34 Geeky Biology Gifts for Any Biology Nerds Out There

Gift ideas for biology lovers

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Biology is an utterly fascinating subject that many people all over the world are in love with, and it’s not that difficult to understand why. It’s the scientific study of life and all living organisms – people, plants and animals alike. And while biology has a broad study scope – genetics, ecology, zoology and botany, to name a few, each branch has no shortage of followers and lovers.

If you’re seeking out gifts for biologists, biology students, marine biologists or just someone who’s into nerdy science, look no further – we have just the list of clever science gifts and geeky biology stuff that science lovers will absolutely be delighted with.

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Gifts for Biology Nerds

Dive deep into our list of biology themed gift ideas that’s perfect for your favorite bio nerds!

1. Funny Biology T-Shirt

An awesome gift that biology nerds will absolutely love, this Funny Biology T-shirt brings a fun vibe into their outfits. This shirt features a fun spin on the word “selfie” by showing a cell taking a selfie! Made from soft, lightweight fabric in a classic fit, definitely a cool tee your bio nerd will like! 


2. Science Sticker Pack

For your bio nerd teen or friend who loves personalization and putting their own stamps on their stuff, this pack of 50 science themed vinyl stickers will definitely make them smile! These are perfect for personalizing their laptops, tumblers, notebooks, and even their cars!

3. Novelty Science Socks

A cute and funny gift that’s sure to bring a smile to your favorite science lover’s face, these 5 pairs of chemistry, math, planetary science, and biology socks will surely add a dose of funky style to their outfits! These science themed socks feature patterns of DNA, planets, and molecules, a fun gift for any science geeks out there!


4. 3D Organ Apron

For people who love human biology, this 3D Organ Apron is a tacky gift they’ll find hilarious to wear around the kitchen! This apron features 9 detachable stuffed parts of the main internal organs of the body, each Velcro-patched to the apron with indication areas. A gag gift that biology lovers with find amusing!

5. Bacteria Science Kit

For those who are interested in microbiology, this Bacteria Science Kit will help them further their knowledge through experiments. This kit includes an e-book for instructions to different experiments, 10 pre-poured agar plates, cotton sticks and droppers – everything they’ll need to get started!

6. Electric Jellyfish Tank Lamp

A cool gadget that any bio nerd will take delight in, this electric jellyfish tank lamp is a groovy room decor accessory that lets them have an awesome pet jellyfish without them having to take care of it! This night lamp display features a pair of illuminated jellyfish for night time fun!

7. Terrarium Kit

An educational gift that science-loving kids will absolutely love, this Terrarium Kit lets them create their very own terrariums, which they can display by their bedside as a nightlight! This kit includes everything needed for constructing their own terrariums that grows by day and glows at night!


8. Syringe, Pill & Bone Pens Set

For your biology buffs, this biology themed pen set will add a delightful and fun vibe to their daily writing tasks. Perfect for students or for someone who loves writing down stuff, this fun pen set includes 4 syringe pens, 10 bone design pens and cute pill capsule pens!

9. Photosynthesis Board Game

A fun board game that your science lover will love playing with friends or family, the Photosynthesis board game is an environmental strategy board game about the life cycle of trees. This best-selling board game can be enjoyed by 2-4 players – perfect for a fun afternoon or evening activity.

10. Human Body Knowledge Encyclopedia

What better gift to give a science nerd than the gift of knowledge? From the Smithsonian Institution, this Human Body Knowledge Encyclopedia is a cool illustrated book that lets them take a complete tour of the human body, with detailed images of the body’s organs, tissues and systems.

Gifts for Biology Majors

From anatomy themed gifts to microbiology and biology stuff, here are a few ideal gift ideas for you to choose from for those studying biology in university!

11. Microscope with Phone Adapter

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s studying biology, this Microscope is a great gift that your biology major will definitely appreciate and find useful! This microscope features a dual illumination system and comes with a phone adapter for digital observation.

12. Prepared Microscope Slide Set

For students of biology, there’s no better gift to give them than the gift of knowledge. This prepared microscope slide set includes 25 specimen slides of plants, insects and animal tissue samples that are ready to be observed and studied by your avid biology learner.

13. Medical Dictionary Art Set

Brighten up your recipient’s space with this set of gorgeous wall prints that they will absolutely love! Perfect for people in the medical or scientific fields, this wall print set consists of 6 vintage style posters of the human anatomy stylized with gorgeous flowers, with a medical dictionary page background.  

14. Bug Desk Collection

For biology students who love bugs and insects, this bug collection decor is an ideal gift that they will surely be fascinated with! Set in clear resin glass, this paperweight decor showcases 12 real and different bugs and insects for them to study – it also comes with a bugs fact sheet.


15. Dissection Kit

An ideal nerdy science gift that will greatly help your biology major, this Advanced Dissection Kit features 37 pieces of high-grade, stainless-steel instruments for them to practice their dissection skills and techniques. it also comes with a carrying kit for storing them away neatly and securely.

16. Biology Coloring Book

An ideal stress relief activity that also doubles as a unique learning tool, the Biology Coloring Book features 256 pages of biological concepts and images to color and learn from using highly effective coloring concepts. It allows your biology major to better understand their studies through the act of coloring.

17. Origin of Species

Any biology student or enthusiast should not be without this great book from the Father of Evolution himself, Charles Darwin! The Origin of Species: 150th Anniversary Edition is a classic book disclosing Charles’ scientific theories about evolution and the process of natural selection – definitely a must-read for biology majors!

18. DNA Testing Kit

For students of biology – or any science for that matter – this gift will amaze, excite and delight them! The Ancestry DNA Kit will let them discover their very own DNA story! Everything from their ethnicity, genetic predispositions and traits – it even lets them trace and build their family tree.

Biology Teacher Gifts

For your favorite biology teacher, these wonderful gifts will surely bring a smile to their face!

19. Plant Cell Anatomy Model

For your teacher who loves cell biology, this Plant Cell Anatomy Model is a great teaching tool that they can use for their students. This anatomy model contains 24 components of a plant cell that are detachable, complete with an illustrated assembly guide and anatomy descriptions.

20. Symbols of Science Engraved Pen

For your biology teacher who’s always in need of a pen, this multi-functional pen is something that they will surely love. Embellished with the different symbols of the sciences, this pen details a LED light tip for illumination and a stylus cap that works great with touch screen devices.

21. Anatomy Models for Teachers

A learning set that also doubles as cool decorative displays, this Anatomy Models Bundle Set is something that your favorite Biology teacher will definitely appreciate! This set contains models of the brain, heart, skeleton and torso with display stands.

Biology Gifts for Adults

Let these geeky and funny gift ideas bring a smile to your family or friend who loves biology!

22. Immunologist T-Shirt

For your favorite bio nerd who’s studying immunology or is an immunologist, this cute t-shirt is the perfect gift for them! Featuring a humorous design of cartoon immune system cells, this lightweight and classic fit t-shirt is perfect for casual outfits sporting a fun vibe.

23. The Botanist’s Sticker Anthology Book

For your family member, friend or special person who loves everything about plants, the Botanist’s Sticker Anthology book is an ideal gift they will be delighted with! This hardcover sticker book features thousands of beautifully illustrated plant stickers, perfect for personalizing their stuff or for scrapbooking!

24. Microscope Earrings

For your wife, relative or lady friend in the biology field, this adorable trinket will let them display passion in a fashionable way! This pair of dangling earrings feature detailed microscope charms and comes with a chic velvet pouch.

25. Bird Bingo Board Game

For your favorite biology nerd who loves birds, the Bird Bingo Game guarantees a fun time while learning interesting bird facts! This set comes with 12 bingo cards, 64 illustrated tokens, a game board, markers and a trivia sheet – everything needed for a fun and entertaining time with family and friends.


Human Biology Gifts

For those who are fascinated with the human body, these anatomy presents will surely spike their interest!

26. Brain Coaster Set

A seriously cool gift for biology lovers, this set of Anatomic Brain Specimen coasters comes in a set of 10 glass coasters with fascinatingly detailed brain slice prints in different sizes. The graduated brain slices form a whole brain when all 10 coasters are stacked together.

27. Human Skeleton Model LED Display

For casual science lovers or for biology students, this eye-catching human skeleton LED display is an awesome decorative and learning piece that’s sure to delight them. It features a laser crystal etched skeleton model showcasing all the bones in the body – complete with labels.

28. Human Torso Anatomy Model

A cool gift for someone who loves human biology, this human torso anatomy model is both a decorative piece and a learning tool that’s great for kids and adults alike! This model features the human torso with 15 detachable organ parts and comes with an educational brochure of the human anatomy.

Molecular Biology Gifts

For lovers of molecular biology, you can’t go wrong with these perfect gift options that they will surely love!

29. DNA Tree T-Shirt

Looking for DNA themed gifts? This DNA Tree Life t-shirt is an ideal mix of nerdy science and fashion and is perfect for science lovers who love to make a statement! It’s a classic fit shirt that features a beautiful DNA helix tree design – perfect for casual styling.


30. Serotonin Molecule Necklace

A chic and fashionable accessory for the special women in your life who’s into nerdy science, this Serotonin Molecule Necklace adds a dash of serious style into any of their outfits – an ideal gift for someone who loves both fashion and the sciences.

31. Red Blood Cell Plush Toy

If you’re on the lookout for biology plushies for someone who loves studying molecular science, this red blood cell plush toy is the perfect gift that they are sure to adore! It’s a cute decorative pillow for their couch or bed they will definitely love to cuddle with.

Marine Biology Gifts

If you’re on the search for a cute gift for your favorite marine biologist, here are a few ideas you could go with!

32. Throw Pillow Cushion Covers

For people who love studying marine life, this set of throw pillow cushion covers is an ideal gift that they will surely love! This pack of 4 cushion covers feature prints of sea creatures in a lovely aesthetic that will look great on their sofa.

33. Aquatic Ecosphere

A captivating home decor piece that your marine biologist will definitely love, this closed aquatic ecosphere details a hand-blown glass sphere encapsulating a miniature marine ecosystem with live marine shrimp and algae. It’s a cool coffee table display that’s definitely a conversation-starter.

34. Aqua Dragons Deep Sea Habitat

Perfect for kids who love learning all about marine animals and the world underneath the vast seas, this Aqua Dragons Deep Sea Habitat is a great gift that they will definitely love. It contains everything they’ll need to set up a habitat and grow their pet aqua dragons.

All of these gifts were hand-picked from a huge array of science-themed gifts, to make sure that they meet our standards of being high quality gifts you can confidently give to your chosen recipients. We hope you were able to pick out the perfect gifts for your favorite biology lovers… we are absolutely sure that they will love them!