39 Cool Astronomy Gifts for Astronomy Lovers

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Do you have loved ones who are astronomy geeks? If yes, then you’ve landed on the right page to find some of the best astronomy gifts! We have tons of astronomy-related gifts you can get them including astronomy gadgets, tools to help to go star gazing, and even gifts for telescope lovers. Our list of astronomy-themed gifts for men, women, and even children will serve as your inspiration in finding the best astronomy presents for birthdays and Christmas.

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Astronomy Gift Ideas for Adults

Here are some astronomy themed gifts for adults you can get your loved ones!

1. Solar System Desk Decor

What other way to bring in a bit of uniqueness to your astronomy lover’s home, as well as some healing? This solar system desk decor is the answer! Each planet is made of carefully handpicked stones, each with unique healing properties. The stone planets are detachable and the wood stand is also hand-made and will sit perfectly on any office desks.


2. Solar System Crystal Ball

Fit the galaxy and all its stars in the palm of their hands with these solar system crystal balls that perfectly resemble the celestial bodies. Made with laser engraving and equipped with various light patterns, you can indulge in the other-worldly magic of this small patch of universe wherever you are. This can serve as a bed lamp or night light and they’re perfect for young astronomy geeks out there!

3. Galaxy Bed Set

This galaxy patterned bed set is just the perfect astronomy-themed gift. It comes with 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 1 pillowcase, each with vibrant colors that won’t fade easily. Plus, it’s very easy to clean, you may hand wash or machine wash it. They’ll be so eager to go to bed just so they can sleep on this amazing bed set!


4. Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set

These gorgeous knife set will encourage any astronomy enthusiasts to cook up a storm in the kitchen! You have a variety of knives and each of their blades is designed with galaxy patterns, making it a versatile astronomy related gift. Fret not, they are as sharp as they are beautiful. They can cut through anything with ease. The blades are coated with non-stick material, and their handles are designed to fit your hand ergonomically. They can also serve as beautiful kitchen décor.

5. Phone Adapter Spotting Scope

Pull the far beauty of the universe closer and bring them into the very screen of your smartphone with this phone adapter spotting scope. Yes, you don’t need a telescope or visit a planetarium to see the blazing glory of stars. You’ll be able to see them for yourself regardless of your location. It can also serve as binoculars, a microscope, and even a night-vision spotting scope.

6. Glow in the Dark Planetarium


Channel your inner artist and feed your fantasy! You’ll be able to create your world, your solar system with this glow in the dark planetarium. Your kids and your loved ones will love this, and you may put them on display right after. It comes with glow paint pens, stencils, and wall charts. This can definitely be added to the list of astronomy toys for adults!

7. Zodiac Wine Glasses

These fancy glasses etched with zodiac constellations are a great gift ideas for astronomers! A practical present that they can enjoy drinking from any time of the day. Don’t worry about the design fading and chipping, it’s guaranteed to last and is safe with dishwashers. Your loved ones will love it! 


8. JanSport Galaxy Backpack

For the astronomy lovers who likes to use backpacks to carry their stuff, this cool galaxy motif is just what they need! This JanSport backpack is equipped with durable materials and is guaranteed for life. It even has tons of pockets and an organizer. The universe might be a splendid mess, but this galaxy backpack will help carry and organize the weight of your everyday life. 

Gifts for Astronomers

Trying to find gifts for astronomers in your life? Here are some  astronomy-themed gifts they might appreciate!

9. Unisex T-Shirt

Nothing beats a more thoughtful present for astronomers and astronomy lovers out there than this fun tee. It’s very soft and made of cotton. A simple t-shirt that any astrophysics fans out there will like to add to their collection of clothing!

10. Space Atlas

You can never go wrong with books, especially when it’s a National Geographic Space Atlas. All you need to see and know about the universe is on these pages. This hardcover book contains stunning images that’ll make you feel like you’re living in space! A great book to add to any astronomer’s collection or can be a great coffee table book!

11. Solar System Magic Coffee Mug

This cool and unique coffee mug is just what any astronomer would like to start off their morning! Just pour some hot drink into this mug then a solar system starts to appear, replacing the blank and star-speckled design. One of the many fun solar system gifts for adults, your astronomy-loving friend will definitely love it!


12. Portable Refractor Telescope

No more trips to the planetarium and no more expensive telescope! You can now have your very own refractor telescope that you can easily carry whenever and wherever. It has superior optics and a large 70mm objective lens. You may explore and see the beauty of the universe with it. Plus, it can be a wonderful prop for a romantic date under the stars. A useful gift for people who love to go star-gazing! 

13. Canvas Wall Art

This gorgeous 3-piece canvas wall art set showing the Earth from outer space is a must have for astronomers! A high-quality print that will look amazing in their living room or hanging above their bed. A beautiful piece of art that transports you into space, it’s definitely an elegant decor your friend or family members will surely fall in love with!

Astronomy Gifts for Him

Your husband or boyfriend who’s an astronomy geek will fall in love with you again when you give them these best astronomy gifts just for him!

14. Galaxy Snapback Hat

Looking for an astronomy gift for your boyfriend or for younger males? This stellar snapback might be the item you need. The adjustable cap is made of cotton and polyester, and it can be cleaned through hand washing. This can be given for birthdays, anniversaries, birthdays, and more. Help them express their love for the beautiful galaxy by giving them this snapback cap.

15. Constellation Socks

These constellation socks are a great stocking stuffer idea for the astronomy lovers in your life! The ultrasoft and high-quality socks made of 63% Cotton, 35% Polyester, and 2% Spandex mixes comfort and style. This is a great gift for pals, boyfriends, husbands, and fathers. This pair of awesome socks fit sizes 7-13. Definitely a fun accessory to add to their wardrobe!

16. Rocket Decanter Set

The base of this cool whiskey decanter is shaped like a rocket and its glass is shaped like a planet…how awesome is that?! This decanter is a great gift for men who loves space and who occasionally enjoys a glass of whiskey. This item can hold 7 ounces of liquid. Your boyfriend or husband will surely love this gift and can’t wait to enjoy a drink with his buddies!

17. Space Rocket Bow Tie

Looking for a gift for men who love astronomy? This handsome bowtie is the perfect science-themed gift for them. The bow is pretied and has an adjustable strap. A fun accessory to wear during special events, it also allows them to show off his interest loud and clear! 

18. Nebula Cufflinks

These stellar cufflinks are absolutely fabulous with the nebula design. The cufflinks are durable and very fashionable and are made of a combination of glass and alloys. They can be used day-to-day with no worries! These cufflinks can be worn to a lot of events and they can be given for any occasion. 

19. Solar System Planet Keychain

Show your loved ones that they are your word with an awesome planet keychain. The keys can be easily attached to this gorgeous keychain because of its double ring closure. It can be given as a gift for any occasion such as birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and many more. Give the important men in your life the world through a keychain planet-designed keychain.

Astronomy Gifts for Her

These are some of the most adorable astronomy presents you can give a woman who loves astronomy!

20. Skechers Women’s D’Lites-Galaxy Fantasy Sneaker

Looking for a gift for an astronomer who loves to run and exercise? You should buy them this pair of Skechers Sneakers! The feet will be comfortable thanks to the air-cooled memory foam insoles and they’ll love the galaxy pattern on the outside. Aside from being comfortable, this pair of shoes is also very stylish. A practical gift for her to show their love for astronomy while working out!

21. Universe Necklace

You can never go wrong with gifting a necklace to a woman! The design of this jewelry represents the universe as the different beads depicts stars and planets. This is the perfect gift for sisters, mothers, and best friends who love astronomy. It can also be a romantic gift for your girlfriend or your wife to show them they are your universe. A great present for birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, and more. 

22. Solar System Bath Bombs

Looking for beautiful gifts for the special women in your life? This  solar system bath bomb set is what you’re looking for! It contains 12 different bath bombs, each having different scents and it’s vegan. Let your beloved women experience a relaxing and moisturizing bath. A great gift to help any hard working astronomers relax during a long day at work!

23. Space Skater Dress

This cute summer dress is a fun gift for the female astronomers out there! It is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. This dress can be machine washed with no worries. This can also be given to your girlfriend or female friends for their birthdays or any other occasion. 

24. Framed Canvas Print Wall Art

Are you looking for an awesome heartwarming gift? This fabulous framed canvas art is just perfect! The canvas is professionally framed and can be displayed in the living room, dining room, or anywhere the owner sees fit. This art piece depicting a glowing sun will sure brighten up any room every day! 

25. Solar System Bracelet

This pretty solar system bracelet is a neat accessory for female astronomers! This bracelet is handmade and each bead represents a component of the solar system. Materials are also meticulously chosen that each planet is represented by a different type of stone. This is the perfect gift for the astronomy-loving women in your life! 

Cool Astronomy Gifts

When it comes to cool astronomy-themed gifts, hopefully these items will make it to your list!

26. Lego International Space Station

Looking for the perfect astronomy toys for adults? This awesome Lego International Space station set will loved by adults and kids alike! The set includes the International Space Station, 2 astronauts, a stand, as well as miniature space shuttles. It also comes with a mini-booklet that is filled with fun facts about the ISS. Once the whole thing is assembled, it makes a great piece to put on your mantle or bookshelf!

27. How to Astronaut Book

If you know kids who want to be astronomers and astrophysics or people who just can’t get enough of the wonders of outer space, then this book is just the thing for them! It shares details about how to put on a spacesuit and even survival tricks when space shuttle emergencies happen. 

28. Space-Opoly

Gather all the astronomy geeks of the family in the living room and level up the usual monopoly by playing Space-Opoly! Look at it as a space-themed monopoly game that can be played by 2-6 players. You can have the traditional or the two-hour version. It will be a good way to spend some family time together. Plus, the rockets are very cute! A fun gift for the whole family!

29. Moon Torch

If your kids are into astronomy, consider getting them this moon torch! This fun gadget allows them to project an image of the moon anywhere they want. They can leave this on their bedside table and have fun at night shining this on their bedroom wall. A cool little stocking stuffer idea!

30. Solar System Rug

Decorate a kid’s bedroom room with this colorful solar system rug! It comes in two sizes and is a great home decoration to teach them about the different planets in our solar system. If they have a space-themed bedroom, this rug will fit right in. A practical and educational gift that your kids will find cool!

31. Levitating Moon Lamp

Are you looking for an astronomy-themed gift for someone who is obsessed with the moon? This levitating moon lamp is what you’re searching for! They can place this gorgeous home decor on their bedside table as a night light. It even changes color so depending on their mood and the time of day, they can select the color they want. An elegant decoration any astronomer will love!

32. Galaxy Themed Curtains

A unique gift you might want to give to astronomy buffs are these mesmerizing galaxy themed curtains! They make a great addition to any astronomer’s living room or bedroom and will instantly transform any room into a beautiful view of our amazing universe! They’ll be amazed by this gift and they’ll thank you for it!

Gifts for Star Lovers

Star lovers will thank their lucky stars once you give them these gifts that’ll remind them of stargazing!

33. Star Projector

If you can’t go to space, then it’s time to bring the space to your place. This Star Projector showers any room with galactic stars and lights and it even has a white noise and a Bluetooth speaker! The light even has Dynamic Star Blinking Mode and can project areas up to 861 square feet. You can remotely control it or just time it to automatically turn off. Astrophysics lovers will dig this one!

34. The Night Sky: Fifty Postcards

For the astronomers who love to still handwrite messages, consider getting them this NASA archival images-inspired postcards box set! It comes with 50 postcards and each has a different design. This is a perfect astronomy-themed gift that you can give to yourself or your friends.

35. Stargazing List

Want to go star-gazing but have no idea where to start? Fret not, for this stargazing list will be the only list you’ll ever need for the night. It’s equipped with all the list of things you must see on a telescope! If you have a partner or a dear friend who loves star-gazing, then this is just the perfect item to buy. Plus, it could always make your night longer and more romantic.

36. Glow in the Dark Stars

Light up any astronomer’s room with these glow in the dark stickers! They are meant to be stuck on the ceiling and walls to mimic a starry night sky. A fun gift that adults and children will both enjoy!

Vintage Astronomy Gifts

Vintage astronomy presents never go out of style, which is why you should get your astronomy fan one of these astronomy-related gifts!

37. Brass Sundial Compass

This brass sundial compass emits a vintage vibe with its antique brass finish, making it lovely gadget to give to your astronomy-loving friend! It can actually be used as a compass so a great gift idea for someone who loves the outdoors, like to go hiking, or wants to navigate at sea. 

38. Peugeot Men’s Vintage Leather Dress Watch

A practical gift to give an astronomer for a big celebration might be this vintage leather dress watch. It has sun, moon, and stars imagery that rotates, coinciding with day and night. There are choices for the strap color and the packaging is sophisticated, making it a timely present for the man you love whether it’s Christmas, Father’s day, or Valentine’s day.

39. Wooden Music Box

This might just be the perfect astronomy-related gift, especially if you plan on giving this to your significant other who’s an astronomy buff. This wooden music box is a way to tell them you love them to the moon and back. It has a vintage flair and plays the classic song ‘You Are My Sunshine’. 

Many people are interested in astronomy and if you happen to know one, getting that person these astronomy presents will complete his or her birthday or Christmas. These astronomy-related gifts are among the best in the market and they’re bound to make astronomy geeks happy, contented, and grateful. They’ll never forget your thoughtfulness whenever they gaze at the stars at night.