26 Unique Beauty and the Beast Gifts for Adults They’ll Fall in Love With

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Beauty and the Beast is such a classic story so no wonder many people love it so much! There has been so many different adaptations of this novel but the one that everyone is familiar with is the rendition from Disney. We all fell in love with the lovable characters like Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, and Chip and of course, Belle and the Beast! This beautiful romantic story captured our hearts so I can see why so many adults still love it. If you’re looking for a gift for those fans out there, I hope the gifts listed below is what you’re searching for!

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Beauty and the Beast Merchandise for Adults

If you’re looking for some cool Beauty and the Beast gifts and neat collectibles, hope these gift ideas will help!

1. Backpack

Any hardcore fan of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast will fall in love with this backpack immediately! The colorful bag showcases the characters from the beloved movie in a vibrant manner. The printed design covers the whole bag, including the back of the bag and the inside. Maybe a cool idea for a 21st birthday present or for Christmas, she’ll love this gift no matter the occasion!

2. Chip Mug

Who doesn’t love Chip from Beauty and the Beast? He’s so adorable especially with that little chip on the rim! This cute coffee mug replica will easily become their favorite mug to use for coffee and tea. A great gift idea for her or for him, they’ll can’t wait to use this every morning!

3. T-Shirt

For the bookworm in your life who loves to read just like Belle, they’ll love getting this cute graphic tee as a birthday present! It comes in several colors and is officially licensed by Disney. This will easily become their favorite t-shirt in no time!

4. Stained Glass Decoration

For the people who can’t get enough of Beauty and the Beast, this gorgeous stained glass hanging decoration is the perfect gift to add to their collection! By placing this on their window, the light from outside will create a really cool effect. A neat decorative piece to hang up all year round or a fun Christmas ornament to hang up on their tree…either way, they’ll love it!

5. Resin Figurine

Who wouldn’t want this gorgeous figurine displayed in your living room? I bet any Beauty and the Beast fans will be thrilled to receive this as a gift! This piece is hand-painted and the details are impeccable. An elegant piece that would fit great in any room of the house.

6. Mrs. Potts Teapot

This super realistic Mrs. Potts Teapot will cheer up any Beauty and the Beast lovers out there! They’ll love serving their guests tea with this cool teapot and it even comes with a strainer. Make sure to get this teapot with the Chip mug to make it the perfect combo gift!

7. Funko POP! Winter Beast Figurine

I’m sure anyone would love to add this adorable figurine of The Beast to their collection! It features the Beast playing in the snow outside with Belle. They’ll love it so much they’ll for sure display it on their office desk or bookshelf. A must-have for any fans of Beauty and the Beast!

8. Coloring Changing Mug

If you’re looking for unusual Disney gifts, this color changing mug might make the cut! Once you add hot liquid, the mug will change from its black background to a beautiful painting of a scene from the movie Beauty and the Beast! There are several designs to choose from but they are all so beautiful you’ll have a hard time choosing which one to get for your loved ones!

Beauty and the Beast Gifts for Her

If your girl dreams to be like Princess Belle, then these Beauty and the Beasts stuff might be just what she needs!

9. Cooking Bamboo Utensils

For the women who loves to cook and is a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast, this set of five bamboo cooking utensils is a cute gift you can give her! It’s a great idea for birthdays, Christmas, housewarming gift, even Valentine’s Day. Definitely a great gift that can be given for any occasion!

10. Cosmetic Bag

This cute makeup bag is not only practical but carries a strong and heartwarming message for all the ladies out there! It’s a great way to encourage them that they are strong and smart and there are people out there who loves them. Whenever she sees this bag, she’ll be reminded of these words and will give her strength to tackle any challenges ahead!

11. Water Bottle

Encourage your mom or girlfriend to drink more water with this Beauty and the Beast themed water bottle! It helps track how much water she should be drinking throughout the day to make sure she’s hydrated! A fun bottle to carry around during their fitness class, hiking, or biking, I’m sure this practical gift will be by her side all the time!

12. Ornament

A beautifully hand-painted ornament of Beauty and the Beast, what is there not to love about it! The craftsmanship is impeccable and any recipient of this gift will fall in love with it no doubt! It’s a great ornament to hang up on the Christmas tree or can be kept on a bookshelf year round.

13. Earrings

This adorable earrings featuring the mother and son duo – Mrs. Potts and Chip – is the chicest accessory you can give a girl! These earrings are crafted using 18k gold over sterling silver and is a cute piece for her to wear casually when she goes out with her friends or when she visits Disney World!

14. Funko POP! Cogsworth

Any fan of Beauty and the Beast would find this Cogsworth figurine really cool! It’s a neat collectible to add to your office desk or night table. It gives off a rustic steampunk feel so it’s a really fun piece to have as a decoration!

15. Canvas

This masterpiece painting from Thomas Kinkade of the Beauty and the Beast is a magical work of art to display in anyone’s home! Your girlfriend, mom, or sister will be blown away by this canvas and I’m sure they can’t wait to hang it up in their favorite room. A classy gift that will be well enjoyed by everyone!

16. Wine Glass

For the lady who loves to drink wine, this gift is just what she needs! This 15 oz wine glass is etched with a funny saying, making it a fun gag gift for her. This will for sure be her go to glass whenever she needs to get a drink to relax after a long day!

Beauty and the Beast Valentine’s Day Gifts

Make your valentine’s day unique with these Beauty and the Beast themed gifts!

17. Swarovski Enchanted Rose

This gorgeous crystal from Swarovski will make any women’s heart melt in a heartbeat! The beautiful rose kept inside the removable dome is a symbol of your love for your significant other which will be preserved just like this crystal rose. An amazing Valentine’s gift your love will cherish for years to come!

18. Wallet

This beautiful floral peony print wallet featuring the characters from Beauty and the Beast is the perfect gift idea for your lady friend who loves this Disney movie! The pastel pattern is ideal for a women and does not appear too childish so I’m sure she’ll be over the heels in love with this chic accessory!

19. Bracelet Charm

Women loves receiving jewelry for Valentine’s Day and it would make it extra special if it’s in the shape of Belle’s yellow dress! This adorable bracelet charm from Pandora is the cutest gift ever so if your girlfriend or wife is a huge fan of the Disney movie, you can’t go wrong with buying her this chic accessory.

20. Music Box

This little music box is a cute idea for a Valentine’s Day for any lovers of Beauty and the Beast! When you crank the wooden box, the theme song plays and does not require any batteries. It’s a small present but it’s the thought that counts!

Beauty and the Beast Anniversary Gifts

It’s a great way to give some tale as old as time gifts for anniversaries! It’ll remind your significant other that you guys are constantly living in a fairytale!

21. Rose in a Glass Dome

Celebrate your wedding anniversary by giving your wife this gorgeous rose, especially if they love Beauty and the Beast! This decorative flower is placed inside a glass dome and has little fairy lights inside. It’s a beautiful gift to remind her your love for her is eternal, so definitely a great present idea for your anniversary!

22. Vintage Wall Art

This beautiful art piece uses an old page of a dictionary as the backdrop, highlights the famous line from Beauty and the Beast! This classy piece of wall art is a great addition to anyone’s home and is a great way to remind your significant other on your anniversary day that your love for each other will last a long time!

23. Necklace

You can’t go wrong with getting your wife jewelry for your anniversary! This necklace is in the shape of the rose from Beauty and the Beast and it’s an elegant accessory to give her on this special day! Giving them a rose in the form of a necklace means that your love for her will last forever unlike a real flower. She’ll love this so much she won’t want to take it off!

Beauty and the Beast Wedding Gift

Get your loved ones a unique wedding present by getting them the best Beauty and the Beast gifts out there!

24. Precious Moments Figurine

This adorable figurine from Precious Moments portraying Belle and the Beast is the sweetest wedding gift you can give to your family or friends on their big day! With the words “You are my fairy tale come true” engraved at the bottom of the porcelain figurine, any fairy tale lovers will truly adore this unique gift. Definitely one of the most amazing souvenirs to remind them of their special day!

25. Personalized Blanket

If you’re looking for some personalized gifts for the happy couple, this custom Beauty and the Beast blanket is really the ideal gift! You can add in the bride and groom’s names and the year they’re getting married. A unique gift to remind them of their special day!

26. Rustic Wood Signs

This is the perfect wedding gift for a couple who loves Beauty and the Beast! Instead of the traditional “Mr.” and “Mrs.” signs, this pair of rustic wooden signs says “Her Beast” and “His Beauty”. An elegant decoration to add to the newlyweds new house, they will cherish it forever!

If you’re trying to buy a gift for someone who absolutely loves Beauty and the Beast, then hopefully this page was able to help you find what you’re searching for! Whether you’re looking for Beauty and the Beast Mother Day’s gifts or even to celebrate a 21st birthday, I’m sure hope they’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and will love it nonetheless!