needs! This chair has a zero-gravity design allowing you feel weightless. Made with durable but light weight material, this comfortable lounge chair is the ideal birthday gift for your 60 year old!

21. Apron

If your husband is the cook of the family, then getting him an apron for his 60th birthday is indeed a good idea! This apron comes in all sorts of color and has large pockets to put his phone, utensils, and whatever he may need! A great reminder that you’re all blessed to have him as the cook of the family, I’m sure he’ll greatly appreciate this wonderful gift on such a special day!

22. Car Detailing Kit

Is your husband obsessed with getting is car clean? This car detailing kit from Armor All is just what he needs! It includes all sorts of sprays to protect and clean the car with, a washing mitt, and microfiber towels. Just the ideal toolkit to keep his car sparking clean inside and outside. He will appreciate this thoughtful gift for his 60th birthday!

23. Memory Foam Mattress

Does your dad complain about back pain from his old mattress? If so, this is your chance to splurge on him by getting him a memory foam mattress. You can easily select the thickness and mattress size you need. A more expensive gift but will last years to come, your dad will appreciate the thoughtfulness and will absolutely love this 60th birthday gift!

24. BBQ Tool Set

This 4 piece grilling tool set makes a great birthday gift, especially if your man is the grill master of the house! Comes with a pair of tongs, a spatula, a brush, and a fork. A practical gift set that can be used year round, he’ll be looking forward to his next grill no doubt!

25. Gourmet Gift Basket

Celebrate his milestone birthday with this delicious gourmet gift basket from Dan the Sausageman! This gift set comes with a wooden crate filled with goodies like sausages, smoked salmon, cheese, crackers, mustard, peanuts, and truffles. How can he say no to celebrating his 60th birthday with a charcuterie platter?! I’m sure he won’t be able to resist!

26. Coffee Gift Set

Is your father or husband a coffee connoisseur? Then you must get him this gourmet coffee gift set! It comes with 16 packs of coffee beans from all around the world’s top producing regions. You can choose between whole coffee beans or ground ones. A fun way to wake up each morning and try a new flavor of coffee, it’s definitely one of the best sixtieth birthday gifts you can give him!

27. Memory Foam Pillow

A good pillow is very important to achieve a good night’s sleep so investing in a comfortable one is definitely money well spent! Treat your dad or husband to a relaxing night of sleep with this memory foam pillow for his 60th birthday! He’ll really appreciate the thoughtfulness!

28. Miss Vickie’s Variety Pack

Does your dad or husband love to snack on potato chips while watching TV but needs to watch his weight? Well, these Miss Vickie’s kettle chips variety pack is just what he needs! It comes in 5 different flavors, they’ll be able to indulge in their cravings but be able to resist eating too much. A different type of gift for their 60th birthday but I’m sure he’ll like it nonetheless!

29. Beer Sign

Decorate your husband or friend’s man cave with this cool beer sign that lights up! A fun decorative piece they’ll want to hang up next to their bar at home, I’m sure they’ll find this birthday gift cool and can’t wait to call over his buddies to have a drink to have more birthday celebrations!

30. Scented Candle Gift Set

Who says men can’t enjoy candles? This Mountain Retreat Variety Set of 3 scented candles are targeted for men where the wicks are designed to crackle just like how it feels to be sitting by a fire. The packaging also makes it a cool piece to display in their man cave. A creative birthday gift idea for your 60 year old!

Gag Gifts for 60 Year Olds

Sometimes it’s hard to get a 60th birthday male a gift so maybe a gag gift is what it takes to brighten up their day!

31. Funny T-Shirt

This funny t-shirt will make any man turning 60 laugh out loud! A retro tee that comes in different colors, you won’t be surprise to see your dad wearing this proudly every day!

32. 60th Birthday Toilet Paper

If you family member who’s turning 60 loves to joke, then definitely gift them this roll of toilet paper! This gag gift will surely make the whole family laugh when he unwraps it probably making it one of the most funny gifts he’ll ever get!

33. “Old Lives Matter” Mug

This hilarious mug will surely bring a smile to anyone who’s celebrating their sixtieth birthday! This 11 oz novelty mug is the perfect way to start off his day with some coffee and will make him chuckle every morning!

34. Emergency Underpants

A gag gift for you to tease your old man who’s turning 60 that he’s getting old are these funny emergency underpants! It comes in a pack of 3 so he’ll be prepared for any accidents. A funny gift to joke about him getting old, it’ll definitely bring laughter to the room when he opens the gift!

35. Novelty Cane

This absolutely hilarious novelty cane is the perfect gift to welcome your husband or dad into his 60s! The cane is designed to have several items attach like a pair of reading glasses, a pill capsule, a blow horn, a hearing aid, and a sign warning people there’s an old man approaching. It’s indeed a fun gift to joke about his age and will surely make him laugh!

36. Grumpy Old Man Socks

Funny gifts are a great way to cheer up your old man who’s turning 60 years old so these novelty socks definitely make the cut! It only comes in one size and is machine washable. He’ll for sure have a good laugh when he sees it!

Christmas Gifts for 60 Year Old Man

Christmas is the time of giving so maybe these gift ideas below can bring a smile to your 60 year old dad or husband’s face!

37. Slippers

Christmas is the perfect time to buy someone you love a pair of slippers, especially if it makes them feel warm and cozy! This pair has a rubber sole and is made of material that is machine washable. The memory foam insoles achieves the perfect comfort so you’ll know he’ll definitely love it!

38. Beanie with Light

For the men who likes to walk their dogs at night or just like to take an evening stroll, this beanie with light is a cool gift you can get them for Christmas! Not only does the hat keeps him warm in winter, the LED is readily available for any situation in the dark. It’s rechargeable through a USB port and allows him to be completely hands-free. There’s also a variety of colors to choose from too!

39. Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

Snow shoveling for a 60 year old can get difficult if lots of snow ends up piling up so this strain-reducing shovel is the most considerate gift to give your dad or husband this winter! It’ll help relieve the stress on his back and the two handles gives him more leverage to lift greater amount of snow.

40. Shaving Gift Set

If the 60 year old man you’re trying to buy for has a nice big beard, then this beard gift set it just what they need! It comes with 7 components such as a razor, shaving cream, after shave, and shaving bib. A great shaving kit to give as a Christmas gift or a stocking stuffer that will help them maintain their beautiful beard!

Men is their 60s are well established so most of them already have everything that they want but I believe there are still some practical and thoughtful gifts out there they might still need. I truly hope you were able to find a few gifts in this handpicked list to give your loved one who’s turning 60 so they can have a memorable birthday celebration!