29 Cute Avocado Gifts for Avocado Lovers That They Will Surely Love

Best gifts for avocado lovers

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Avocados aren’t only delicious and healthy but they’re very trendy. Regardless of what time of the year it is, this well-loved fruit never goes out of season. That’s because there are numerous avocado-inspired gift items out there from t-shirts to plush toys and more that make them so popular. If you know someone who loves avocados, we’re here to help you find the best avocado themed gifts that person will surely love!

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Avocado Gifts for Her

Whether you’re looking for avocado items to give your wife, sister, daughter, or girlfriend, we’ve rounded up all the cute avocado things you can buy. They’ll serve as excellent presents for birthdays or Christmas.

1. Avocado Bracelet

Many women are crazy over avocados and if you know one, giving her this charming avocado bracelet will melt her heart. It has an elegant design complete with avocado, pearl, and heart charms. It’s made of recyclable stainless steel materials that are 100% safe for the body and environment-friendly, too. Also, it’s hypoallergenic and nickel free. This is a must-have for avocado lovers. She’d love to wear it every day! 

2. Avocado Themed Wallet

This cute wallet with avocado pattern is what she needs! It’s super practical as it contains lots of space to store all your money and cards…and it’s stain resistant and also waterproof! It even has space to fit a cell phone…a handy and chic purse that any women or girl will love!

3. Guacamole Bowl with Spoon

Are you looking for the best gift to give someone who loves avocados? If yes, this guacamole bowl is perfect for her. She’ll love preparing delicious avocado dishes with their healthy fats and rich flavor using this hand-painted ceramic bowl. It’s shaped like a real avocado and has a 1.5-cup capacity. It’s the ideal dip bowl with a lid and spoon. It can also be used for serving fresh fruit slices together with your avocado toast.


4. Avocado Thermos Cup

This item is perfect for coffee lovers and people looking to complete a pack of avocado-themed gifts. It has an optimal size of 14 oz with the easy liquid flow and efficient heat preservation. Guaranteed to be leak-proof and easy to clean. Bring coffee to match your avocado snacks using this avocado thermos cup. This is made of stainless steel, which is a durable material. Perfect for gifts or personal use.

5. Avocado Microwavable Heating Pad

A heating pad is a girl’s best friend. Anybody who’s a fan of avocado items will enjoy this fruit packed with unscented clay beads. It doesn’t attract mildew and the fillers are grease-free, too. You can use your favorite essential oils for the best therapeutic hugging day and night. This pad is a great companion to comfort women whenever they experience menstrual cramps and aches. It’s undoubtedly one of the most useful cute avocado things to give her.

6. Avocado Creative Recipes

It’s time to give avocado lovers new inspirations in the kitchen. Help them cook up some delicious recipes aside from the usual guacamole and avocado toast with the help of this cookbook. Packed with dozens of recipes, she’ll never run out of dishes to cook, including dips, desserts, drinks, snacks, and many more. It also has some useful cooking tips such as how to slice and store avocados and ripen them faster.

7. Sleepwear Pajama Set

Avocado-themed gifts are everywhere but if you want something that will always remind her of you, this avocado pajama set is the perfect gift. Avocado lovers are sure to love the cute avocado prints in this tee and waist shorts set. It’s made of high-quality stretchable fabric for a relaxed and comfortable fit. It’s soft and breathable, making it great not just as sleepwear but casual wear around the house, too.


8. Avocado Tree Growing Kit

There are tons of avocado items you can choose from when buying a gift for avocado lovers. However, none is more exciting than this avocado tree growing kit that would allow her to grow her own avocado. This unique gift is perfect for avocado lovers who always dream of growing their own tree. This set already includes everything she needs to get started, including a pot. She’ll be loving every moment of watching it grow!

9. Avocado Slippers

Are you looking for cute avocado things to give someone who loves avocados? If yes, look no more because these adorable avocado slippers will win her heart. It has an avocado pattern exterior with colorful prints. The inside is lined with the softest fleece for optimum comfort. These slippers are sure to keep her feet warm during cold weather. They’re also durable and easy to wash, clean, and dry.

10. Avocado Yoga Travel Mug

Avocado lovers who enjoy working out will need this avocado travel mug. It’s the perfect companion whenever she hits the gym, goes for a run, or does other outdoor activities. It’s made of lightweight stainless steel and has a capacity of 22 oz. Also, it’s double-walled to provide long-lasting insulation for your hot or cold beverages. It’s durable and the vacuum-sealed lid guarantees a no-spill experience.

11. Avocado Lunch Bag

An avocado lunch bag is just what she needs whenever she has to stay at the office to work the whole day. This insulated bag will keep her food warm and all the utensils in one place. The interior is made of food-grade reflective aluminum foil while the outside is made of upgraded water-resistant and durable Oxford fabric. The bag will bend but it will retain its shape even with prolonged use. It comes with a solid brown handle while the built-in foam gives added protection.

12. Avocado String Lights

Nothing can brighten up the day of avocado lovers than this 12-foot LED avocado-shaped string lights. Give this as a Christmas gift to decorate the tree or the doorway. It also serves as a cute décor in her room. It’s made of bendable silver wire which you can wrap around almost anything without worrying about breaking the wire. These lightweight string lights are battery-powered so you can transfer them from one room to another.

13. Avocado Peel Off Face Mask

There are many avocado things to buy for her but if you want something she could use every day, it has to be this avocado peel-off facial mask. It’s made of avocado oil, aloe vera, and green tea which effectively unclogs pores, cleans deeply, and removes blackheads. It’s nourishing, moisturizing, and healthy for the skin. Add this to your Christmas or birthday gift basket together with other avocado items.

Avocado Gifts for Him

If you think it’s hard to look for avocado things to buy for men, don’t worry, we have you covered with our selection of must-have avocado items that the male population will also adore!

14. Avocado Shirt

Are you looking for cute avocado things to give to the man of your life? You don’t have to look far and wide anymore because this super cute short-sleeved, button-down shirt with avocado prints is the best Christmas or birthday gift you could ever give him. It has a modern slightly slim fit with a left chest pocket, and a button down collar. You can throw in a pair of avocado-themed socks and he’s good to go.


15. Avocado Men’s Socks

Avocado-themed gifts are popular amongst men. If your boyfriend or husband is a sucker for this fruit, better get him these avocado socks on his birthday or Christmas. This cozy pair of crew-length socks has cute avocado prints all over. They’ve available in sizes 8 – 14, which fit men with shoe sizes 7 – 13. Each pair comes in a plastic zippered bag. They’re made of 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, and 3% spandex for the ultimate comfort and durability. They’re stretchy, breathable, and won’t fade easily.

16. Laundry Hamper

Looking for avocado items to give your man? This laundry hamper is an excellent choice. It’s made of waterproof polyester canvas which makes it flexible and easy to clean. It’s not just a hamper because your man can also use it to store other things. It’s also collapsible so it can be stashed away when not in use. It’s one of the most useful avocado-themed gifts out there!

17. Avocado Swimming Trunks

Your man will look absolutely fashionable in this avocado swimming trunks. Give this to him on his birthday or as a Christmas gift. It’s made of 100% polyester with an inner-mesh liner. It’s very comfortable and breathable, making it the most appropriate go-to shorts for the summer. It’s easy to clean and dries fast, too. Your man can wear this while swimming, fishing, running, surfing, cycling, or playing beach volleyball. He’ll definitely stand out with these cute trunks for avocado lovers.

18. Microfiber Large Beach Towel

Having a large towel has its perks. Give this avocado-printed 60” x 30” beach towel to your man so he’ll always look fresh and clean after a swim or shower. This quick-drying towel is made of microfiber fabric that’s 15% nylon and 85% polyester. It’s lightweight, soft, and very absorbent. It also comes with a storage pouch while its snap-button loop allows you to conveniently hang it everywhere. 

19. Storage for Avocado

This is probably the most practical gift you can give an avocado lover! Sometimes you just want to use only half of the avocado so to keep the other half fresh and reduce oxidation, this storage pod is what you need! It’s environmentally friendly since you won’t need to use plastic wrap to store your avocado anymore. And it’s dishwasher safe…I’m sure they’ll use it right away!

20. Avocado Coin Purse

It’s time to help avocado lovers get organized with this realistic avocado coin purse. If your boyfriend or husband likes avocados, this coin purse will serve as his new best friend. It will keep all those coins in one place. It’s made of excellent quality silicone that’s designed to last for a long time. It can also store cash, keys, and other accessories. If you want to give a unique gift for Christmas or birthday, this will will definitely make the list!

Fun Gifts for Avocado Lovers

There are hundreds of cute avocado things out there but finding the right one to give avocado lovers can be tricky. We got you so that’s why we’ve gathered some of the hottest avocado things to buy right now for the avocado fanatic in your life!

21. Avocado Slicer

This small and light item is perfect for avocado lovers and people looking to have a healthy lifestyle. Slice the avocado open and consume healthy fats with ease, using this safe, convenient, and efficient tool. It also includes stainless steel pit remover and it is top-rack dishwasher safe too. Split, pit, slice, and scoop all using one tool. Prepare an avocado toast easily by slicing and scooping the avocado faster. 

22. Avocado-Shaped Bag

This bag is perfect for people looking to collect cute avocado things. This is an avocado-shaped bag perfect for strolls around parks, malls, or anywhere. The cute design and size allow the user to flaunt the avocado love while using this bag to carry everyday items with style while still being comfy. Share the avocado love with everyone by wearing this very cute avocado-designed bag with a contagious smile. 

23. Giant Inflatable Avocado Pool Floatie

There are many kinds of fun avocado-themed gifts you can give avocado lovers such as this large avocado pool floatie. It’s a great pool buddy you can use while swimming or something to show off to everybody. It comes with a removable ball you can play with friends. When fully inflated, its size can reach 63 X 48 X 10 inches, just right for two adults. It’s made of UV-treated raft-grade vinyl that’s durable and easy to inflate and deflate.

24. Neck Pillow

This cute avocado neck pillow is ideal for vacation especially when you have a long plane or car ride to get to your destination! Your kids will no longer have trouble sleeping during those times with his handy and soft pillow by their side. The cover is machine washable and the pillow itself is made of memory foam…the perfect gift to give to your kids right before your family vacation! 

25. Avocado Smash! Card Game

A fast-paced card game perfect for avocado lovers and their friends. Recommended for more than two players of at least 6 and older. The pack contains 70 cards stored in the shape of an avocado. Enjoy this funny game with an average playtime of 10 minutes. Try this fresh twist to the game of snap while sharing guacamole with pals or with the family!

26. Avocado Fleece Blanket

There are gifts perfect for all occasions. One of which is this avocado cartoon-designed blanket that comes in 40×50 inches, 50×60 inches, and 60×80 inches. Perfect for travelers and staycationers alike, this blanket is super comfortable because it is easy to clean and machine washable. Just avoid direct contact with heat and bleaching and it will stay perfect. Great gift for anyone and it can be used at any time of the year. 

27. Phone Holder

A fun gift for adults and kids alike, this avocado mobile phone holder can be used to hold up your phone for hours of Youtube watching or Zoom calls! It’s made up of bean bag material and not only is it super cute, it also acts as a cloth to clean your screen! It’s definitely a cool accessory to add to anyone’s desk.

28. Avocado Bandages

It’s always a good idea to have bandages around the house just in case of cuts and scratches so these adorable avocado band-aids would be a great stocking stuffer to give during Christmas! A practical gift that’s always handy to have around, any recipient of this gift will think that’s it’s fun and thoughtful!

29. Chef Apron

This adorable apron is a great gift to give to your significant other especially if they love avocados! It’s a one size fits all and it’s waterproof…so not only is it cute, it’s also quite useful! Consider giving them this for Valentine’s Day or to be honest, they would be thrilled to get this for any occasion!

Avocado lovers will go nuts over these avocado themed gifts that aren’t only cute but useful as well. They’re unique and the fact that they came from you makes them extra special. The next time you want some avocado things to buy, check the items mentioned above…I’m sure you’ll find something they like in there!